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The content and images in this article do exist in the code of the game, but are unused, and thus, not accessible by normal means.

Grave Danger is one of the 17 canceled mini-games, which can only be accessed in the Limbo Page by using Cheat Engine. In this mini-game, graves can appear at any time in the level. During the first flag, zombies will emerge from some graves.

Unlocking method

Main article: Limbo Page

In order to play this level and other canceled mini-games, the player must gain access to Limbo Page.


If the player leaves many graves remaining after the final flag, it will be difficult to clear out a horde of spawned zombies, so it is recommended to get rid of the graves fast. As the graves spawn in a fast rate, the level can be difficult if the player does not bring an Imitater version of Grave Buster, as they will be constantly used. Because of that, the player should also remember to watch their sun usage, thus using Sun-shrooms, or Sunflowers and then upgrading them to Twin Sunflowers can make the supply easier. If there are too many zombies, especially if many appears from the graves, Doom-shroom or Ice-shroom can be particularly useful.



  • The Icon of this mini game is the same as a I Zombie Level.


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†: That mini-game is not shown in Limbo page.

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