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Grumpy Stumpy is a character and a boss in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. He must be rescued from the very back of the Zombie side of Backyard Battleground, after talking to Dave-bot 3000 for the first time. After that, you must escort Grumpy Stumpy back to the treehouse, while in the process, helping him defeat zombies. You will be rewarded with 5000 coins for completing the quest.


(When first meeting Grumpy)

Me Grumpy.

Grumpy stole plans from Dr. Zomboss, evil Zombie leader and famous cooker of foods.

Stolen plans reveal other Zomboss plan for building ultimate power of universe.

Now Grumpy have to get plans back to Dave-bot 3000, he know what to do.

Grumpy can walk unnoticed in crowd.

You follow Grumpy, but stay quiet like Grumpy!

(After successfully bringing him back)

Grumpy is happy.

You have returned with Grumpy safely.

Grumpy has given plans to Dave-bot 3000, he our only hope.

Grumpy hide now.


  • He appears to be a Big Stump.
  • There was a hat in the Halloween update that was named after him.

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