This item is available only during certain events, and cannot always be obtained/played in-game. However, it can still be used if you have already obtained it. It is currently not available.
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Goo Peashooter is a premium plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2 that was introduced in the 7.0.1 update. It shoots poison peas at zombies that do damage over time, as well as slowing them. Its poison can stack and do more damage to the zombies as more stacks of it are applied.

Goo Peashooter requires 250 seed packets to unlock it for free. The player can do so by replaying Lost City levels to earn Piñatas from the piñata tracker.


220px-Doperwt rijserwt peulen Pisum sativum

Like most other peashooting plants, it is based on the Pisum sativum, commonly known as the pea. Its ability and being a peashooting plant is also partially based on Toxic Pea from Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Its Almanac entry points out how its name is a play on the words "goopy shooter," since Goo Peashooter shoots goop at zombies.

Almanac entry

Note: The stats shown below only apply to Level 1.

Goo Peashooter




FAMILY: Ail-mint

Goo Peashooters shoot poison peas at zombies, poisoning them as well as slowing them down.

Goo Peashooter is a goopy shooter. See? See how that works? It's a play on words. Words are often playful, folks!


Plant Food effect

When fed Plant Food, Goo Peashooter will launch a giant ball of poison that poisons all zombies in its lane as well heavily reducing their speed.

Ail-mint effect

When boosted by Ail-mint, Goo Peashooter will have an additional 75 DPS added to its poisonous pea, an additional 4 DPS of poison will be added per stack of poison for the duration of the boost, and its Plant Food attack will receive in additional 132 DPS.

Level upgrades

Level Seed packets Coins Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge Toughness Damage Poison Damage Max Poison
Zombie Slowing Poison and
Slow Duration
Normal Plant Food Normal Plant Food
1 0 0 125 5 seconds 300 dps 30 dps 3 dps 75 dps 25 2 seconds 10 seconds 2 seconds
2 10 1,000 125 5 seconds 350 dps 35 dps 78 dps 26
3 25 2,500 125 4.5 seconds 400 dps 40 dps 81 dps 27
4 50 5,000 125 4.5 seconds 450 dps 45 dps 84 dps 28 3 seconds
5 100 10,000 125 4 seconds 550 dps 50 dps 87 dps 29 3 seconds
6 200 20,000 100 4 seconds 600 dps 55 dps 90 dps 30
7 400 30,000 100 3.5 seconds 650 dps 60 dps 93 dps 31
8 800 50,000 100 3.5 seconds 700 dps 65 dps 4 dps 124 dps 31
9 1,200 75,000 100 3 seconds 800 dps 70 dps 128 dps 32 4 seconds
10 1,600 100,000 100 3 seconds 900 dps 75 dps 132 dps 33


Direct damage-wise, Goo Peashooter is not that impressive. For doing direct damage, there are much better options such as Repeater, Melon-pult, and Laser Bean, as they either do more damage for a similar cost or have better effects.

However, one good aspect of this plant is that Goo Peashooter will also poison the target, essentially making it a reusable Shadow-shroom, allowing it to dispatch armored zombies such as Buckethead Zombies and Knight Zombies easily, although a similar outcome can be reached using a Magnet-shroom, the said plant does not directly damage zombies and therefore other plants must take them out.

Another good aspect of this plant is that the target receives Stallia's slowing perfume status effect, which helps it outclass the Snow Pea, including the fact that it can be used in tandem with fire-based plants such as Snapdragon and Pepper-mint. This is espically key in Frostbite Caves levels where Hunter Zombies and cold winds will mean thawing plants are crucial. However, at higher levels the Snow Pea can freeze targets in place, so it really depends on the level of the plants in question and the board situation.

Take note that since it shoots out a solid projectile, Jester Zombie is immune to it and will just reflect it back. The poison will also take time to fully damage the target, meaning faster zombies such as Zombie Chicken and Blastronaut Zombie will easily speed past it before the poison can kill them. It is also a poor choice in later Endless Zone levels and levels that spawn huge waves of zombies as Goo Peashooter will be overwhelmed, since its projectile can only affect the frontmost target. In short the Goo-Peashooter isn’t an effective option for crowd control; a Shadow-shroom given some plant food can poison all targets on screen for an effective amount of time, making it a better option for mass poisoning of all targets, although at the cost of lacking the slowing perfume.

One good thing to note that despite clearly being a projectile shot at the front, Excavator Zombie cannot deflect it with his shovel, allowing Goo Peashooter to dispatch him unlike most other peashooting plants.

Goo Peashooter's Plant Food effect is useful if the entire lane needs to be poisoned, with an added bonus of knockback. However, it faces competition with Shadow-shroom, as Shadow-shroom's plant food ability can target all on-screen zombies at once. That being said, Goo Peashooter's giant slime ball can wipe out every zombie in its path when combined with Blover.


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  • A post by PopCap representative Haemophilus_EA reveals a few facts about the Goo Peashooter:
    • It is Peashooter's sticky cousin, similar to how Shadow Peashooter is Peashooter's darker cousin.
    • The reason Goo Peashooter bounces around during its idle animation is because it is really happy and friendly.
    • It is recommended that gardeners wash their hands after handling a Goo Peashooter.
  • It is one of the two premium plants that has the Modern Day/Player's House grass background in its Almanac, instead of the blue background with bright squares, the first being Shadow Peashooter.

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