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Green Shadow, or Penelopea (her secret identity), is a plant hero in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes and the leader of the PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.pngMega-Grow and PvZH Smarty Icon.pngSmarty classes. Her signature superpower is Precision Blast, which does 5 damage on the middle lane.

She is the hero version of Peashooter, and the starting hero for players on the plants side as well as in general.



Green Shadow is based on the Peashooter, a famous recurring plant in the Plants vs. Zombies franchise, who in turn is based on the common Pea plant (Pisum sativum).

Her name and precision abilities appear to be inspired by the Detective Comics hero Green Arrow, while her purple hood bears a resemblance to fellow heroine Raven, specifically her appearance in the Cartoon Network series Teen Titans. Her preferred battle area being an urban city, her act of scaling a building with a rope in an animated trailer, and responding to a search light projecting an insignia in the Battle at the BBQ opening comic are all elements reminiscent of Batman.

Her description references how many superheroes hide their true identity. It also refers to her name both during development and in the code. Her alias itself a portmanteau of "Penelope," a feminine name of Greek origins, and "pea," the plant she is based on.


Hero description

Little known fact: When she takes off the cape and mask, she goes by the name Penelopea.

Strategies Strategy

Green Shadow can put together awesome Peashooter combinations, increasing the strength of Threepeater, then using that extra Strength for a devastating triple attack.


As the main starting plant hero, Green Shadow can be described as a jack-of-all-trades. Her Mega-Grow and Smarty classes make her a very versatile hero when it comes to tricks and useful cards. She has access to almost all pea plants (only missing Sting Bean, Pea-Nut, Three-Nut, and Wing-Nut), especially Threepeater, which synergize with Torchwood and The Podfather; this allows her to make use of a wide variety of strategies including peashooting plants.

As implied by her description, she can be a good middle lane controller if played well; using powerful plants with a self-boosting ability like Muscle Sprout and Pea Pod with Torchwood on the middle lane while Precision Blast is still kept mid to late-game can be a devastating strategy. Precision Blast also leads to many tactics during a match, as your opponent may never know when Green Shadow has this card, and might start playing zombies on the middle lane to protect against it.

Green Shadow is also a good anti-trick hero, especially against decks that rely on using tricks. She has access to both Black-Eyed Pea and Sportacus to discourage zombie tricks, and Brainana, Dark Matter Dragonfruit, as well as Umbrella Leaf to basically prevent them from being played altogether. These cards will devastate opponents that rely on tricks, as they would be forced to either ignore their trick strategy (making their decks useless), find a way to overcome it (which would likely be disadvantageous and brain and card-intensive), or continue with their strategy (giving you a huge edge). Even against opponents that don't use such decks, the impact will be too big to simply ignore.

Her available superpowers are viable at any phase of the game, but have different uses. Big Chill is a superpower for practical use, being basically a better version of Iceberg Lettuce as it gives you a card on top of PvZH Frozen Icon.pngFreezing the zombie. Embiggen and Whirlwind, on the other hand, are mostly used as niches to provide a stat boost or to get rid of a dangerously boosted zombie in play. Embiggen increases a plant's stats by +2StrengthPvZH.png/+2HeartPvZH.png, improving its survivability against incoming attacks or tricks like Weed Spray and Rolling Stone, and allowing it to do more damage the opposing side. Meanwhile, Whirlwind, while random, can be used to Bounce zombies that can threaten your side.

A recommended strategy to use with Green Shadow is the "Snowdrop Freeze combo." Use Snowdrop along with cards such as Iceberg Lettuce, Chilly Pepper, Jolly Holly, Winter Melon, and Big Chill to help Snowdrop get stronger while also preventing zombies from attacking. Winter Squash can also take out frozen zombies. Green Shadow also has access to stat-boosting abilities from the Mega-Grow class, such as Fertilize and Plant Food to make it even stronger. Grow-Shroom is also a good addition to your deck, as you can give another fighter a stat boost while you also defend that lane. However, while this card combination might seem strong, remember to have some other options if the "Snowdrop Freeze combo" does not do its job. Also, beware of Cryo-Yeti, which will very much discourage these types of decks, as he will get +2StrengthPvZH.png/+2HeartPvZH.png whenever a zombie is frozen.

