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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.

The Hazelnut line (榛果系; pinyin: zhēnguǒ xì) was a Class A PvZAS Icon Gentle.pngGentle plant line in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars.

The line consisted of Pistachio (开心果; pinyin: kāixīn guǒ), Hazelnut (榛果; pinyin: zhēnguǒ), and Hazelnut Ball (榛果球; pinyin: zhēnguǒ qiú). They all specialized in healing and removing negative effects from plants.

Pistachio and Hazelnut attacked by firing laser beams, while Hazelnut Ball attacked by jumping off of its base and throwing multiple hazelnuts.


Each member of the Hazelnut line was based on a nut of some sort.

Pistachio PNG42.png

Pistachio, as the name entails, was based on the pistachio, a member of the Anacardiaceae family whose seed is commonly consumed as food.

Both Hazelnut and Hazelnut Ball were named after the hazelnut, a member of the Corylus family commonly used in confectioneries, namely chocolates and chocolate truffles.

However, despite being named "Hazelnut", Hazelnut bares more resemblance to an acorn than a hazelnut, and Hazelnut Ball also appears to more closely resemble a Pinecone.


Can be used in the center tile's to purify the negative effects, and help some plants.

Almanac entry

Hazelnut line Almanac.png

Ways to obtain

Hazelnut line was given as a reward for collecting 90 stars in Wild West, while puzzle pieces for this line could be obtained through replaying Ancient Egypt - Day 3, Journey to the West - Day 13 or Journey to the West - Day 23. Additional puzzle pieces could be obtained through Soulmates Puzzle system.


Abilities were unlocked by tiering up, while their effect was increased through star leveling.

Note: 10(+5)% means that at LV1 this ability had a 10% on LV1, 15% on LV2 and so on.

Tier Effect Description
1 Hazelnut line Ability1.png
Purifying Treatment
Heals all plants and removes all negative effects from them.
Additional heal 211(+211).
2 Hazelnut line Ability2.png
Converting Cure
Upon a normal attack gets a chance to convert negative effect, applied to another plant, into a positive one.
Efficiency 74(+74).
3 Hazelnut line Ability3.png
Negative Resistance
Gets a 20(+20)% chance to ignore a negative effect.

Star leveling

After unlocking the Hazelnut line, additional puzzle pieces could be used to upgrade it, which increased its stats and ability LVs.

Stars Puzzle Pieces&LV IconAS.png required Upgrade Coins Stars Puzzle Pieces&LV IconAS.png required Upgrade Coins
1 Green StarAS.png 0 HP IconAS.png+258 0k 1 Purple StarAS.png 40 Dmg IconAS.png+109 100k
2 Green StarAS.png 2 HP IconAS.png+380 1k 2 Purple StarAS.png 40 HP IconAS.png+519 121k
3 Green StarAS.png 4 Heal+219 4k 3 Purple StarAS.png 50 Dodge+720 144k
4 Green StarAS.png 8 Dmg IconAS.png+62 9k 4 Purple StarAS.png 50 Dmg IconAS.png+152 169k
5 Green StarAS.png 15 Def IconAS.png+292


16k 5 Purple StarAS.png 60 HP IconAS.png+695


1 Blue StarAS.png 15 Dmg IconAS.png+75 25k 1 Orange StarAS.png 60 Dmg IconAS.png+168 225k
2 Blue StarAS.png 20 HP IconAS.png+398 36k 2 Orange StarAS.png 70 HP IconAS.png+846 256k
3 Blue StarAS.png 20 Crit+167 49k 3 Orange StarAS.png 70 Rigid+345 289k
4 Blue StarAS.png 30 Dmg IconAS.png+80 64k 4 Orange StarAS.png 80 Dmg IconAS.png+192 324k
5 Blue StarAS.png 30 Dmg IconAS.png+90


81k 5 Orange StarAS.png 80 HP IconAS.png+1054




Hazelnut line stats would be increased if these specific plants were unlocked.

Plant line Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Boomerang line Frisbee ShooterAS.png
Dmg IconAS.png+5%
Dmg IconAS.png+10%
Meteor Hammer MasterAS.png
Dmg IconAS.png+15%
Electric Grass line Lightning ReedAS.png
HP IconAS.png+5%
Magnifying GrassAS.png
HP IconAS.png+10%
Thunder God GrassAS.png
HP IconAS.png+15%
Coconut line+
Dragon line
Coconut SniperAS.png+Lizard GrassAS.png
Def IconAS.png+5%
Coconut CannonAS.png+SnapdragonAS.png
Def IconAS.png+10%
Coconut Rocket LauncherAS.png+Twin-Headed SnapdragonAS.png
Def IconAS.png+15%





Hazelnut Ball


  • Hazelnut line used to have two attributes, mechanics of which were removed from the game.
    • Hazelnut line's element was earth.
    • Hazelnut line's feature was purple.
  • Presumably, Hazelnut line used to have different active ability, which healed all plants for three turns.
  • A plant similar to Pistachio can be seen in Mixed Nuts. Interestingly enough, that pistache resembles Pistachio more, than a pistache from Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.
  • Hazelnut had the same design as Tornacorn, a plant from the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. The only visual difference is that Tornacorn has a wind-up key above its cupule, instead of a stem.
  • Hazelnut Ball's Chinese name is the same as the Chinese name for the Pokémon "Pineco".
  • Hazelnut Ball's costume glasses resembled the famous Television SMPTE color bars.
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