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The Gold Sunflower Trophy

The Gold Sunflower Trophy is obtained after beating Plants vs. Zombies completely by winning every mini-game, Puzzle Mode level, and Survival Mode level. When received, it gives the player five diamonds and appears on the main menu in place of the Silver Sunflower Trophy. Before the player can receive it, they must beat Adventure Mode and receive the Silver Sunflower Trophy. In the Game of the Year version, obtaining it unlocks the Nobel Peas Prize achievement. If the player rolls their mouse cursor over the trophy, it tells them how many times they have completed Adventure Mode.

There is a glitch that, if the player has completed every mini-game, puzzle, and survival levels, except at least two, and is eligible for the trophies on both levels simultaneously, but does not click on the trophies, until they have earned them both, then they will see the Golden Sunflower Trophy in the main menu screen, but they will not get the diamonds for it.

Gold Sunflower Trophy with Adventure Mode completion count


  • On the Nintendo DS version, by switching files, it is possible to make the Gold Sunflower Trophy turn into a Silver Sunflower Trophy or disappear completely, depending on the other file's progress.
  • A glitch makes it possible to earn the Gold Sunflower Trophy on the DS version by playing Zombie Trap.
    • This is a known strategy of gold farming. The player can beat the game Air Raid (Nintendo DS) or Zombie Trap (Nintendo DSi) repeatedly and get the five diamonds rewarded at the end of the level.
      • However, it will only work if the player has not beaten all of the mini-games.

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