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Imps and their world-themed variants in Plants vs. Zombies 2 are small fast-moving zombies that do not have much health. Imp typically arrive further into the player's defenses than usual in one way or another, typically from a Gargantuar, but they can also walk onto the lawn on their own. This makes Imps a major threat to player's defenses if they are unprepared to handle them.


All Imp variants can be thrown by Gargantuars from their respective areas. However, some imps, such as Announcer Imp, Tiger Imp, Imp Dragon Zombie, Imp Porter, Imp Monk, and Super-Fan Imp, cannot be thrown by Gargantuars. They also can be summoned by other zombies, such as the Imp Cannon, Zombie Bull, Troglobite, entering the lawn by themselves, or by sandstorm, low tide, and snowstorm ambushes.

Most Imp variants can appear on their own, while others can only be thrown off Gargantuar's back, or appear with another type of zombies. However, other variants of Imps can appear on their own in Piñata Parties.

Imp can also appear when a regular zombie consumes a Imp Pear, however, the Imp that is produced by this does not have the same outfit as most regular Imps.

All normal Imps absorb 190 damage per shot. They change appearance at 95 damage per shot before dying at 190 damage per shot.

In the Chinese version, all normal Imps absorb 270 damage per shot. They change appearance at 135 damage per shot before dying at 270 damage per shot.


Imp Mummy being thrown.
Announcer Imp announcing the Zombie King .
Announcer Imp being crushed.



Imp2.png The Imp is encountered in Modern Day. Like most games, he is thrown by a Gargantuar or a Vase Gargantuar once they are at half health. Imp, along with Gargantuar, used to only appear in Piñata Parties until Modern Day was added.

Imp Mummy

Imp Mummy2.png The Imp Mummy is encountered in Ancient Egypt. He rides the Mummified Gargantuar, thrown when the Mummified Gargantuar reaches half health. He was not in the game until version 1.7, as he is only seen thrown from the Mummified Gargantuar, and the Gargantuar battles were not released until that update due to the old map system. He can also sometimes appear by itself without the Mummified Gargantuar during the battle with the Zombot Sphinx-inator.

Imp Pirate Zombie

Imp Pirate Zombie2.png The Imp Pirate Zombie is encountered in the Pirate Seas. Two Imp Pirate Zombies are inside the barrel of Barrel Roller Zombie. This zombie can also be shot by an Imp Cannon towards the player's defense, and shot by a Gargantuar Pirate's cannon similarly. A group of Imp Pirate Zombies can also appear from being shot from the cannon of the Zombot Plank Walker. They appear in five or seven upon firing. One is also tied to the Zombot Plank Walker itself but cannot be attacked. This zombie, interestingly, appears in Kongfu World, possibly because it was set six years before Pirate Seas.

Zombie Bull Rider

Zombie Bull Rider2.png

The Zombie Bull Rider is encountered in the Wild West. It rides the Zombie Bull or its veteran counterpart and can also thrown by the Wild West Gargantuar. The Zombie Bull Rider instantly dies if the Zombie Bull or Wild West Gargantuar is killed before it is thrown. Be careful when fighting these as Zombie Bulls can throw them over all defenses onto a lawn mower, making one activate. During the battle with the Zombot War Wagon, it can also sometimes appear by itself without the Wild West Gargantuar considering that none of the Zombie Bulls are summoned in the battle. They would also appear by itself in some Piñata Parties.

Imp Monk Zombie

Imp Monk Zombie2.png The Imp Monk Zombie is a zombie that appears in the Dark Ages. It is often confused with the Kongfu World variant. They can be thrown from the back of a Dark Ages Gargantuar, or appear in the ambush "Necromancy!"

Imp Mermaid Zombie

Imp Mermaid Zombie2.png The Imp Mermaid Zombie is encountered in Big Wave Beach. She is thrown by Deep Sea Gargantuar, and appears in the "Low Tide!" ambush. She can also appear by herself.

Yeti Imp

Yeti Imp2.png The Yeti Imp is encountered in Frostbite Caves. Three of them are thrown from the back of the Sloth Gargantuar, each after a quarter of his health is depleted. They are also found inside of ice blocks pushed by Troglobite, or just on the lawn to begin with.

