PvZ Hybrid Minigames 3 Big Trouble Little Bobsled

PvZ Hybrid Minigames 3 Big Trouble Little Bobsled

Example of a hybrid mini-game.

Hybrid mini-games are mini-games where halfway during the loading process, the mini-game ID is changed and the game loads two things: it initially loads the types of zombies, mini-game style, and the area, then after the ID is changed, it loads the amount of zombies, the effects of the mini-games and the new mini-game music. Often, this can lead to glitchy or unusual results. Some, such as ZomBotany Bowling, can be extremely easy, others, such as Zombie Nimble ZomBotany Quick, can be extremely difficult.

How to play them


Note: The mini-game ID stated below is just an example. You can use any other mini-game ID.


  1. Find the mini-game ID value using Cheat Engine.
  2. Enter ZomBotany.
  3. Scan for value "16."
  4. Exit ZomBotany and enter Seeing Stars.
  5. Scan for value "22."
  6. Exit Seeing Stars and enter ZomBotany again.
  7. Repeat until you have one address (that is the mini-game id; it will be different each time you open up the game, but once you open it up, it will never change).
  8. Enter the initial mini-game described below.
  9. Before the "choose your seeds" selection (if there is none, do it before it shows the zombies), change the mini-game ID to the new mini-game ID shown below.
  10. Have fun!

Note: Hitting the "restart level" will restart the mini-game with the new mini-game ID and therefore, you will have to repeat steps 2 and 3 to play it.

ID table

Level Numerical ID
Adventure Mode 0
Survival: Day 1
Survival: Night 2
Survival: Pool 3
Survival: Fog 4
Survival: Roof 5
Survival: Day (Hard) 6
Survival: Night (Hard) 7
Survival: Pool (Hard) 8
Survival: Fog (Hard) 9
Survival: Roof (Hard) 10
Survival: Day (Endless) 11
Survival: Night (Endless) 12
Survival: Endless 13
Survival: Fog (Endless) 14
Survival: Roof (Endless) 15
ZomBotany 16
Wall-nut Bowling 17
Slot Machine 18
It's Raining Seeds 19
Beghouled 20
Invisi-ghoul 21
Seeing Stars 22
Zombiquarium 23
Beghouled Twist 24
Big Trouble Little Zombie 25
Portal Combat 26
Column Like You See 'Em 27
Bobsled Bonanza 28
Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick 29
Whack a Zombie 30
Last Stand 31
ZomBotany 2 32
Wall-nut Bowling 2 33
Pogo Party 34
Dr. Zomboss's Revenge 35
Art Challenge Wall-nut 36
Sunny Day 37
Unsodded 38
Big Time 39
Art Challenge Sunflower 40
Air Raid 41
Ice Level 42
Zen Garden 43
High Gravity 44
Grave Danger 45
Can You Dig It? 46
Dark Stormy Night 47
Bungee Blitz 48
Squirrel 49
Tree of Wisdom 50
Vasebreaker 51
To the Left 52
Third Vase 53
Chain Reaction 54
M is for Metal 55
Scary Potter 56
Hokey Pokey 57
Another Chain Reaction 58
Ace of Vase 59
Vasebreaker Endless 60
I, Zombie 61
I, Zombie Too 62
Can You Dig It? 63
Totally Nuts 64
Dead Zeppelin 65
Me Smash! 66
ZomBoogie 67
Three Hit Wonder 68
All your brainz r belong to us 69
I, Zombie Endless 70
Upsell 71
Intro 72
Game crash 73 and above

List of hybrid mini-games

Note that anyone can add a mini-game to this list, just make sure it's possible.

Warning: You must not have Dr Zomboss's Revenge as your final mini-game or else the game itself will crash.

