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Not to be confused with Frostbolt Shooter.

Ice Queen Pea was a VIP plant in the game Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. The player could purchase her after winning Killjoy Park Level 6. She was the stronger version and the VIP version of the Snow Pea.



She is based on Snow Pea and the Snow Queen, the main character of the fairy tale of the same name.

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"Spoot!" she says as she launches an ice-pellet. She'd like to be more eloquent, but, she's freezing.

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures Facebook page

“Spoot!” says Ice Queen Pea as she launches another ice-pellet. It’s not as dignified as she’d like, but them’s the breaks when you’re emitting frozen projectiles.


Just like the Snow Pea, which is the same as Peashooter with the ability to slow down the zombies, the Ice Queen Pea is like a Beeshooter that can slow down the zombies. She deals the same damage and has the same range as Beeshooter and should be placed where you would place Beeshooters.


Like other VIPs, Ice Queen Pea was farmable without needing to buy her, but this exploit was fixed before Plants vs. Zombies Adventures went into open beta.


  • There are several visual differances between Ice Queen Pea and snow pea, for example the icicles that stick out of the back of her head are longer, her eyebrows are in a manner similar to the repeater and she stand on blue leaves and stem rather than green.
  • She also appears in the Chinese Plants vs. Zombies game, Plants vs. Zombies 3D.


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