Lost City Imp Zombie

Lost City Imp Zombie2.png Lost City Imp Zombie is encountered in Lost City. He is thrown by Porter Gargantuar and also can appear on the lawn by itself.


Impunk2.png Impunk is encountered in Neon Mixtape Tour. He is thrown by Hair Metal Gargantuar and also can appear on the lawn by himself. Despite having punk in his name, he has no special effect when the Punk jam is played.

Flying Imp Zombie

Flying Imp Zombie2.png  (China only)

The Flying Imp is encountered in Sky City. He is sent in two ways; via Transport Boats or Flying Gargantuars.

Industrial Imp Zombie

Industrial Imp Zombie2.png  (China only)

The Industrial Imp Zombie is encountered in Steam Ages. Just like with most Imps, he can either appear on his own or via Foreman Gargantuar.

Imp Pear Imp

Imp Pear Imp2.png Unlike other imps, Imp Pear Imp doesn't appear in any levels the way regular zombies do. They only appear naturally when a zombie eats an Imp Pear. Otherwise however, they act like a normal Imp.

Almanac entry


SPEED: Hungry

Is hurled onto the lawn past your defenses, then shuffles ahead.

What he lacks in reach he more than makes up for with his bad attitude, or Zombattitude as he likes to call it. Don't encourage him.

Imp Mummy

SPEED: Hungry

Thrown over most of your defenses, then slinks onward.

Imp Mummy prefers to laze around the tomb, hop up on the urns, and stratch at the sarcophagi. The sound of him coughing up a hairball is one you will never forget.

Imp Pirate Zombie

SPEED: Hungry

Prefers the compact space of barrels, both cannon and rolling.

He was a bootblack, with a side trade as a pickpocket on the streets of London, but all hestole were oversized footwear. "Time to steal some booty!" was his catchphrase.

Zombie Bull Rider

SPEED: Hungry

Gets launched past all but the tallest plants, then proceeds on foot.

Had dreams of becoming a rodeo clown but found the clown make-up to just be too creepy.

Imp Monk Zombie

SPEED: Basic

Summoned past most of your defenses, then shambles forward.

Frankly, Imp Monk Zombie decided to don the robes because of the sweet haircut that went with them.

Imp Mermaid Zombie

SPEED: Basic

Washes in past your defenses, then flounders forward.

Imp Mermaid Zombie couldn't decide whether to wear the top made out of coconut shells or the top made out of seashells. She went with the slinky coconut-shell number because, really, the seashells are soooo last wave.

Yeti Imp

SPEED: Hungry

Thrown over most of your defenses, then ambles onward.

Yeti Imp recently took up knitting. He started with a scarf, moved to mittens and eventually knitted an entire bodysuit out of hair he shaved off of Yeti Zombie. He just loves knitting. When those needles are in his hands, he feels a sense of calm he's never felt before.

Lost City Imp Zombie

SPEED: Hungry

Gets tossed past most defenses, then explores on foot.

Nepotism got Lost City Imp where he is. He's Bug Zombie's second cousin thrice removed, but he parlayed that connection into a sweet gig getting carried around in a little box.


SPEED: Hungry

Tossed past most of your defenses, then rocks out to your detriment.

Impunk's lyrics have been described as "banal", "incoherent," and "totally expressive of the Zompunk movement at its finest."

Imp Pear Imp

SPEED: Hungry

Zombies converted into Imps by Imp Pear become Imp Pear Imps.

They carry no memory of the zombie they'd been before.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version) (China only)

    Flying Imp Zombie
    TOUGHNESS: Average
    SPEED: Hungry
    Imp good at fighting landed.

    Flying Imp was troubled by the thought of participating in aerial buisness. But when he found his pilot goggles which intrigued him, he no longer wants to remove it. While becoming a pilot just for a pair of goggles seems dumb, you can't not admit that pair of goggles are awesome.

    In Chinese: 擅长登陆作战的小鬼僵尸。


In Chinese: 被抛到你的大多数植物之后,然后步行前进


    Industrial Imp Zombie
    TOUGHNESS: Average
    SPEED: Hungry
    After being thrown onto most of your plants, it continues to walk forward.

    Relying on his relationship with Foreman Gargantuar, he was accepted and gained a position in the factory, he plans to work harder and get smarter.