Initial mini-game Fused mini-game New mini-game ID Difficulty and details
ZomBotany Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick 29 Hard
ZomBotany 2 Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick 29 Extremely hard
ZomBotany 2 Big Trouble Little Zombie 25 Easy
Bobsled Bonanza Big Trouble Little Zombie 25 Very easy
Bobsled Bonanza Adventure Mode 0 Extremely hard
ZomBotany Portal Combat 26 Somewhat easy
ZomBotany Wall-nut Bowling 17 Extremely easy
Seeing Stars Bobsled Bonanza 28 Extremely easy
ZomBotany Art Challenge Wall-nut 36 Somewhat easy
Seeing Stars Grave Danger 45 Easy
ZomBotany Column Like You See 'Em 27 Extremely easy
Seeing Stars Bungee Blitz 48 Easy
Unsodded Survival: Day (Hard) 6 Somewhat easy
Portal Combat Big Time 39 Somewhat hard
Seeing Stars High Gravity 44 N/A
Can You Dig It? Column Like You See 'Em 28 Very Hard
Dr. Zomboss's Revenge Squirrel 49 Easy
Dr. Zomboss's Revenge Wall-nut Bowling 17 Impossible. No plants can be placed. Flower pots can, at random, roll up and down like a wall-nut.
Last Stand Invisi-ghoul 21 Hard. Impossible to see the coming zombies. Plan strategies wisely then it will be easy for you.
Grave Danger Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick 29 Easy
Air Raid Big Trouble Little Zombie 25 Hard
Bobsled Bonanza Wall-nut Bowling 17 Easy
Seeing Stars Beghouled 20 Easy (Except for the fact that some plants are sleeping)
Air Raid Dark Stormy Night 47 Hard
ZomBotany Bungee Blitz 48 Hard
Adventure (New User; move save data also) Survival: Day 1 Easy
Last Stand Whack a Zombie 30 Hard
Dr. Zomboss's Revenge Column Like You See Em' 27 Nearly impossible (Jalapenos are very rare, One Ice-shroom for the entire level, Two cabbage-pults for the entire level, Melon-pults are very rare, occasional pumpkins. The rest is either a flower pot, or close to useless. At least one plant fills the whole column.)
ZomBotany Whack a Zombie 30 Hard
ZomBotany 2 Whack a Zombie 30 Nearly impossible (hidden mouse)
Last Stand Column Like You See Em' 27 Medium
Me Smash! I, Zombie Endless 70 Very easy
Dead Zeppelin I, Zombie Endless 70 Very easy
Survival: Day or Survival: Day (Hard) Vasebreaker Endless 60 Somewhat hard
Portal Combat Big Trouble Little Zombie 25 Somewhat easy
ZomBotany 2 Wall-nut Bowling 2 33 Easy
Slot Machine ZomBotany 16 Easy-hard (depends on luck)
Dr. Zomboss's Revenge Pogo Party 34 Nearly impossible unless you cheat. In this case, medium.
Slot Machine Column Like You See Em' 27 Medium
Dr. Zomboss's Revenge Zombiquarium 23 Very Easy (Sometimes Game Crash)
Dr. Zomboss's Revenge Dark Stormy Night 47 Extremely hard
Survival: Roof Air Raid 23 Nearly impossible
Dr. Zomboss's Revenge Survival: Roof or Survival: Roof (Hard) 23 Extremely hard
Dr. Zomboss's Revenge Invisi-ghoul 21 Nearly impossible
Dr. Zomboss's Revenge Whack a Zombie 30

Nearly impossible. Zomboss can be killed in one hit, but zombies will still rise from the ground. The level progress bar moves extremely slowly and after a couple minutes all zombies spawn at maximum speed, way too many to humanly kill. (No graves are visible, and no plants can be used, so there is no way to control the spawns)

Dr. Zomboss's Revenge Any Survival level 1-15, depends on survival mode Very easy, if you choose the right plants, impossible if not (excluding Jalapeno)
It's Raining Seeds Column Like You See 'Em 27 Easy-very hard (depends on your luck)
Dr. Zomboss's Revenge Unsodded 38 Extremely hard if correct plants, nearly impossible if not.
Dark Stormy Night Wall Nut Bowling 17

Hard. Works similar to the normal Wall Nut Bowling, however Lily Pads cannot be obtained for the pool. The only way to kill aquatic zombies is via combos or Explode-O-Nuts. Due to the fog, it makes it difficult to see incoming zombies.

