Impkata is the third ability for the Imp in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. When used, the Imp starts to spin around rapidly in mid-air and damages plants using his Imp Blaster. The effect uses 100 ammunition. While Impkata is being used, he takes around 20% less damage, however he has reduced speed while using it. It takes 35 seconds to recharge.

Stickerbook description

It's time to set your butt boosters to overdrive as you spin uncontrollably with both Imp Blasters blazing.

Version history

January 2016 patch

  • Impkata's start damage reduced to 3
  • Impkata's end damage reduced to 2
  • Impkata's cooldown was increased from 30 seconds to 35 seconds
  • Impkata can now be interrupted by Spikeweed or by knockback
  • Impkata's range was lowered



While the ability is suggested by the game itself best used against groups, this is actually the worse way you can possibly use this ability as you are more vulnerable and can easily be swallowed by groups, and Impkata will actually randomly pick separate targets around the Imp rather than hitting all surrounding plants.

The ability is better used to scare away less skilled plants away, finishing off weakened opponents or groups you would rather not aim at, or as a last resort dealing as much damage as possible and potentially saving your life.

When using the ability spin your aim around, this will manipulate the hitboxes so more hits will land. Avoid using Gravity Grenade with it, as the airborne targets will be more difficult to hit. It also makes it easier for them to hit you with their primary weapons.


The setbacks for Impkata outweighs the advantages. While the Imp gains a defense boost, he is also slower while using this, making it easy to shoot him. He is an easy prey to Chompers that can simply use Burrow to avoid it and swallow the Imp. Arcane Enigma can also deal with this ability easily since it allows the player to attack him while not getting hurt at all. Players can easily vanquish him after that.




  • Its name is a combination of the word "Imp" and "Kata", meaning "spin" in Japanese.
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