    In Chinese: 被抛到你的大多数植物之后,然后步行前进


    Combat Imp
    TOUGHNESS: Average
    SPEED: Hungry
    Troop Capacity: TroopCapicity.png 1

    Training Cost: PvPStarCoin.png 10
    Training Time: 1 minute

    Having learned that before he died, he was a triplet, the Imp Mummy decided, with his brothers, band together to combat.

    Pleague Pharmacy effect: Creates two versions of Combat Imp



Imp Mummy

Imp Pirate Zombie

Zombie Bull Rider

Imp Monk Zombie

Imp Mermaid Zombie

Yeti Imp

Lost City Imp Zombie



When a Gargantuar is hit by an instant kill (two for a Jurassic Gargantuar) but is not killed or loses half of its health, it will throw the Imp off its back to the third column. Basic defenses like Repeater are required here although area-of-effect plants like Phat Beet are recommended. Shrinking Violet can instantly defeat Imps by shrinking them to oblivion. Be aware that in this game Imps may spawn in different ways besides Gargantuars, such as barrels or going on the lawn by themselves. You could use Chard Guard or Celery Stalker to give it more time.

Leprechaun Imp

Leprechaun Imps only appear in the St. Patrick's Day event Party. These types of Imp are dropped from the sky when the warning, "Leprechauns" had shown up. Due to having increased health, you must have a number of Spikeweeds and Coconut Cannons on your lanes. Use Plant Food on the Spikeweed to stun it for more damage. Plant Repeaters and Torchwoods next to Threepeaters for more damage. If you have used Plant Food on the Torchwood, the Leprechaun Imp will take more damage from its napalm fire peas. All these strategies however, involve luck as Piñata Parties typically give you pre-determined sets.

They used to drop a gold coin when killed at the St. Paddy's Day Parties, but stopped doing so on the Luck O' The Zombie parties.

Ancient Egypt

Due to the speed of this zombie, you will need to kill this zombie quickly. A good way to do this is with three Repeaters in the same lane, or giving a Peashooter or Repeater some Plant Food. Wall-nuts will work too, although you need a good offense, and be prepared to give them Plant Food and/or replace them.

Pirate Seas

Just do what you do to a regular Imp in the original Plants vs. Zombies. Be very careful when an Imp Pirate Zombie is launched from a Barrel Roller Zombie's barrel or Imp Cannon. He may start to eat one of your plants. It is good to use Plant Food on an Iceberg Lettuce to freeze them to prevent them from eating your plants (avoid using it when they are in air).

Wild West

Use Tall-nut to stop the Zombie Bull Rider and the Zombie Bull in their tracks. A Wall-nut can be used although it is not advised since the Zombie Bull Rider can fly past the Wall-nut. Split Pea or Bonk Choy can also be used when the Zombie Bull Rider flies over since they can attack forward and backward. Multiple Zombie Bulls, Wild West Gargantuars, and Zombie Bull Riders can cause mass destruction on the lawn. A good way to stop multiple Zombie Bull Riders is to deal with Blover.

Dark Ages

These Imps are very dangerous when risen from graves. Because the Puff-shroom lasts for a short amount of time, you must plant Fume-shrooms to get rid of these Imps for more damage. Avoid planting a Grave Buster when a "Necromancy" warning has shown up as the Imp or other risen zombies will completely eat it.

In Night 10 of Dark Ages, you must use Plant Food on Fume-shrooms after a Dark Ages Gargantuar has thrown its Imp Monk Zombie so that these and other zombies will not kill Fume-shrooms. However, you must be fast against these zombies; otherwise, you will risk spending money on Power Ups and Plant Food.

Big Wave Beach

These sneaky Imps will appear suddenly when the "Low Tide!" ambush goes into effect. If on levels 8, 14, or 16 of Big Wave Beach, the Imp Mermaids may appear on the back of a Deep Sea Gargantuar. Build a column a Split Peas on the tide area to defeat these Imps. Remember that Lily Pads on wet sand will be avoided by Imps due to how low they are, so there is no need to protect them.

Frostbite Caves

These Imps appear via snowstorms, Sloth Gargantuars, and in Icebound Battleground, and are not very different than normal Imps aside from being immune to Iceberg Lettuce. However, they can appear in large numbers in Icebound Battleground, and up to three at once can be thrown far into your defenses by Sloth Gargantuars. It is recommended to use plants like Rotobaga and Starfruit because they can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time to deal with them.

