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Grody Goop is an ability for Chomper in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. When activated, Chomper shoots out a toxic cloud that slows and hinders enemies. When an enemy is in the cloud, their ability usage will be disabled, and 35 damage will be dealt to them every few seconds as well as dealing 1 damage over time, even when said enemy escapes the cloud. Enemies inflicted with the toxic effect will spread the effect when nearing teammates, dealing 35 damage again and giving them the toxic effect.

This ability is also used as the main attack for the Goop-Shroom, functioning identically to how it is used as a Chomper ability.


Immobilize and disarm enemies by catching them in a toxic cloud.



Grody Goop is good for stopping enemies in their tracks, allowing you to go up to them and vanquish them. Use it in capture points to make zombies easier to take down, or to try and remove them from an area, as they will try to escape, if possible. It is good when combined with Chili Bean Bomb as the zombies will have nowhere to run, so they can be easily defeated. It could also be useful if combined with Casting Shadows as the zombies will become fully immobile, unable to move or use abilities.

When using Grody Goop on an enemy who is near their allies, it may be wise to not kill the enemy hit by the goop so that they spread the toxic effect, helping to take down groups of enemies by dealing high damage to all of them, and preventing them from regenerating.


Like always, Engineer is a great opposition to Chomper. Before he can use his Grody Goop, stun the Chomper before he can react. Do this quick though; if he goops you you're trapped. Using Double Time before he fires out the goop can also be a useful measure, as it'll allow you to get out before receiving the toxic damage. Movement/protection oriented abilities can be used to get away from a fired Grody Goop, such as Dynamite Dodge, Warp, Hyper Jump Thump, and Outta Fight!

Sources of healing greatly counter Grody Goop, as being healed removes the toxic effect. Scientists will want to heal zombies with the effect to stop any spreading, while an infected zombie may want to place down a Dr. Heals.



  • At a certain point in time, Grody Goop's icon color changed from a blue coloring to its current coloring.
    • It is likely the change was done to be more accurate to the goop Chomper releases.

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