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Not to be confused with the Heroes from Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.

Hero Plants were a game mechanic and variation of plants that were only seen in Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West. They acted the same as their normal counterparts (except Iron Man Nut) that could be moved by the player anywhere at any time. Once the Hero Plant itself was upgraded to a specific level, they would also have different special abilities and a special skill that would activate automatically once charged, similar to the anger and Plant Food system in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars. However, the player could only use one Hero Plant in each level, and the Hero Plant would appear on the player's lawn immediately once the level started. When the Hero Plant was eaten, it could no longer be planted again until after the level ended.

Each Hero Plant could be leveled up by earning experience when being used in levels. By each time it leveled up, the plant would gain skill points (displayed by leaves) that could be used to upgrade the abilities and skill of that plant, which increased the probability and effectiveness. Some skills and abilities could only be upgraded once the Hero Plant reached a certain level.

List of Hero Plants

Iron Man Nut

Iron Man NutJttW
Main article: Iron Man Nut

Iron Man Nut fires energy balls at zombies, while having a high defense, similarly to Pea-nut. It can be moved anywhere at any time.

Monkey King Peashooter

Monkey King PeashooterJttW
Main article: Monkey King Peashooter

Shoots peas, occasionally shoots fire peas at zombies. Its special skill is to attack a whole lane of zombies with its Monkey King Bar. It is based on Sun Wukong from Journey to the West.

Pig Squash

Pig SquashJttW
Main article: Pig Squash

Charges for a while, then you select an area for it to smash. One of its special abilities is to release a Garden Rake. Can heal itself. Its skill is to create an earthquake that deals heavy damage to nearby enemies. Absorbs 40 bites. It is based on Zhu Bajie from Journey to the West.

Nut Wujing

Nut WujingJttW
Main article: Nut Wujing

Absorbs 288 bites and can heal itself very fast when no one is eating it. It is based on Sha Wujing from Journey to the West.

Monk Flower

Monk FlowerJttW
Main article: Monk Flower

Creates two sun, like Twin Sunflower, but much faster. The zombie that eats it will be hypnotized and sometimes it will stun all zombies on the screen. It cannot heal itself and absorbs 40 bites. It is based on Xuanzang from Journey to the West.

Nezha Peashooter

Nezha PeashooterJttW
Main article: Nezha Peashooter

Acts like the Threepeater, but can reload 3 times as fast and peas can pass through zombies. Can turn some of its peas into fire peas at random. Has a special attack where it shoots three light discs down the three lanes, damaging all zombies in front of it. It is based on Nezha in Journey to the West.


  • All Hero Plants have a maximum level of 20.
  • There are two heroes based off of Wall-nut; the Iron Man Nut, and the Nut Wujing.
  • If a Hero Plant lands on top of a normal plant, the normal plant is disabled until the Hero Plant moves away.
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