Wall Nut Bowling Column Like You See 'Em 27 Extremely hard. Wall nuts become useless. Offensive plants are rare.
Column Like You See 'Em Survival: Day 1 Hard/Extremely hard. The plant bar glitches out and only the last four plant packets can be used (change the level back to CLYSE after picking your plants, they'll come back, then change it to Survival: Day (again)). If you pick wisely, you can win easily. Spawns large crowds of zombies.
Survival: Endless Unsodded 38 Medium/Hard. Creates a unique front yard water level. Strangely, you can plant on the dirt tiles.
Survival: Day Bobsled Bonanza 28 Medium. Creates a "playable ice level". Very easy if you use Jalapenos to remove the ice trails (however it defeats the purpose of the game). The ice trails are permanent and do not summon Bobsled Zombies.
Column Like You See 'Em Can You Dig It? 46 Nearly Impossible. Similar to the regular "Can You Dig It?". In the beginning, you get a tall nut, magnet shroom, potato mine and other items. After a while, you will only get peashooters.
Grave Danger Bungee Blitz 48 Medium. Similar to the regular Bungee Blitz, the only differences is that it is nighttime (obviously) and zombies will appear from graves on the final wave.
Grave Danger Unsodded 38 Medium. Strangely, mushrooms can be planted without the use of the coffee bean despite it being daytime. The nighttime music also plays and graves are present. You can also plant on the dirt tiles. Overall, it plays exactly as that of a nighttime level.
Pogo Party Big Time 39 Medium. Strangely, the wave starts off as normal instead of waiting a minute, making it harder than the normal Pogo Party. Luckily, you still have big plants to make things easier.
Air Raid Zombie Nimble

Zombie Quick

29 Very hard. Balloon zombies move rapidly across the screen. Blovers and cattails are highly recommended.
Column Like You See `Em Wall Nut Bowling 2 27 Leads to Unstoppable Glitching Lawn.
Air Raid High Gravity 44 Somewhat hard. Balloon Zombies fall to the ground after 2-3 spaces, making it easier, but Puff-Shrooms don't work well, but will work on Balloons early on. Also, fog is in average spot, and Cobs are useless (they cost too much). Easy to defend pool though.
I, Zombie Survival: Endless 15 Easy. There's already 4 working rows of plants and only 3 seed slots available at the start. Strange effects happen after the 1st round.
Last Stand Survival: Endless 15 Easy. 5000 sun is given from the start and sunflowers are allowed.
I, Zombie Slot Machine 18 Very easy. There's already 4 working rows of plants. The slot machine works.
Last Stand Slot Machine 18 Instant win
Dr. Zomboss's Revenge Slot Machine 18 Extremely hard due to taking place on the roof at night.
Zombotany Beghouled 20 Easy
Zombotany 2 Beghouled 20 Hard. Craters can't exist on water
Zen Garden Beghouled 20 Depends on Zen Garden layout.
Bobsled Bonanza Beghouled 20 Extremely Hard
Last Stand Beghouled 20 Very Hard
Zombotany Invisi-ghoul 21 Very Hard
Wall-nut Bowling Art Challenge Wall-nut 36 Hard
Last Stand Seeing Stars 22 Very Easy
I, Zombie Big Trouble Little Zombie 25 Extremely Easy to Impossible, depending on plant layout and plants given
Zombiquarium Big Trouble Little Zombie 25 Easy
Dr. Zomboss's Revenge Big Trouble Little Zombie 25 Extremely Hard. Barely any pots, jalapenos, ice shrooms, or catapults are given.
Slot Machine Portal Combat 26 Easy. Snow peas don't fire at zombies through portals, but frozen peas can pass through portals.
I, Zombie Portal Combat 26

Depends on luck. Backwards peas and stars don't pass through portals.

Slot Machine Bobsled Bonanza 28 Easy. Plays out like a regular day level. The only diffrence is that the there are only three seed slots and each row has four and a half squares covered with snow. However, the player can remove the snow with a jalapeno.

Chomper Mania (Only Chompers and Flower Pots appear often. The rest come in rarely.) series:

  1. Chomper Mania (day) - fuse Bungee Blitz into Survival: Day (Hard) - Very easy
  2. Chomper Mania (night) - fuse Bungee Blitz into Survival: Night (Hard) - Easy
  3. Chomper Mania (pool) - fuse Bungee Blitz into Survival: Pool (Hard) - Extremely hard
  4. Chomper Mania (fog) - fuse Bungee Blitz into Survival: Fog (Hard) - Extreme
  5. Chomper Mania (roof) - fuse Bungee Blitz into Survival: Roof (Hard) - Easy

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