Lost City

Due to the gimmick of Gold Tiles, these Imps become both less of a threat and more of a threat depending on how the player prepares. It is easier to get expensive plants out, but it is important to remember these Imps are launched to the third column, and it is best to avoid placing an expensive plant on that column. Blover can easily counter them if launched however, and due to the appearance of two other flying zombies, it is likely the player will bring it, so they simply need good timing.

Neon Mixtape Tour

Despite the name, Impunk doesn't have a special interaction with the punk jam, instead being your typical Imp and should simply be treated as such. Compared to other zombies in the world, it is just a meatshield that can block attacks to hit the threatening zombie at the time.

Sky City

 (China only)
He will be sent facing right into your ground defenses, eating any plants that he comes across and once he reaches the edge of your fortress, he will drop off screen via parachute. Transport boats will send them into random ground columns and Gargantuars will always throw them into the hindmost column. This is extremely dangerous as if the player does not bring any backwards shooting plants, he or she will hopelessly see all of his or her ground defenses eaten. As there are no space for backwards shooting plants and there are no aerial plants that do so, the player may choose bringing Homing Thistles in early levels, but later on they will be quickly overwhelmed by the zombies clogging the screen. Note that despite the Ampthurium has two heads, it does not shoot backwards. The player can also plant a column of Chard Guards. When the Imp is thrown, Chard Guard will throw him back.

Other Variations

Imp Monk

Imp Monk2.png
Main article: Imp Monk

 (China only) The Imp Monk is encountered in Kongfu World and can be easy to confuse with Imp Monk Zombie from the Dark Ages. Unlike Imp Monk Zombie however, they appear solely on their own and whenever they reach a plant, they hover over them, making them temporarily invincible. However, a Tall-nut stops them and they were susceptible to plants such as Blover when hovering.

Tiger Imp

Tiger Imp2.png
Main article: Tiger Imp

 (China only) The Tiger Imp is another Imp encountered in Kongfu World. They can only be summoned by the Gunpowder Devil and all they can do is fly towards the player's house really fast. The player can swipe them with their hand to ground them, but they'll move three times as fast compared to a normal Imp, so it is better to use Blover or Hurrikale to blow them away.

Bug Bot Imp

Bug Bot Imp2.png
Main article: Bug Bot Imp

The Bug Bot Imp is encountered in the Far Future. Bug Bot Imps absorb 80 more damage than the average Imp and leap towards defenses rather than walking. However, they have multiple weaknesses, such as their ambush (and launching from their Gargantuar) being easily countered by Blover and E.M.Peaches can stun them.

Imp Dragon Zombie

Imp Dragon Zombie2.png
Main article: Imp Dragon Zombie

The Imp Dragon Zombie is encountered in the Dark Ages. They only appear in the boss fight, Arthur's Challenge and Modern Day levels, making them the only Imp to not be associated with a Gargantuar. Imp Dragon Zombie is immune to most fire or explosion based attacks, but otherwise behaves like a normal Imp.

Announcer Imp

Announcer Imp2.png

The Announcer Imp is a royal Imp variant that appears in the Dark Ages. The Announcer Imp marks the arrival of the Zombie King by blowing the royal horn. After the Zombie King's arrival, the Imp will be squashed by his chair, so the player never really defeats an Announcer Imp.

Dodo Rider Zombie

Dodo Rider Zombie2.png
Main article: Dodo Rider Zombie

The Dodo Rider Zombie is an Imp riding a dodo. The Dodo Rider Zombie will glide whenever he encounters certain plants, like Wall-nuts or Spikeweeds, or a slider. Otherwise, he will proceed normally.

Imp Porter

Imp Porter2.png
Main article: Imp Porter

The Imp Porter is an Imp-based zombie encountered in Lost City. Imp Porter behaves more like a typical zombie, always walking on the lawn and has 150 more health. He will create tents on the first Gold Tile he steps on, defeating himself in the process, but said tent will constantly create Basic, Conehead, and Buckethead zombies until it is destroyed. Like most Imps however, he is susceptible to plants that can instantly destroy one, such as Shrinking Violet and Imp Pear.

