Not to be confused with Heal Zombie from Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Healer Zombie is a zombie encountered in Penny's Pursuit. He uses his caduceus to heal a zombie. When he is killed, he will drop his caduceus, which acts like a tombstone, but also heals nearby zombies and destroys any plants/hypnotized zombies occupying that tile.

In addition to his ability to heal, he is immune to certain effects, such as hypnotism, poison, and Imp Pear's ability from Plant Food.


Healer Zombie absorbs 555 damage per shot. He degrades at 277.5 DPS (when his arm is lost) and finally is defeated at 555 DPS (when his head is lost). His caduceus absorbs 350 DPS.


Healer Zombie could possibly based on the Roman god of healing, Asclepius. As both the zombie and him are specialized in healing and curing. There outfits are also similar since, they both have the serpent-entwined staff or known as caduceus. They both also have a beard which is another thing that is same about them.

Almanac entry

Healer Zombie

SPEED: Creeper

Uses weird Roman magic to heal zombies.

Hot tip: take this one out as fast as you can if you don't want your life turned into a pit of abject misery and despair.



The Healer Zombie has the potential for extremely devastating power, especially when not dealt with appropriately or if left unchecked. If one's defense is weak enough, even a Basic Zombie or Imp can advance through said defense and trigger a lawn mower or eat the player's brains as a result of this zombie constantly healing them. His ability is the most hazardous when near groups of zombies, high-health zombies, or both. A relieving fact is that he is unable to heal zombies once they're defeated. Therefore, instant-kills might be preferable to take him out, as well as any zombies he might heal. One can also delay the zombies and pick them off with instant-kills before finally killing the healer. Dartichoke, although he will prioritize this zombie, is not always viable, as healers can come in massive hordes, so it can also be a good idea to take them out as fast as possible as hinted by his almanac entry. Plants that hypnotize such as Hypno-shroom and Caulipower are a bad idea when Healer Zombie is in play, as Healer Zombie is immune to being hypnotized and will be able to 'cure' zombies of hypnosis (which makes Electric Blueberry a better choice than Caulipower in this case). This trait also applies to poison and many other effects listed below. Using plants that can electrocute zombies against him can be quite useful, since he won't leave his staff when he's electrified.

Another thing to note is that he cannot hypnotize Zoybean Pod's Zombiods. However, his ability of healing himself and other zombies that take damage from Zomboids can easily overwhelm your Zomboids without any problem. So when using Zoybean Pod against him, it is strongly recommended to boost him. However, if the player tries to use a boosted Zoybean Pod against him, it is advised to spawn many Gargantuar Zomboids on a lane at once by Tile Turnip, instead of spawning only one Gargantuar Zomboid per lane.

List of the effects that Healer Zombie is immune to (even when the plant is boosted):



  • He is called "Druid Zombie" in the French version.
  • He is called Roman Healer Zombie in Dartichoke's Almanac.
  • He, Zombie Chicken, and Jurassic Imp are the only zombies who's health is an odd number.
  • In the battle levels against Dr. Zomboss in the Penny's Pursuit, he was able to heal large amounts of health of the boss. This no longer happens as of the 8.0 update.
  • For some reason, his dropped caduceus cannot heal poison from zombies.
    • the same goes for hypnotization on zombies. Where his dropped caduceus cannot heal and remove it
  • If a hypnotized zombie manages to kill him, the dropped caduceus instantly kills the zombie.
  • He is unable to heal any robot zombies such as Mecha-Football zombie, as well as Imp Cannon, Zombie King, Treasure Yeti, Zcorpion Zombie and #caketank.

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