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House Gargantuar is a boss in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. He appears in Backyard Battleground and Garden Ops. He uses the front of a yellow house with white outlines as a shield and his weapon. The house can absorb a lot of damage, about half a Gargantuar's health, but shooting him from behind or through the "window" hole will do direct damage.


  • Shield Slam: Uses the house to crush plants, similar to Gargantuar's Pole Slam.
  • Shield Charge Slam: Roars and charges at a plant, crushing them when he gets to them.
  • Imp Grenade: Lobs an Exploding Imp at the player which does some damage.


  • Easy: 1400 HP
  • Normal: 2100 HP
  • Hard: 2800 HP
  • CRAAAAZY: 3500 HP


  • Backyard Battleground: as a boss.
  • Garden Ops: In a Super Gargantuar Wave.
  • Infinity Time: Nemesis Waves and boss waves.


House Gargantuar is tough. Make sure to not target the shield due to the fact that this zombie will turn into a normal Gargantuar if that happens, thus giving the player more work to do. One strategy is to try to find something to distract him on, like a Weed, another player, potted plant, and then attack him from the back. If you are fighting alone in Garden Ops, then you should plant a potted plant to distract him with, and then attack him from the back. Since he is a boss, he will likely kill the potted plant easily, so be aware of this. Potted plants like Ice-shroomScaredy-shroom, Heal Flower, and Fume-shroom work the best. 

Balancing changes

Trials of Gnomus DLC

  • All Gargantuar melee attacks have increased in effectiveness.



  • Even though he has his own icon, it is not visible in game.
  • When his house is destroyed, he suddenly whips out a telephone pole like the normal Gargantuar and behaves like him until he is vanquished, though the symbol and name don't change when he loses his shield.  
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