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Another version of Home Lawn Security

Home Lawn Security is an achievement that can be unlocked on the PC, Steam, iOS, PlayStation Network, Xbox, PlayStation Vita, Android, and Nook versions of Plants vs. Zombies.

It is worth 25 points on the Game Center. This achievement is unlocked by completing Adventure Mode. Thus, when the player achieves it, they will also get the Silver Sunflower Trophy at the same time.

It is called Resolute Homeowner in the Nintendo DS version.


Its name is a pun on the phrase "Homeland Security," which is the part of the United States government that dictates actions against terrorism, and "lawn," which relates to the theme of Plants vs. Zombies.


For a strategy guide, see the Adventure Mode/Strategy guide page.

There are a lot of strategies the player can use. He or she can just pick the right plants that you need for different levels. For example: During Night, the player should pick mushrooms, especially the Sun-shroom. In the Pool, the player should probably pick aquatic plants.

In Fog levels, take necessary plants you used in Pool and Night levels, though you may want to use Blover, Torchwood or Plantern as you progress to clear up the fog present. Roof levels require the use of lobber plants and Flower Pots. The player will earn 40 plants and then face Dr. Zomboss. They will also get five notes and five extra items along the way.


  • The lawn ornament for the Xbox Live Arcade version and PlayStation 3 version is barbed wire in front of the house.
    • For both the icons, the veto signs are facing the opposite ways of each other.

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