A bean-themed deck mainly consisting of Admiral Navy Bean and Black-Eyed Pea + Torchwood combo works out pretty well if guarded correctly. Admiral Navy Bean does 2 extra damage to the zombie hero every time a bean card is played, and Black-Eyed Pea makes the opposing hero think twice before using tricks and can benefit from the Torchwood boost. Other beans such as Bean Counter and Jumping Bean are good supporting cards. Bean Counter gives 2 extra Weenie Beanies, which also benefit Admiral Navy Bean, and gains buffs when a bean is played. Jumping Bean bounces a zombie that can potentially threaten your play.

Green Shadow also has excellent tempo options for a slow but powerful deck. The endless self-boosting cards in the Mega-Grow class like Bananasaurus Rex and Clique Peas go incredibly well with the Smarty class' heavy hitters like Rotobaga and Carrotillery for a mid-game victory, before your opponent can finish you off.

While these combos prove to be dangerous if executed properly, keep in mind that these combos require the player to use a lot of their cards in their hand, which may lead to the player having a lack of cards, preventing the player from being able to defend themselves. However, Green Shadow should not have much issues with card draw as she not only has access to the typical Mega-Grow card draw options like Flourish and Party Thyme, but also card draw options from the Smarty class such as Planet of the Grapes.

Green shadow's biggest weakness is that she has no hard removal whatsoever. Since her only damaging trick is Precision Blast, which is very niche and situational, her only way to deal with powerful zombies is to boost her own plants and fight fire with fire, or make clever use of bonus attacks. But to compensate for that, she can Bounce them to stall or use use the Freeze + Winter Squash combo. Alongside, Green Shadow focuses on tactics too much, and not so much on rush defense. Many of her plants have below average stats and are expensive to play, so rush decks from Impfinity, Electric Boogaloo, or Professor Brainstorm will be extremely threatening for Green Shadow. While Snake Grass can help due to its multiplying capabilities, it is expensive, frail, and lacks tribe synergy. Green Shadow's only hope is to get lucky with low-cost cards, as most beans will not be able to destroy most 1-cost or 2-cost zombies.


Though Green Shadow doesn't have a clear description for her battle style, using the suggested strategy for the battle suggestions can easily be used to counteract it. Green Shadow has access to lots of strong cards like The Great Zucchini and Doubled Mint. Along with her access to Bounce and Freeze cards, they make her a hard opponent to hit. Bringing along Gadget Scientist or Lurch for Lunch can help with Freeze cards. Using Gravestone zombies or Mixed-Up Gravedigger can easily protect your zombies against The Great Zucchini or Bounce cards.

As for Precision Blast, either putting a weak zombie for fodder or blocking it with a gravestone should do. Instant-kill tricks such as Rocket Science and Cut Down to Size also tend to be useful against her, since she will most likely focus on boosting her plants. Also, always protect the middle lane before Green Shadow activated her signature superpower.

Easy Peasy

This deck consists of boosting many pea plants, alongside the use of Bananasaurus Rex. Using Rocket Science is recommended since it will destroy the boosted plants. Deadly zombies also work, since they can destroy anything in one hit. Beware of Brainana, which can prevent the use of tricks. The best heroes against this deck are Super Brainz and Huge-Gigantacus, since they have access to both Rocket Science and PvZH Deadly Icon.pngDeadly zombies. Also take note that there is only one Amphibious Plant in the deck (Brainana), so take advantage of that as a Sneaky or Beastly Hero. If you do that, the only thing you need to worry about besides Brainana is a boosted Threepeater in the 4th lane.

Mean Beans

This deck now uses bean plants, which can cause Admiral Navy Beans to activate their abilities. Black-Eyed Peas are also a thing, so they should be destroyed quickly. Since Flourish is not in the deck, wasting your opponent's cards might be the thing. To stop Espresso Fiesta, use Bonus Track Buckethead. The best hero is Z-Mech, which can use The Chickening or Weed Spray to remove bean plants then do sheer damage to the boosted plants.