Jurassic Imp

Jurassic Imp2.png
Main article: Jurassic Imp

The Jurassic Imp is encountered in the Jurassic Marsh. He is thrown by Jurassic Gargantuar and can appear by himself. Jurassic Imps are much faster than other Imps and can eat plants twice as fast, but in return, only absorbs 95 DPS before being destroyed.

Egg Stealer Imp

Egg Stealer Imp2.png
Main article: Egg Stealer Imp

 (China only) The Egg Stealer Imp is the first of three Imps added in the Chinese version of Jurassic Marsh. This Imp carries an egg around that they will drop either when destroyed or at a random time, dropping it ahead of them, destroying any plant that it lands on. The egg can hatch either into an Eggshell Imp or a random baby dinosaur, triggering its effect.

Eggshell Imp

Eggshell Imp2.png
Main article: Eggshell Imp

 (China only) Eggshell Imp is another Imp added in the Chinese version of Jurassic Marsh. He is slower than a Jurassic Imp, but has a staggering 1,370 health, though he only appears once his egg is destroyed. This lets Dinonip instantly destroy him before he even hatches or let the player complete the level if his egg is ignored, rendering his appearance useless.

Egg Pusher Imp

Egg Pusher Imp2.png
Main article: Egg Pusher Imp

 (China only) Egg Pusher Imp is the last of the Imps added in the Chinese version of Jurassic Marsh. Egg Pusher Imp is like Egg Stealer Imp, in which it brings an egg onto the lawn that can crush plants and when said egg is destroyed, it will either hatch a dinosaur or an Eggshell Imp. Egg Pusher Imp pushes the egg rather than carrying it, meaning the egg can be destroyed while Egg Pusher Imp is still on the lawn and oddly, Egg Pusher Imp is immune to being frozen. This Imp also has the typical Imp design, rather than the Jurassic Imp design.

Super-Fan Imp

Super-Fan Imp2.png
Main article: Super-Fan Imp

The Super-Fan Imp is encountered in Modern Day and always appears alone. Super-Fan Imp, like Bug Bot Imp, absorbs 270 DPS and by themselves, not that impressive, exploding once they reach the 3rd column, otherwise eating plants in the way. However, an All-Star Zombie can run into them, kicking the Imp into the columns they need to reach in order to explode. However, Super-Fan Imp can easily bug out and this explosion will not even work.

Roman Imp

Roman Imp2.png
Main article: Roman Imp

The Roman Imp is encountered in Penny's Pursuit. Like Bug Bot Imp, he can absorb 270 DPS, but when by himself, he behaves otherwise like a normal Imp. When thrown by Gladiator Gargantuar, he will also throw a net with him, which will stun the plant he landed on for a limited time.

Head Office Impgantuar

Head Office Impgantuar2.png
Main article: Head Office Impgantuar

The Head Office Impgantuar is encountered in Penny's Pursuit. Head Office Impgantuar, like Gargimp Legal, are mishmashes of Gargantuars and Imps, in Head Office Impgantuar's case, acting like a Gargantuar while looking like an Imp. Due to his size, he isn't effected by plants that typically take down an Imp, though it can remove the Gargimp Legal on his back, but he does have less health than a Gargantuar, only absorbing 2100 DPS.

Sculptor Imp Zombie

Sculptor Imp Zombie2.png

 (China only)

Main article: Sculptor Imp Zombie

The Sculptor Imp Zombie is encountered in the Renaissance Age. He can appear by himself or by a Aristocrat Gargantuar, but has the added ability to chisel a statue, including one out of a marble mound, releasing the zombie inside no matter what time of day it is.



 (China only)

Main article: Ninjimp

The Ninjimp is encountered in the Heian Age, appearing on his own, by a Shogun Gargantuar, or by the "Airdrop Incoming!" surprise attack. Ninjimp will throw pufferfish at the plant two columns away from him, dealing 250 damage to the target, though this can be deflected by Spitting Stephania dealing half the damage to a zombie.

