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Harvester Zombie was a zombie in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It used its giant harvester wheel to attack three lanes simultaneously.

Almanac entry




伤害: 较慢
冷却时间: 中等

    In English: Harvester Zombie

    Look at the giant harvester wheel!
    Its attack range can keep up with Snapdragon!

    Tower defense:
    A mechanical zombie with a giant harvester wheel that can attack a row of three plants, which is terrible!

    Speed: Basic
    Toughness: Protected


Countering this zombie alone should be easy, as it only has the health of a Conehead Zombie. But the player should do it quick, as when it gets close, the player can lose three plants at once, making it also pretty dangerous, especially when paired up with many more zombies ahead of it. In this case, Infi-nut should be an effective method protecting the plants behind them without getting killed entirely, along with many penetrating attack plants to quickly bring it down.



  • Both Imps and a Future Conehead Zombie ride the harvester.
    • There are two Imps controlling the feet. The other one is hiding in the back of the harvester.
  • It has the same legs as Mecha-Football Zombie, except they are green instead of red.
  • Harvester Zombie is based on a combine harvester, a machine used to harvest grain crops.
  • The driver wears a modified future cone on its head.
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