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Gnome challenges are a new feature made available in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. They can be found in the Free-Roam regions. Gnome Challenges can be found by first shooting at a hidden button, which then causes a Gnomolith to appear. The Gnomolith is how you start the gnome challenge. When gnome challenges are completed, they will give you either a golden gnome or a diamond gnome.

Gnome challenges are divided into five types: puzzles, battles, balance challenges, defense challenges, and catch the gnome.

Puzzles  (Conjectural)

In puzzles, the player needs to complete a puzzle. For golden gnome challenges, two, four, or six gnome platforms will appear. These platforms have a different symbol on each of their four sides. When activated, the platforms will rotate. To complete the challenge and earn the golden gnome, the player must match all the symbols by making every adjacent platform show the same symbol on the sides that face each other.

Each region has a different diamond gnome puzzle. In Town Center, the player must create four shapes out of shadows that can be rotated by pulling levers. In Mount Steep, the player must complete a puzzle in which a beam of light must be shot between different platforms to reach the end. In Weirding Woods, the player must complete four puzzles where they must turn on or off different glowing stones depending on which should be activated.

Battles  (Conjectural)

In battles, the player must defeat a certain amount of gnome enemies to earn the golden gnome. In diamond gnome challenges, their is usually a difficult boss to defeat.

Balance Challenges  (Conjectural)

In balance challenges, the player must balance on platforms to reach a golden gnome. The gnome will move several times until you reach the real one.

Defense Challenges  (Conjectural)

In defense challenges, the player must destroy Explody Gnomes before they reach a ring that the player must protect. The player must survive for a certain amount of time while doing so.

Catch the Gnome  (Conjectural)

In catch the gnome, similar to balance challenges, the player must catch the golden gnome. It will change locations many times until the player finally reaches it.

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