Balance changes

Update 6.3.1

  • Health decreased from 270 DPS to 190 DPS


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  • Imps, Robo-Cone Zombie, and Barrel Roller Zombie are the only zombies that sit down when they are defeated.
  • Imp Mummy acts and looks like a cat, similarly as how the Tomb Raiser Zombie acts and looks like a dog
    • In Ancient Egypt, cats were worshipped and sometimes they were even mummified.
    • Imp Mummy's Almanac entry refers to a cat's habits, like scratching and coughing up hairballs.
  • Imp Mummy has a different idle animation than all other Imps.
  • If an Imp is hit by a butter that came from the Kernel-pult while in mid-air, the butter is not shown. Charring it with plants like Cherry Bomb while in mid-air will display its burning animation in the mid-air as well.
  • If the Imp Cannon is glowing with Plant Food, the Imps inside glow, but when fired onto the lawn they do not glow anymore, as the sprite of the imp is a part of the cannon until it is launched.
  • The "time to steal some booty" is Imp Pirate Zombie's catchphrase refers to an attempt to steal a treasure.
  • The Imp Pirate Zombie has the most ways it can appear in the player's house. They can appear by cannons, barrels, gargantuars, Zombots, and showing up in the lawn by itself like most other non-imp zombies.
  • If the Zombie Bull or Gargantuar is killed before throwing the Imp, it will simply drop onto the ground in the same position if an Imp was killed. Zapping the Zombie Bull will cause the Zombie Bull Rider to despawn, as he is not included in the zapped animation.
  • Similar to an Imp Cannon, Zombie Bull Rider turns green if the Zombie Bull is holding Plant Food, as before the bull releases him, he is considered part of the bull's sprite.
  • There is a golden tooth on most of the Imp variations. Therefore, besides the Imp Pirate Zombie, the Imps are the only non-Pirate Seas zombies in the entire game with a gold tooth.
  • In very early versions before the 1.5 version, Zombie Bull Riders did not make any noises after they were launched off by a Zombie Bull.
  • Now, each Imp has four fingers, but still no visible thumbs.
  • Unlike in Plants vs. Zombies, Imps still appear on the charred Gargantuar when blown/electrocuted even if the Imp was already thrown.
    • This is true even if the Gargantuar was shrunken (Shrinking Violet/Enforce-Mint) and then defeated with an instant kill.
  • Imp is one of six zombies to have a costume during the first Feastivus Event, the others are Swashbuckler Zombie, Poncho Zombie, Pianist Zombie, Camel Zombies, and Gargantuar.
    • After the first Feastivus Event, the basic trio also get costumes for the Feastivus events.
  • Any flying Imps can be killed using the Blover.
  • Imp Pirate Zombie is the only zombie known to live somewhere in the real world (London).
  • Imp Pirate Zombie and Barrel Roller Zombie are the only zombies in the Chinese version that appears not just in Pirate Seas but also in Wild West. However, Imp Pirate Zombie also appears in Kongfu World, even though there are already Tiger Imps and Imp Monks.
  • Jurassic Marsh in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2 has the most Imp variants, having four (Jurassic Imp, Egg Pusher Imp, Eggshell Imp, Egg Stealer Imp). Kongfu World and Dark Ages are tied for second, having three each.
  • Before the second parts of every world starting with Dark Ages were released, if the player scrolls to the right, there are Imps working on the second part of it. One is playing around with a wrench, and the other is eating a sandwich with a brain in it.
  • All of the Imps, with the exception of Imp Porter and Imp Pear Imp, are capable of appearing deep into the player's defenses:
    • Imp Mummies and modern-day Imps are thrown by Gargantuars.
    • Imp Pirate Zombies suddenly pop out of Barrel Zombie's barrels and are also shot out of Imp Cannons. They can also be launched from Gargantuar's and Gunpowder Devil's back and the Zombot Plank Walker's cannon attack.
    • The Zombie Bull Rider is launched from the Zombie Bull or thrown from Gargantuar's back.
    • Bug Bot Imps appear midway through the lawn in Far Future ambushes. They can also be launched from Gargantuar Prime's back.
    • Dark Ages Imp Monks appear midway or close to the house in Dark Ages gravestones in the "Necromancy!" ambush. They are also launched from Dark Ages Gargantuar's back.
    • Tiger Imps fly quickly above them and then run very quickly to the player's plants. They are also the first interactive zombie introduced in the Chinese version, the second being Missile Zombie.
