Golden Watering Can is an upgrade that replaces the Watering Can, and is available to purchase at Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies for $10,000. It allows the player to water up to four plants at a time. The area the player can water plants which are marked within a circle of water and the ones affected are lightly highlighted. The Gold Watering Can is very helpful with watering plants when the player has accumulated large numbers of them. The plants in the Aquarium Garden do not need to be watered, as with the regular Watering Can. With the Golden Watering Can, the player may want to move some of their plants around to make groups of four to make the Golden Watering Can more effective.



  • It takes exactly one second to water plants with this.
  • It is also present in the Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon games.
  • It is not as convenient in the Mushroom Garden, as plants in this garden have a greater distance between them; the player can only water up to three plants at a time there.
  • The animation of it watering a plant actually takes longer than the Watering Can, since it will water four plants by swirling around the marker if clicked.
  • On the Nintendo DS version, if the player moves the watering can all the way to the top of the left, the can will move out of the center of the circle.
  • On the Nintendo DS or PC versions of Plants vs. Zombies, if the player has a plant in the top left square, and rapidly click or tap on the watering can, it will show multiple copies of them.
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