Winter Melon is Coming

The deck is more focused on freezing zombies. Using gravestones and tricks to get rid of the plants are useful, since they can remove most of Green Shadow's defense or render freezing them useless, though Cool Bean will put a dent in your deck if you use gravestone decks. The best hero to use is either Professor Brainstorm or Rustbolt, both of whom can destroy buffed plants and Winter Melon with Rocket Science and destroy the rest with The Chickening or Weed Spray, respectively. Flourish is also not in the deck, so letting your opponent run out of cards is useful.

Wish Upon a Starfruit

This deck is about boosting Shooting Starfruit to lethal stats via Lily of the Valley, Onion Rings, or Grow-Shroom followed by using Plant Food on it to instantly win Green Shadow the game, all the while controlling your zombies with usage of early game cards such as Bonk Choy and Mars Flytrap. Use Bonus Track Buckethead to put a dent to such attempts and Rocket Science to take down buffed plants. The best hero to counter this deck would be Rustbolt as he can use both cards. He can also use Rolling Stone and Weed Spray to take out the low-strength plants like Captain Cucumber before they become too much of an issue.

Sow the Seeds

This deck focuses on shuffling and drawing cards. This deck may be troublesome for you in the early-game, and even later on if you don't prepare well. Magic Beanstalk has very powerful stats for its cost and comes with the ability of drawing a card, and Green Shadow won't have trouble using them since Lima-Pleurodon will be able to activate its Dino-Roar ability multiple times thanks to the abundance of card drawers and Conjurers in her deck. Clique Peas themselves are also a big problem because they can slowly boost and multiply themselves. Later on, Bananasaurus Rex, Apotatosaurus, and Bamboozle, the main powerhouses of this deck, will kick in.

Try to destroy any setup plants and environments as early as you can with cards like your own environments, Rolling Stone, Slammin' Smackdown, Pied Piper, Nibble, and Locust Swarm. The best zombie hero to use against this deck is The Smash, since he has all the aforementioned cards. Due to the deck being ineffective at stopping rush decks, rush decks can also easily overwhelm Green Shadow unless she gets a loop of Magic Beanstalks drawing other Magic Beanstalks. And finally, due to this deck's nature (focusing on card draw), Quickdraw Con Man will be able to do lots of unblockable damage to Green Shadow, forcing her to focus on the imminent threat instead of her strategy.

Strategy decks

Main article: Community-built decks/Green Shadow
Green ShadowH.png Easy Peasy

PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png PvZH Smarty Icon.png
Unleash the power of your Peas! Torchwood and Threepeater work together to take out the Zombie threat, and Bananasaurus Rex and Pod Fighter finish them off with Bonus Attacks.
Pea PodH.png x3 TorchwoodH.png x4 Black-Eyed PeaH.png x3 Fire PeashooterH.png x1 Snow PeaH.png x4
Sweet PeaH.png x1 Cosmic PeaH.png x1 FertilizeH.png x1 FlourishH.png x1 Grow-ShroomH.png x4
RepeaterH.png x2 The PodfatherH.png x4 Bananasaurus RexH.png x1 SkyshooterH.png x1 Gatling PeaH.png x2
Onion RingsH.png x1 Pod FighterH.png x1 ThreepeaterH.png x4 BrainanaH.png x1

Green ShadowH.png Mean Beans

PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png PvZH Smarty Icon.png
The Mean Bean Machine just got an upgrade! When Admiral Navy Bean visits the Planet of the Grapes, every bean you play is one in the bank.
Admiral Navy BeanH.png x4 Black-Eyed PeaH.png x4 Coffee GroundsH.png x1 Cosmic BeanH.png x4 Planet of the GrapesH.png x2
Cool BeanH.png x3 MayflowerH.png x2 MoonbeanH.png x4 Spring BeanH.png x1 Bean CounterH.png x4
Jelly BeanH.png x2 Navy BeanH.png x2 Jumping BeanH.png x3 Onion RingsH.png x3 Espresso FiestaH.png x1

Green ShadowH.png Winter Melon is Coming

PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png PvZH Smarty Icon.png
Use Snow Pea and Jolly Holly to Freeze the Zombies foe while Snowdrop grows out of control! Then unleash Winter Melon for a powerful late-game punch.
Iceberg LettuceH.png x4 SnowdropH.png x4 Black-Eyed PeaH.png x4 Cosmic BeanH.png x2 Snow PeaH.png x1
Captain CucumberH.png x3 Chilly PepperH.png x4 Cool BeanH.png x4 SnapdragonH.png x1 Winter SquashH.png x4
Jolly HollyH.png x4 The Red Plant-ItH.png x1 BrainanaH.png x1 Winter MelonH.png x3

