Hyper Ball is an ability for Citron while in Citron Ball form in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. When used, the Citron Ball will speed up and go faster for a short period of time, making it quicker to access other areas of a map. It acts like the Hyper, an ability for the Peashooter and also is very similar. However, exiting Citron Ball will cancel the ability if it is active. Also, pressing the button to activate it cancels it.

In the beta, it was possible for the player to use this ability to get out of the Backyard Battleground.

Stickerbook description

Activate futuristic ball technology to temporarily increase your movement speed and jump capabilities!



Use this ability to reach strategic locations on the map before zombies can take them. In Gardens & Graveyards, a very important location for Citron to reach is the teleporter. Try to reach it before Engineer does and use your other abilities to keep them from creating the teleporter. Hyper Ball is also effective at escaping from zombies due to its speed. Make sure to stay away from Engineers though, as they can stun you with stun bombs and chase you with Jackhammer.


It is very hard to counter this ability. One way to counter it, as an Engineer, is to chase after the Citron with your Jackhammer while firing at it. Although this probably won't kill a Citron at full health, it could kill a seriously injured one that is trying to escape a fight. Another way as Engineer is to throw a Sonic Grenade at the Citron. This will slow it down and make it easier to hit with attacks not only from you, but from your teammates as well. It can be hard to counter this ability as other classes. With Deadbeard don't try to snipe one unless if you have superhuman aim, and if you don't have amazing aim, then you can try to use Cannon Rodeo, as hopefully, the splash could injure the Citron.  Any attack with high splash damage can partially counter this ability, and while aiming, make sure to try to aim where the Citron will be, and not at where it is currently.


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