This item is only obtainable during certain events. However, it can still be used if you have already obtained it. It is currently not available.

Ice Bloom is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2, that was first introduced in the 7.7.1 update. She is a seasonal plant, tied to Ice Bloom's Year End Season in Arena. When planted, Ice Bloom will freeze and damage every zombie on screen, like Ice-shroom from the first game. Also like Ice-shroom, zombies will be chilled once they've thawed. Ice Bloom freezes/chills for longer and does more damage to zombies in a 3x3 area around it, compared to zombies elsewhere on the lawn.

Zombies defeated by Ice Bloom in a 3x3 area around her will be frozen solid, creating an ice block that acts as an obstacle for zombies. At level 1, these obstacles have 200 damage per shot. Unlike ice blocks in Frostbite Caves, ice blocks created by Ice Bloom can be planted on normally.

Frostbite Caves zombies and all other zombies that are immune to freezing will not be encased in a block if they are defeated by her. All flying zombies and Snorkel Zombies (while underwater) are completely immune to her effects and damage. She also cannot damage the octopus thrown from Octo Zombie and any grid items such as tombstones or surfboards.

From December 10, 2019, to January 8, 2020, she could be unlocked in Arena for 100 seed packets.


Gold Bloom2.png

Ice Bloom is based on Gold Bloom, which in turn is based on the Chrysogonum virginianum, also known as the Golden Star. Ice Bloom is an icy version of it.

Almanac entry

Note: The stats shown below only apply to Level 1.

Ice Bloom


Freeze: 5
Chill: 6

3x3 DAMAGE: 200

Iceblock Health: 200
FAMILY: Winter-mint

Ice Blooms freeze, chill, and damage all zombies on the board, and more so in a 3x3 area around where they're planted. Special:weak zombies in 3×3 area are iceblocked when defeated

The last time Ice Bloom had pancakes for breakfast, she wasn't satisfied. She can't say why, exactly, but there was something subtly wrong with them. The shocking reason? Substandard maple syrup.


Winter-mint effect

When boosted by Winter-mint, Ice Bloom will have 14 seconds added to its chill duration across the lawn, an additional 6 seconds added to its chill in its immediate 3x3 area, an extra 12 seconds added to its freeze duration across the board, an additional 14 seconds added to its freeze duration in its immediate 3x3 area, it'll do an extra 500 DPS to zombies across the board, and an additional 700 DPS to zombies in its immediate 3x3 area.

Level upgrades

Level Seed Packets Coins Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge
Damage* Iceblock
Close Far Close Far Close Far
1 0 0 200 25 seconds 15 seconds 7 seconds 5 seconds 8 seconds 6 seconds 200 dps 50 dps 200 dps
2 50 24 seconds 14 seconds 11 seconds 7 seconds 250 dps 75 dps 250 dps
3 100 175 8 seconds 6 seconds 12 seconds 300 dps 100 dps 300 dps
4 200 23 seconds 13 seconds 15 seconds 8 seconds 350 dps 125 dps 350 dps
5 300 9 seconds 7 seconds 17 seconds 9 seconds 400 dps 150 dps 400 dps
6 400 150 22 seconds 12 seconds 18 seconds 10 seconds 450 dps 175 dps 450 dps
7 500 10 seconds 8 seconds 19 seconds 11 seconds 500 dps 200 dps 500 dps
8 600 21 seconds 11 seconds 11 seconds 9 seconds 20 seconds 12 seconds 550 dps 225 dps 550 dps
9 800 125 12 seconds 10 seconds 21 seconds 13 seconds 600 dps 250 dps 600 dps
10 1,000 20 seconds 10 seconds 14 seconds 12 seconds 22 seconds 14 seconds 700 dps 275 dps 700 dps

*Varies based on where Ice Bloom is planted in relation to the zombies, either in a 3x3 area (Close), or elsewhere on the lawn (Far).


Like Ice-shroom from the first game, Ice Bloom is a useful plant that can help the user in delaying the horde and maximizing the plants' efficiency. Ice bloom is very helpful when there are hordes of: Chickens, Imps, or Basic Zombies, as they will immediately get turn into Ice blocks. But avoid using Ice Bloom in Frostbite Caves or when there are hordes of Frostbite Cave zombies because they will not be frozen or turn to Ice blocks after being defeated since they are immune to freezing, rendering the plant useless outside of the slowing effect.

Winter-mint is a very big help with Ice Bloom because now Ice Bloom can turn stronger zombies such as: Conehead Zombies and Buckethead Zombies into Ice Blocks. Use Ice Blocks when there are several Explorer Zombies or Torchlight Zombies because they will extinguish the flames on the torch which can't burn plants anymore (as well as turning the Explorer Zombies into Ice Blocks). The player should not use Ice Bloom in levels where one can't lose plants, due to it being an instant-use plant.

Ice Bloom's stalling abilities can make it a viable choice in Endless Zones (except for Icebound Battleground). Its ability to turn weaker zombies into Ice blocks can help you stall stronger zombies, buying you time to set up your offensive plants. But its slow recharge time means that it shouldn't be relied upon as a consistent means of holding back hordes.


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  • She bears a striking resemblance to Oxygen Algae in Plants vs. Zombies Online.
  • If a Gargantuar is defeated by Ice Bloom, only his smashing weapon (or his leg) will get frozen, due to the size of the ice blocks being too small for Gargantuars.
  • She resembles the Ice-shroom from Plants vs. Zombies.
    • Their names also sound similar: (Bloom, Shroom).
  • Zombie King can turn the peasant zombies in the ice blocks into Knight Zombies. The other zombies must eat the helmet before they can get through.
  • If a Surfer Zombie is covered in Ice Bloom's ice block while holding the surf-board, when the other zombies eat the ice blocks, the surfboard drops normally. It will still destroy the player's plants, if possible, and will not kill a zombie (Unlike with Caulipower). Zombies must eat the board to get through it if that happens.
    • If he was shrunken by Enforce-Mint/Shrinking Violet, the surfboard will vanish when the ice block is broken, and will not crush a plant.
  • Ice Bloom is also the only plant that can make Zombie King, Fisherman Zombie and Imp Cannon turn around.
  • The size of the ice block is equal with the size of the normal zombie being frozen:
    • If Ice Bloom freezes a shrunk Basic Zombie, the ice block will also be tiny.
    • If Ice Bloom freezes a zombie that is boosted by evil potions, the ice will also be bigger as well.
  • Both MC Zom-B and Punk Zombie, during their jams, will not eat, kick or destroy the ice block. They simply ignore the ice block and just go through it.
    • If an Excavator Zombie is frozen in an ice block, other Excavator Zombies will ignore it.
  • If an Explorer Zombie or a Torchlight Zombie reaches an ice block, he still has to eat it despite that he is holding a flame torch, which supposedly melts it with ease.
    • This also applies to Excavator Zombie if he runs into an ice block that does not cover the same type of zombie.
  • Glitter Zombie, during her jam, can push the ice blocks upwards as well as destroying it.
  • If Jester Zombie reflects Spore-shroom's spores on the zombies in the ice blocks, when the ice blocks is destroyed, it will turn into a new Spore-shroom.
  • There is a glitch which causes Ice Bloom's chill time to be much shorter. It is caused by its freeze and chill times superposing.

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