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This item is only obtainable during certain events. However, it can still be used if you have already obtained it. It is currently not available.

Plant Headbutter Lettuce to bash and butter zombies.


Headbutter Lettuce is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2 introduced in the 8.5.1 update. He deals heavy close ranged damage to zombies both in front and behind him in a similar manner to Bonk Choy, he also has a chance to occasionally butter the zombies he attacks in a similar manner to Kernel-pult.

Headbutter Lettuce requires 250 seed packets to unlock it for free. The player can earn them through store offers, playing Piñata Parties in 2020 Fall Food Fight event..


Headbutter Lettuce Origin.jpg

Headbutter Lettuce is based on the Butter Lettuce, a cultivar of lettuce known for its loose formation of leaves, sweet taste, and tender flavor.

His name is a portmanteau of the words "head" as he is a head of lettuce, "butter lettuce" from the plant he is based on, and "headbutt", referring to his attack.

Almanac entry

Headbutter Lettuce



Special: Stun

FAMILY: Enforce-mint

Headbutter Lettuces bash zombies in front and behind while occasionally buttering zombies.

Usage: resists damage with high health

Headbutter Lettuce yawns. "Oh, is it that time? Time to headbutt zombies? Let me put on my butting face and I'll be right out!" He's a champ.


Plant Food effect

When given Plant Food, Headbutter Lettuce will damage all zombies around him and throws some butter.

Enforce-mint effect

When boosted by Enforce-mint, Headbutter Lettuce will do an additional 415 DPS on his normal attack, and 500 DPS per tick on his Plant Food attack. The damage of butter he throws will be increased by 220 DPS.

Level upgrades

Level Seed Packets Coins Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge Toughness Damage Butter Chance Butter Quantity Stun Duration Plant Food
(Zombies Buttered)
Normal Butter Plant Food * Min Max
1 0 0 175 7 seconds 900 dps 100 dps 40 dps 150 dps 10% 1 1 8 seconds 3
2 50 150 6.5 seconds 1000 dps 135 dps 60 dps 15% 2 8.5 seconds 4
3 100 6 seconds 1100 dps 170 dps 80 dps 275 dps 20% 9 seconds
4 200 5.5 seconds 1200 dps 205 dps 100 dps 25% 3 9.5 seconds 5
5 300 125 5 seconds 1300 dps 240 dps 120 dps 350 dps 30% 10 seconds
6 400 4.5 seconds 1400 dps 275 dps 140 dps 35% 10.5 seconds 6
7 500 4 seconds 1500 dps 310 dps 160 dps 425 dps 40% 2 11 seconds
8 600 100 3.5 seconds 1600 dps 345 dps 180 dps 45% 11.5 seconds 7
9 800 3 seconds 1700 dps 380 dps 200 dps 500 dps 50% 3 12 seconds
10 1,000 2.5 seconds 1800 dps 415 dps 220 dps 55% 12.5 seconds 8

*Per hit. His Plant Food effect deals a total of 3 hits.


Headbutter Lettuce is a quick attacker that can easily take down many zombies. Not only does he do a bunch of damage at a fast pace, but he can also stall efficiently the bigger threats with his butter and high health. If used appropriately, he can deal with zombie waves on his own, as both his recharge and sun cost make him affordable in many case scenarios. However, his short range renders him very vulnerable in some occasions, so using support plants like Kernel-pult is good as he cannot handle too many zombies at once. If the player wants to choose a plant for close-range attacks, Pokra makes the better choice as it can attack multiple zombies at once as well as slowing them down and having a dps that is comparable to that of Headbutter Lettuce.

In certain worlds, you might want to refrain from using it in favor of other plants, these mainly being Lost City and Dark Ages, where you can encounter Parasol Zombie and Jester Zombie respectively, as both these zombies are immune to his butter and can even use it against your strategy, so beware, as other plants may be better to get rid of these zombies. However, this should not be much of a problem, as Headbutter Lettuce has such a high health that those said projectiles cannot pose a threat to him.

Headbutter Lettuce can be considered a straight upgrade of Bonk Choy, if one does not take his Plant Food power into account. Although he can stun some random zombies, he deals much less damage than that of a Bonk Choy. However, his high power output can compensate for this problem, so Headbutter Lettuce can replace Bonk Choy in many scenarios.

Related achievement

Pat the Birdy2.png
Pat the Birdy
Put butter on a Seagull Zombie


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