Greenfingers is an achievement unlockable on the iOS, Android, and PlayStation Vita versions of Plants vs. Zombies. In order to complete it, the player must grow ten plants to full size in the Zen Garden.


Its name comes from the phrase "green thumb," a name made for people who are skilled with plants and gardening, referring to how the player must grow ten plants to complete this achievement. However, the achievement's icon shows green thumbs in a flower pot, taking its name literally.


The easiest way to get the achievement is to buy three Marigold sprouts for four consecutive days (three days would only produce nine) and tend them until they become fully grown Marigolds. You can also easily find plants in every level. To save money, buy one Marigold on the fourth day. Getting far in Survival: Endless can also give you lots of sprouts as you progress.


  • The player can buy presents, enabling them to get this achievement in a similar way as with Marigolds.

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