This item is only obtainable during certain events. However, it can still be used if you have already obtained it. It is currently not available.

Gumnuts pop sticky gum onto zombies, blocking other zombies behind.


Gumnut is a plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2, that was first introduced in the 8.0.1 update. It creates zombie-blocking barriers from zombies themselves, with stronger barriers being formed from tougher and sturdier zombies.

The gum also has the ability to withstand instant kills from zombies such as Gargantuar Smashes, Zombot Missiles, and their lasers. The mentioned instant kills will only deal 1500 damage to it, except for smashes from Gladiator Gargantuar, which deal 1875 damage to it instead.


Gumnut is a seasonal Arena plant, unlockable with seed packets. It is a single-use plant that blows bubble gum that pops on the first zombie that approaches it, which immobilizes them and causes them to attack the gum.

Zombies immobilized with the gum also act as barriers, blocking zombies in a similar manner to zombies frozen in Ice Bloom's ice blocks.



Gumnut is based on a "gumnut," the hardened seed container of Eucalyptus trees.

Its name is a pun on the "Gumnut" seeing as it literally chews gum, and provides defense like most other nut plants.

Almanac entry

Note: The stats shown below only apply to Level 1.



Gum Health: 8000
Gum Health Boost: 300

PLANT FOOD POWER: Zombies Gummed
FAMILY: Reinforce-mint

Gumnuts pop sticky gum onto zombies, pinning them in place and causing them to block other zombies behind them.

Special: stronger zombies form stronger barriers
Usage: best used against Gargantuars and Football Mechs

"I only chew ham-flavored gum," exudes Gumnut. "Ham and salt."


Plant Food effect

When fed with Plant Food, Gumnut will blow a large bubble gum that immobilizes a large number of zombies. Gumnut will prioritize on immobilizing the following zombies:

Reinforce-mint effect

When boosted by Reinforce-mint, the health of Gumnut's gum barriers increases by 20000. Gumnut's Plant Food will also activate and the effect will also immobilize more zombies at a time.

Level upgrades

Level Seed Packets Coins Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge
Gum Health Gum Health Boost Plant Food
(Zombies Gummed*)
1 0 0 125 12 seconds 300 dps 8000 300 5
2 50 11.5 seconds 9000 325
3 100 100 11 seconds 10000 350 6
4 200 10.5 seconds 11000 400
5 300 10 seconds 12000 425 7
6 400 9.5 seconds 13000 450
7 500 75 9 seconds 14000 500 8
8 600 8 seconds 15000 525
9 800 7 seconds 16000 550 9
10 1,000 50 6 seconds 20000 600 10

*The number of zombies targetted by the Plant Food effect.


Gumnut can be a very useful plant in certain levels. It is best used in levels where lots of zombies spawn because Gumnut can throw gum on multiple zombies. Keep in mind that the gum's health is more than 2 Wall-nuts / 1 Tall-nut. This plant is very useful when used on Gargantuars and the machines in Far Future. Due to the gum's high health, this plant can be paired up with weaker plants preventing them from being eaten. It can also be used with close range plants like Bonk Choy, Wasabi Whip, and Pokra allowing them to do as much damage as possible. This can also be used on dangerous zombies like Octo Zombies, Wizard Zombies and Fisherman Zombies to prevent them from activating their ability.

Another plant that can be paired with is Dartichoke because it immobilizes the zombies that Dartichoke is trying to attack. You can also use this early in a level to stall zombies while the sun producing plants produces more sun. This can also be a solution to the zombies affected by the Dinosaurs in Jurassic Marsh. It is also worth noting that Gumnut has a relatively fast recharge compared to other defensive plants.

However, due to it being an instant use plant, Gumnut can sometimes be unreliable in a level. Wall-nuts and other defensive plants can replace Gumnuts in some levels.


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  • When zombies are immobilized by gum, they can't be tossed by Power Toss. They also cannot be knocked back by plants like Primal Peashooter.
    • They are also immune to Spikeweed, Spikerock, Chomper and Toadstool when they're immobilized. Even when boosted, these plants can only chill them.
    • Snap Pea will also ignore the immobilized zombies but it can still damage them by shooting zombie heads at them.
  • If the immobilized zombie gets hypnotized or turned into an Imp Pear Imp, they will be freed instantly.
  • If a zombie gummed by Gumnut turns into an ice block by Ice Bloom, other zombies have to eat the left-over gum from the ice block before being able to eat the ice block, thus preserving the ice block and the gum.
  • Gumnut will not affect any zombies that are being stunned by Contain-mint.
  • Despite having no damage, Gumnut's Gum Health and Gum Health Boost show weapon icons in Almanac entry.
  • The gum's health is depending on the zombie's health.
    • Formula: Gum's health The zombie's health × Gum Health Boost ÷ 100
    • For example, in the case of Gladiator Gargantuar, a level 1 Gumnut will create a 24200 health gum (8000 + 5400 × 300 ÷ 100 = 24200)

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