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Grave Buster is an instant-use plant and environment modifier appearing in Plants vs. Zombies 2. His only use is to destroy tombstones, freeing up space for planting and preventing ambush zombies from spawning from them.


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Grave Buster is now unlocked by finishing Ancient Egypt - Day 9. Aside from great changes in aesthetic, which changed him from a wooden like plant to a vine, Grave Buster has also received modifications in functionality: he is now a free plant, his recharge rate has been increased, and the time to fully destroy a tombstone has been reduced to four seconds.

He also leaves dirt for a few seconds after eating a grave, which can be eaten. On the other hand, Grave Buster will no longer leave behind a consumable after destroying tombstones. He is unlocked in Ancient Egypt to show the player its ability in clearing tombstones. Instead of popping back when the Grave Buster is eaten, the grave slides back up quickly like how it spawns at the beginning of each level when you briefly preview the lawn.

Almanac entry

Grave Buster


SPECIAL: Bust Speed

FAMILY: Contain-mint

Grave Busters consume graves they're planted on.

Usage: single use, must be planted on graves
Special: removes graves

He may appear spiky or ill-tempered, but Grave Buster just wants to give you a big hug. Unless you're a puppy. He's terrified of those.


Plants vs. Zombies 2

Contain-mint effect

When boosted by Contain-mint, Grave Buster can absorb an additional 900 DPS, and his grave clearing time is reduced to one second. He will also gain the ability to explode after finishing eating a grave, dealing 1900 DPS to all zombies in a single area, if he is not at level 6.

Level upgrades

Level Seed packets Coins Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge
(Bust Speed)
Damage* Area*
1 0 0 0 10 seconds 300 dps 4 seconds None None
2 10 1,000 10 seconds 400 dps 3.5 seconds
3 75 5,000 9 seconds 500 dps 3 seconds
4 200 10,000 9 seconds 600 dps 2.5 seconds
5 400 20,000 8 seconds 700 dps 2 seconds
6 750 30,000 8 seconds 800 dps 1800 dps Tile
7 1,000 40,000 8 seconds 900 dps
8 1,250 50,000 7 seconds
9 1,500 60,000 7 seconds
10 2,000 75,000 6 seconds 1900 dps

*The Grave Buster after reaching Level 6 can explode after finishing eating a grave.

Mastery upgrade

  • Damage Pierce

Plants vs. Zombies Online (China only) (Archived content)


Grave Buster continues to find its use in Ancient Egypt, Dark Ages, and Modern Day as a tool for destroying tombstones, preventing them from blocking straight shots, and in Dark Ages' and Ancient Egypt's case, summoning zombies through ambushes. However, the task of removing tombstones, while being much more important, has been greatly decentralized - since tombstones can now be destroyed by other offensive plants. The player can instead utilize area-of-effect plants instead of Grave Buster to quickly destroy multiple graves. Still, Grave Buster remains as a specialized option to clear the field of obstructions, and will prove to be useful in both normal levels and Endless Zones, especially when gravestones are spawned in inaccessible areas.

Grave Buster is best used at the start of the level when there are barely any plants or zombies on screen, so that the Grave Buster will have almost no opposition when freeing up space. While it generally best to destroy the tombstones closest to the house, making way for sun producing or offensive plants, clearing graves closer to the zombies to make room for offensive plants like Cherry Bomb and Spikerock is another viable option.


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  • If transformed into a sheep by a Wizard Zombie, the tombstone will recede to its normal phase, but if the grave is destroyed, the sheep will remain there. If transformed back the regular animation still plays.
  • It is the first plant in this game that went through a major redesign. The other plants that were redesigned are Spikeweed, Starfruit, and Tangle Kelp.
  • Instead of kicking Grave Buster when its jam is playing, a Punk Zombie will bite the Grave Buster.
  • Despite having a sun cost of 0, it is available in some Last Stand levels, namely the ones in every world but Ancient Egypt, Dark Ages and Modern Day.
    • In the three mentioned worlds, it is because there are tombstones in said worlds.
      • It is unnecessary to use Grave Buster in the other worlds, as there are no tombstones, resulting in a waste of a seed slot.
  • It reused Potato Mine's explosion animation when it is exploded.
  • Grave Buster was the only plant from the original Night world to come to PvZ 2 before the release of Dark Ages.

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