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Goopy Gully

Goopy Gully is a Turf Takeover map in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. The map is similar to Mount Steep. In this map the plants are on the offense and the zombies are on the defense. The plants must capture different areas where they must pump cheese along a pipeline. The cheese leads to a cannon that can destroy Dr. Zomboss' drill. The zombies must try and stop the plants from doing so.


Dr. Zomboss wants to plant a flag in Rocky Flats and is starting by drilling a huge hole in the middle of it. The plants must stop him!


  • Pumping Station
  • Mines
  • Old Fort
  • Drill

Pump Station

The plants must start pumping the cheese at the pumping station.




The plants must continue pumping the cheese at the mines.



Old Fort

The plants must pump the cheese at the final pumping station in the old fort.




The plants must fire cheese at the drill then shoot it to destroy it.



End Victory

Plant Victory

If the plants successfully destroy the drill's weak spot, then it will begin to detonate due to the drill's integrity compromised by the plants' assault. Hanging on by nothing more than a red wire, the drill goes down further into the ground. The red wire then snaps, causing the drill's top to fly onto the sky and crashing down to the ground away from base, destroying it and preventing Zomboss's claim on Earth.

Zombie Victory

If the zombies successfully defended the drill, then the drill will finish its preparation process and falls down into the hole. Then, it will create a series of poles that keep expanding its length further and further into the sky until it has reached vast space. It will then create a tiny banner with the official "Z" insignia, legitimizing Dr. Zomboss's rule on Earth and, as Crazy Dave would say, prevent any aliens from visiting.



  • The idea of being destroying the drill after firing the cannons to expose its core is similar to Zombopolis, which the plant team must destroy the battery to be able to destroy the fuses on the Zombot.
  • The drill seen in Goopy Gully is similar to the one seen underground in the middle of Mount Steep, with some changes to the appearance of the core and the fact that it doesn't have a rotating platform.
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