This article is about how to execute the hack on the PC Version of Plants vs. Zombies. For how to do it on the Mac, see I, Zombie hack/Mac.
Zomboni in I, Zombie

Zomboni and Hypno-shrooms in I, Zombie Endless

The I, Zombie hack is a common hack for Plants vs. Zombies which is achieved through editing saved games or PvZ Tools. Click here to download PvZ Tools. Unlike most hacks, it does not require Cheat Engine or other external hacking programs, unless if you are using PvZ Tools. This hack will bring other zombies (like Newspaper Zombie) into I, Zombie Levels.

For other hacks, see hacking guide.

Steps (normal)

  • Choose Your Seeds (choose plants that represents zombies you want. See below)
  • Play any survival levels, make sure you have enough sun.
  • Save the game (go to Main Menu).
  • Change the saved data to any of the I, Zombie Levels by renaming it.
Plants Zombies
Peashooter Zombie
Sunflower Flag Zombie (If GOTY version, include Zombatar Flag Zombie)
Cherry Bomb Conehead Zombie
Wall-nut Pole Vaulting Zombie
Potato Mine Buckethead Zombie
Snow Pea Newspaper Zombie
Chomper Screen Door Zombie
Repeater Football Zombie
Puff-shroom Dancing Zombie
Sun-shroom Backup Dancer
Fume-shroom Ducky Tube Zombie
Grave Buster Snorkel Zombie
Hypno-shroom Zomboni
Scaredy-shroom Not full Zombie Bobsled Team
Ice-shroom Dolphin Rider Zombie
Doom-shroom Jack-in-the-Box Zombie
Lily Pad Balloon Zombie
Squash Digger Zombie
Threepeater Pogo Zombie
Tangle Kelp Zombie Yeti
Jalapeno Bungee Zombie
Spikeweed Ladder Zombie
Torchwood Catapult Zombie
Tall-nut Gargantuar
Sea-shroom Imp
Plantern Dr. Zomboss
Cactus Peashooter Zombie
Blover Wall-nut Zombie
Split Pea Jalapeno Zombie
Starfruit Gatling Pea Zombie
Pumpkin Squash Zombie
Magnet-shroom Tall-nut Zombie
Cabbage-pult Giga-gargantuar
Flower Pot Flying Peashooter (Original Flag Zombie without hair in GOTY)
Kernel-pult Parts of a Peashooter floating in the air
Coffee Bean Puff-shroom ( Sleeping but no snoring ) floating in the air
Garlic Ladder Zombie without ladder (Growing Marigold Sprout if GOTY version)
Umbrella Leaf Game Crash
Marigold Sprout of Marigold floating in the air
Melon-pult Sunflower floating in the air (Growing Marigold Sprout if GOTY version
Gatling Pea Marigold Sprout
Twin Sunflower Game Crash
Gloom-shroom (can only be placed on Fume-shrooms) Head from loading screen
Cattail Invisible Zombie (Dead Zomboni if GOTY version)
Winter Melon Game Crash
Gold Magnet Game Crash
Spikerock Game Crash
Cob Cannon Wall-nut from wallnut bowling
Imitater The game will crash (Floating splash if GOTY version)
Explode-o-nut The credits ("Zombies on Your Lawn") (or game crash)
Giant Wall-nut The fog machine from the credits (Game Crash if GOTY Version.)
Sprout Part of a Peashooter (Game Crash if GOTY Version.)
Backwards Repeater Game Grash (Invisible Zombie that causes sod roll effect if GOTY Version.)
Name Saved data Name
Survival: Day game1_1.dat
Survival: Night game1_2.dat
Survival: Pool game1_3.dat
Survival: Fog game1_4.dat
Survival: Roof game1_5.dat
Survival: Day (Hard) game1_6.dat
Survival: Night (Hard) game1_7.dat
Survival: Pool (Hard) game1_8.dat
Survival: Fog (Hard) game1_9.dat
Survival: Roof (Hard) game1_10.dat
Survival: Day (Endless) game1_11.dat
Survival: Night (Endless) game1_12.dat
Survival: Endless game1_13.dat
Survival: Fog (Endless) game1_14.dat
Survival: Roof (Endless) game1_15.dat
I, Zombie Puzzle Name Saved Data Name
I, Zombie game1_61.dat
I, Zombie Too game1_62.dat
Can You Dig It? game1_63.dat
Totally Nuts game1_64.dat
Dead Zeppelin game1_65.dat
Me Smash! game1_66.dat
ZomBoogie game1_67.dat
Three Hit Wonder game1_68.dat
All your brainz r belong to us game1_69.dat
I, Zombie Endless game1_70.dat

Note: If you are user two, change "game2_1.dat" instead of "game1_1.dat", or you will change other user's data.

Note: If you change the data and another userdata has the same name, delete the I, Zombie Data that you have.

  • All the plants you plant in I, Zombie will be changed to Zombies match the table above.


  • Plant as many Zombie Yeti as you can in I, Zombie, then change to Last Stand "game1_31.dat". Use instants to kill all Zombie Yetis and collect the diamonds for easy gold farming.
  • (GOTY only) Planting the Imitater Tangle Kelp in I, Zombie will not get Zombie Yeti, but get the invisible zombie. Change I, Zombie data with it and kill that zombie with instant kill. You will get the Zen Garden plant. If you did this on the old PC version, it still produces a game crash.
    • This works well with Unlimited Sun and Instant Refill (see hacking guide).
  • It is possible to make your own I, Zombie levels like this. First, go to survival: night and make the I, Zombie level setup (sun hack recommended). Then, beat 1 wave. choose the plants that correspond with the zombies you want players to use.
    I, Zombie Hack 1

    An example of a custom I, Zombie level

  • Then, get your sun to what you want it to start at. then, before any zombies appear, change save data from game1_2.dat to game1_61.dat (user 2 is game2_2.dat and game2_61.dat, 3 is game3_2.dat and game3_61.dat, etc.). then, copy/paste the I, Zombie level outside of that folder (keep it #_61.dat). go into I, Zombie, and there you go! If you fail, go to the main menu, delete #_61.dat, and copy/paste the copied file there. To share it, put the file in sendspace, mediafire, etc. and put it up for download.
  • You can also make your own I, Zombie levels. Firstly, do the same thing on hybrid mini-games and freeze the address. Secondly, play a Night Survival you played. It will show the plants you planted become card-boards. Thirdly, you can play an I, Zombie level without changing user file. (Note: The level still have Lawn Mowers. And you can play it by playing anything, including Zen Garden.)
  • If you put Tangle Kelp on the leftmost column, and then change it back to survival, you can make the Zombie Yeti eat your brains, provided that there are no lawn mowers on the row where you put the Zombie Yeti at..




  • If you have plants in Survival, then changed to I, Zombie, the plants will become cardboard plants and still move.
    • They will stop moving once they performed their tasks.
  • Zombie Yeti can still appear if you place Tangle Kelp, even you have not encountered him yet.
  • Imps thrown by Giga-gargantuars take three hits in I, Zombie.
  • Lawn Mowers will still remain after you changed Survival to I, Zombie.
  • All plants, when using the Mac version, either create game crashes, are normal Zombies, or random glitches could happen (see I, Zombie hack/Mac for more details).

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