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I Treasure You is a quest in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, given by Tenderleaf. Beating the quest for the first time rewards the player with a Medal, the Cool Bling, 10,000 coins, and 25 Tacos.


Don't panic! Tenderleaf's squad ran into trouble looking for Treasure Yeti and his Bling. But that won't happen to you, right? Right?


Find and rescue trapped Acorns

Once the quest begins, the first Acorn's location will be marked on the screen. Follow it and you will find an Acorn trapped inside a boogie trap. However, the control pad is missing, meaning that you cannot destroy the trap just yet. After some dialogue, it is revealed that the Treasure Yeti is carrying the control pads. Attack it until it burrows into the ground, and it will drop the control pad. Place it near the boogie trap and destroy it to free the first Acorn. Defend it until it reaches its destination to proceed to the next objective.

Finding and rescuing the second Acorn is similar to the first one. You need to take down the Treasure Yeti, pick up the control pad, and then destroy it to free the second Acorn.

Find shiny lure

The Treasure Yeti won't appear again this time, requiring a lure to force it out. Follow the Acorn you have just rescued and dig the hole it points at. Initially, the holes will only spawn zombies. However, after digging a couple of holes, you should eventually find the lure. Place the lure at the location marked on your screen, and it will cause the Treasure Yeti to pop back up. Attack it for one last time and it will drop the last control pad. Place it near the boogie trap and destroy it to rescue the last Acorn, and escort it.





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Chums and Chainz
Complete "I Treasure You" quest in Sundrop Hills.
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