    • Leprechaun Imps appear from pots of gold that land on the lawn.
    • Imp Dragons appear in some fireballs shot by Zombot Dark Dragon.
    • Imp Mermaid Zombies appear in an ambush called "Low Tide!". They are also thrown by Deep Sea Gargantuars as well.
    • Yeti Imps can be thrown by Gargantuars, brought by snowstorms or be frozen in frozen blocks on the lawn.
    • Every Imp variant after Yeti Imps except for Imp Porter, Super-Fan Imp and Imp Pear Imp appears on their own or are thrown by Gargantuars.
    • Super-Fan Imp can be kicked by All-Star Zombies deep into the lawn.
  • Out of all of the Imp variants, Imp Pirate Zombie can appear through the most ways; it can be thrown from Pirate Gargantuar, be thrown from the Gunpowder Devil, appear out of Barrel Roller Zombie's barrels, can frequently appear out of Imp Cannons, and are fired out of the Zombot Plank Walker's cannon.
  • Imp Monk Zombies in Arthur's Challenge, Imp Mermaid Zombies, and Bug Bot Imp are the only zombies who are capable of using surprise attacks.
  • There is a Piñata Party called Imp Week dedicated to these zombies.
  • Zombie Bull Rider is the only Imp variant that does not have the word "Imp" in its name.
  • Imp Dragon Zombie is the only zombie that can survive a special attack from a Zombot, as they are immune to flames.
  • Yeti Imp is the only zombie to be originally from Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. However, he has lost his freezing ability.
    • However, Super-Fan Imp could be debatable, as he is based on the Imp Punt.
      • This is backed up by the fact that All-Star Zombies kick these Imps, like the very similarly looking All-Star does to his Imp Punt.
  • Sometimes, when a Gargantuar throws an Imp, the Imp will fly in place or backward. This usually happens when a Gargantuar is close to the player's house. 
  • Zombie Bull Rider is the only current Imp that has a different animation when it is launched back by Spring Bean, Chard Guard, Power Toss, or Gargantuar.
  • Imp Dragon Zombies and Yeti Imps are the only imps that have an elemental resistance. Imp dragons are immune to flame attacks, and yeti imps are resistant to freeze effects, though other effects of ice-based plants take place normally.
  • Despite being punk-based, Impunk is not affected in any specific way by the punk jam except for speed, which accelerates all zombies..
  • In the Travel Log, Impunk is called "Impunk Zombie".
  • In the Summer Nights trailer, Hot Dog Imp is performing a dance that appears to be "The Twist".
  • Impunk and Punk Zombie are the only zombies with mohawks.
  • According to the credits, the Imps along with the other variants are voiced by Allen Murray.
  • Imp Pirate Zombie (called Swabbie in said game) and Hot Dog Imp are the only Imps from Plants vs. Zombies 2 to appear in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.
  • In the game description from iTunes and Google Play, the Imp Mermaid Zombie is called "Mermaid Imp".
  • Announcer Imp can be killed by hypnotized zombies, Lightning Reed's Plant Food and Jack O' Lantern's Plant Food. This can be seen here.
  • There is only a mere difference in health between this and both the normal Zombie and his variants.
  • All Imps in the Chinese version, the Imps driving the Disco-tron 3000 and Gargantuar Prime, Imp Pirate Zombies that are still in Imp Cannons and the Yeti Imp in the Modern Day Trailer as well as those in frozen blocks are the only Imps that are immune to Shrinking Violet.
  • The Impunk in its Almanac icon is bigger than the other Imp variants.
  • Modern Day Imps are one of 2 new zombies in Modern Day (The other being the Modern Day Gargantuar) that were introduced in a previous update.
  • Out of all the Imp Variants, Impunk is the only one with a pun in its name.
  • The Zombie Bull Rider and Imp Porter are the only Imps to carry Plant Food.
  • So far, Imp Pear Imp is the third zombie that can be summoned through a special way (in this case done by eaten Imp Pear), with the first being Disco Jetpack Zombie (Disco-Tron 3000) and the second being Lost Pilot Zombie (Parachute Rain ambush).

Specific to Plants vs. Zombies Online (China only) (Archived content)

  • The only Imps that appears are the Imp Pirate Zombie and the Bug Bot Imp. Imp Pirate Zombie can either enter the lawn by himself, be summoned when the barrel of Barrel Roller Zombie is broken, or launched from the back of the Gargantuar Pirate's back. Bug Bot Imp can also enter the lawn by himself or is fired off the back of Gargantuar Prime.

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