Heavy Weapon is the fourth mini-game in the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PlayStation Vita versions of Plants vs. Zombies. It replaces It's Raining Seeds, which is present in other versions.


The mini-game is based on PopCap Games' side-scrolling shoot 'em up game Heavy Weapon.



The player will have control of a Lawn Mower with a peashooting plant on it where they will have to shoot all of the zombies. They can upgrade the Lawn Mower permanently into a Repeater, which will make it shoot peas in two directions, to a Threepeater, which will make it shoot in three lanes, and then to a Cattail, which will then make it shoot homing spikes and can purchase two times more to shoot faster. Additionally, the player can buy a Torchwood, which will temporarily make all the player's peas fiery, a Doom-shroom, which the player can use normally, and a Snow Pea, which will temporarily make all the player's peas frozen. Also, any sun, coins, diamonds, and presents uniquely must be collected by the Lawn Mower.


  • A Doom-shroom does not need a Coffee Bean to wake it up even though it is a mushroom, and the mini-game is set in Day. In this mini-game, Doom-shroom costs 200 sun, which is the total cost of a Doom-shroom (125 sun) and Coffee Bean (75 sun) during the day.
  • When the player pays for the Doom-shroom, the explosion will always be in the middle of the screen. The player can use the Doom-shroom even if the crater is still present.
    • This is possibly because the level might be harder if the player couldn't plant it on the crater.
  • Heavy Weapon can be played even if the Cattail has not been purchased.
  • It is the only level in the whole game in which Cattail doesn't upgrade from Lily Pad.
  • When the player plants a Threepeater on the Lawn Mower, only one head will be seen.
  • In the PlayStation Vita version, the tilt feature works in this mini-game, allowing the player to collect items without needing to touch them with the lawn mower.
  • Coins do not rotate when falling in this mini-game.
    • This may possibly be because it would give sensitive players a mild seizure from watching, though it may just be a bug.
  • A similar version is present as a Brain Buster called All by Oneself, from the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • In this mini-game, Snow Pea and Torchwood are temporary upgrades, but they do not change the Peashooter's appearance in any way.
  • The player can not aim the peas directly right or left.


Plants vs Zombies Xbox 360 Heavy Weapon Minigame

Plants vs Zombies Xbox 360 Heavy Weapon Minigame

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