Heal Beam is an ability for the Sunflower in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, and Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. This ability allows the Sunflower to heal nearby plants. The healing rate is two health points every half second, continuously.

It has no cooldown, no usage limit (although it will turn off after four minutes of constant usage) and can be used on digging Chompers, potted plants, and Weeds. However, this ability cannot be used to heal the Sunflower using it. The alternate ability of this ability is the Rainbow Heal Beam. Its zombie counterpart is the Heal Beam of Science.

In Battle for Neighborville, Heal Beam is able to grant allies "overhealth", additional health given through continued use of Heal Beam after a plant has been fully healed, and is the only ability of Sunflower that grants it.


Garden Warfares 1 & 2

If the Sunflower stays close to her target, she can use her heal beam to keep them alive.

Battle for Neighborville

Heal an ally and extend their max health.

Associated upgrades

Perk Utility.png
Heal BeamBfN.png
Heal Beam can branch out and heal additional adjacent ally.
Perk Handling.png
Full Bloom
Heal BeamBfN.png
Extends range of Heal Beam.

Increase Heal Beam length by 50%.
Perk Utility.png
Heal BeamBfN.png
Increased amount of overhealth Heal Beam can provide.

Increase max overhealth cap from 1.33 to 1.53.



This ability enables you to heal teammates but be advised that the Heal Beam's healing effect can easily be overwhelmed with focused damage. Do not expect someone to be invincible when healed, instead, the Heal Beam merely extends their longevity slightly.

Under normal circumstances, you will be using this ability a lot as the Sunflower. On PC platforms consider binding it to a key that you can use easily to allow more fluid usage.

If there is more than one Sunflower on your team and you are both attacked by enemies, try to establish a two-way Heal Beam to keep both Sunflowers in the fight.

Aside from simply healing characters, the Heal Beam has an alternative and effective use.

Even though Heal Beam healing can be overpowered with focus damage, that should not discourage players from attaching beams to allies randomly. With the healing, they are at a constant rate of healing. You can also assist them with cover fire.

In Garden Warfare 2, a bigger variety of characters provides Sunflower even more different pocketing strategies. Vampire Flower and most Citron variants are the best characters. A cooperative Citron will easily lay waste to zombies with high damage orange beam, who (should be) powerless to stop them. Vampire Flower is capable of overpowering focus damage with her self-regenerative powers combined with your healing, and can quickly revive you when vanquished.


While this can heal 2 health every 0.2 second, it is best if you destroy it quickly.

Related achievement

Sun Heals PSN.png
Sun Heals
As a Sunflower, heal Teammates 25 times using the Heal Beam in a session



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