Green ShadowH.png Wish Upon a Starfruit

PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png PvZH Smarty Icon.png
Shooting Starfruit can cause devastating damage in every lane. When combined with Lily of the Valley and Onion Rings, that power becomes astronomical!
Bonk ChoyH.png x2 Mars FlytrapH.png x4 SpyrisH.png x2 Cosmic BeanH.png x4 Laser CattailH.png x4
Lily of the ValleyH.png x4 Captain CucumberH.png x4 Grow-ShroomH.png x3 Plant FoodH.png x3 Snake GrassH.png x2
Onion RingsH.png x4 Shooting StarfruitH.png x4

Green ShadowH.png Sow the Seeds

PvZH Mega-Grow Icon.png PvZH Smarty Icon.png
Shuffle tons of special cards into your deck until it's packed with power: Magic Beanstalks and Clique Peas galore! Meanwhile, card drawing and Conjuring make your dinosaurs roar!
Clique PeasH.png x4 Lily PadH.png x4 Lima-PleurodonH.png x4 Umbrella LeafH.png x2 Grave MistakeH.png x3
Sow Magic BeansH.png x4 MoonbeanH.png x4 Bananasaurus RexH.png x4 Bird of ParadiseH.png x1 Plucky CloverH.png x4
ApotatosaurusH.png x3 BamboozleH.png x3


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In other languages

Language Name Description
United States of America English Green Shadow (Penelopea)
China Simplified Chinese 绿影侠(佩妮豆)
Traditional Chinese 綠影(珮內洛普)
France French Ombre verte (Pénélopois)
Germany German Grüner Schatten (Erbsine)
Italy Italian Ombra Verde (Penelope)
Japan Japanese グリーンシャドー (ペネロペ)
South Korea Korean 초록 그림자 (페넬로피)
Brazil Brazilian Portuguese Sombra Verde (Elvira)
Russia Russian Зеленая тень (Пенелопшина)
Spain Spanish Sombra Verde (Penelopea)


  • She is the first and only non-elemental female Peashooter in the series, based on her flavor text.
  • Green Shadow is the only hero who has no defined battle style because she is used as the opposing hero for the zombie tutorial right in the first battle of the first zombie mission.
    • However, Super Brainz, who appears as the opposing hero for the tutorial of the game, has a defined battle style, which is stated in the second battle of the fourth plant mission.
      • But according to Green Shadow's flavor text, it may be depicted that she likes to control the middle lane for as long as possible.
  • When Green Shadow manages to land Precision Blast on the zombie hero, she apparently does her pose while still being in mid-air, as the zombie hero is damaged more than 4.
  • She is one of the three plant heroes with a unique battle theme. Her theme is a slightly altered version of Citron and Captain Combustible's theme, namely with different instruments used.
  • She and Beta-Carrotina are the only female plant heroes that do not lead the PvZH Solar Icon.pngSolar class.
  • She has access to the most bean cards out of all plant heroes, at 18.
  • Green Shadow is seen unhooded in the comics that appear when the player unlocks Beta-Carrotina or Neptuna.
  • She is the only plant hero with an alias.
  • She is the only plant hero who shows up in another plant hero's Introducing comic strip (Solar Flare's).
  • Green Shadow actually uses the eyeshadow that matches her mask color.
  • The name of Green Shadow's "Winter Melon is Coming" Strategy Deck is a reference to an iconic phrase, "Winter is Coming," from the novel and television series Game of Thrones.
  • Also, the name of the "Mean Beans" Strategy Deck and its description is a reference to the Sega Genesis videogame Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.
  • Her hood also appears in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 as a customization item for Peashooter.
    • This is also true with The Smash's mask, available as a customization item for Super Brainz.
      • Both of these items are unlocked by linking the Plants vs. Zombies Heroes account to an EA account.
  • She is the only Smarty hero to have a specific plant fighter counterpart.

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