Hunter Zombie is the fifth zombie encountered in Frostbite Caves in Plants vs. Zombies 2. He throws chilling snowballs at the player's plants within a range of 4 tiles, freezing them in frozen blocks after three hits, with the exception of most plant in the Winter-mint and Pepper-mint families. for an exact list, the Hunter zombie cannot freeze Pepper-pult, Fire Peashooter, Torchwood, Lava Guava, Jack O' Lantern, Wasabi Whip, Cold Snapdragon, Winter Melon and Missile Toe. After shooting, he will continue moving towards the player's house, and then repeat the process randomly again and again if there is any plant in front of him, as long as it is not a low plant like Spikeweed. Hunter Zombie cannot throw snowballs at plants behind a frozen plant, but he can throw snowballs if the plants are behind a frozen zombie, thus making him an environmental modifier.

Like all Frostbite Caves zombies, he can not be frozen, and attempting to do so will only chill him.

Physical appearance

Hunter Zombie pretty much has the same body structure as a regular zombie. He has a dark brown beard and, like all zombies in Frostbite Caves, has the same Neanderthal-like forehead. He dons a dead sabre-tooth tiger-like hat on top of his head, a brown furry coat with white furry frills, and his feet are wrapped in leather. He carries a large bone on his left hand and carries a bag of snowballs strapped around his shoulder.


Sound Description
Throwing snowball.
Snowball thrown.
Snowball hits a plant.
Defeated Hunter Zombie.

Almanac entry

Hunter Zombie

SPEED: Creeper

Zombie that can throw snow balls at range to cool down plants until they freeze into blocks.

Shhhhh ... Hunter Zombie didn't actually kill that sabertooth tiger. He found the skin at a thrift store. Also, he's a vegetarian. Tell no one.


Hunter Zombie absorbs 700 damage per shot. His appearance changes upon absorbing 350 damage per shot before dying at 700 damage per shot.


Plants vs. Zombies 2

Player's House: Piñata Party

Far Future: Piñata Party

Frostbite Caves: Days 4 to 8, 10 to 16, 19 to 24, and 27 to 30, Icebound Battleground, "Rescue the Gold Bloom" Epic Quest - Step 3, and Piñata Party

Modern Day: Days 9, 10, and 34


Hunter Zombies will be very dangerous without Lobbed-shot plants, thawing plants or plants that are immune to snowballs, especially since they come in groups in later levels (and in Icebound Battleground). He uses his disadvantage, which is his speed, as an advantage against your defenses. This allows him to "hide" behind other, stronger zombies, protecting him from damage while he freezes your plants. Therefore, thawing plants are vital to prevent these zombies from overrunning your defenses. Fire Peashooter can kill him easily. Kill him quickly, as he can freeze the frontmost plants. This could result in the plants being frozen and many other zombies passing through frozen plants causing either your brains to be eaten or you having to use countless coins to thaw plants. These zombies are especially deadly if plants are not properly defrosted. When combined with the freezing winds of the Frostbite Caves, this zombie can cause entire swaths of plants to be frozen and disabled.

You can use Guacodiles against this zombie if planted right next to him, although two are needed to instantly kill him. It is crucial that you plant the Guacodiles close to a Hunter Zombie, as if you do not, the Hunter Zombie may freeze it since the attack does not trigger his rushing ability.

Among the introduced plants in Frostbite Caves, use Pepper-pult or Fire Peashooter against this zombie, as they are immune to snowballs and can warm nearby plants. You can also use Pepper-pult to deal splash damage against him. Placing the Pepper-pult at the front of your defenses is a smart idea, as it blocks everything behind it from being frozen by Hunter Zombies, this idea you can also apply it with Fire Peashooters. When in a pinch, use Plant Food on the Pepper-pult. Torchwoods and peashooting plants like the Repeater can do fast and high damage to this zombie. Lava Guavas are also effective against this zombie. Since Lava Guavas are immune to their snowballs and can cause much damage to the zombies that are behind the Hunter Zombie.

Cold Snapdragon and Missile Toe cannot thaw plants, but they are immune to his snowballs, so they could also be used to protect other plants. Beware that other ice-based plants are not immune, and the zombie is unable to be frozen at all.

If you are going to beat this zombie without his weaknesses, it is recommended to use Plant Food on an Infi-nut, whose barrier covers an entire lane and blocks all snowballs. In addition, lobbed-shot plants such as Cabbage-Pult, Kernel-Pult, A.K.E.E. and Spore-shroom can ignore the frozen plants or zombies and attack him directly. Laser Beans, Fume-shrooms, Cactus and Shadow Peashooters are also useful since their attacks can damage both frozen blocks and Hunter Zombie himself. If you are playing Icebound Battleground, try to have it boosted in the Zen Garden so that none of your plants will get frozen. Also, while this isn't immediately obvious, Hunter Zombie does eat plants, and has an enforced delay between his attacks, which he cannot use while eating something, so putting a defensive plant right in front of him or supporting it with a thawing plant will eventually force him to eat the plant anyway.

Balance changes

Update 6.3.1

  • Health decreased from 1000 DPS to 700 DPS




  • His attack can travel for the entire lane. This can be observed easily if there is only 1 plant in his lane and it was removed as soon as he attacks.
  • If one looks closely under his saber-tooth tiger skin, he has the same forehead that most of the Frostbite Caves zombies have.
  • If Hunter Zombie is hypnotized by a Hypno-shroom, he will still throw his snowballs to the left, and will still hit plants. This trait is shared with the Peashooter Zombie and Gatling Pea Zombie in the PC version of Plants vs. Zombies.
  • When throwing a snowball, his right arm gets separated from his body.
  • He throws snowballs four squares away from the plant. Prior to an unspecified update, the attack was triggered when he's 3 tiles away.
    • He will also attack plants that aren't supposedly valid targets like Torchwood, Cold Snapdragon or other frozen plants even though his snowballs do nothing to them.
  • According to Hunter Zombie's Almanac entry, he is a vegetarian, which explains why he eats plants.
    • However, the game screen still displays "The zombies ate your brains!" if he reaches the player's house.
    • Furthermore, Hunters are generally carnivorous since they usually make a living of their game.

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