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Gnome Floatie is a boss in the Infinity Time mode in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It has 2000 health and can destabilize time. It has three faces or "sides" which consists of a happy face shooting green rings, a sad face shooting blue slow energy balls that look similar to those shot by a Shooty Gnome, and an angry face shooting quick red energy balls. It can also shoot a white energy ball from the base if the player stays underneath it. It will also summon Gnomes after it locks onto a Time Ring. One Gnome Floatie will spawn during the intro to Infinity Time, but it won't drain any Time Stability from the bar, serving as a tutorial of how to use the Infinite Robot's primary weapon and (possibly) abilities.


A single Gnome Floatie may appear randomly at one of the four time circles during the first four levels in a color zone. The message "A Gnome Floatie has appeared" will let the player know this has happened. Once it gets above a time circle, the Floatie will begin to destabilize time slowly until it is destroyed. Gnome Floaties will not appear on these occasions:

  • First, second, and fourth levels.
  • During Nemesis Waves.
  • During fifth level in a quadrant (Gnome King).

Floatie Attack Wave

During the second and/or fourth level in a quadrant, Gnomus may send out a Floatie attack wave which sends out multiple Floaties at a time. When the player plays alone, only two of them will appear. The first Floatie will appear immediately and the second Floatie will appear after a while.

When playing with 2-4 players, three of them will appear. The first two Floaties will appear immediately, and the third Floatie appears after a while. These Floaties only destabilize time halfway before they leave, but since there are multiple of them, it is best to destroy them. A bonus 1000 coins will be awarded for beating an attack wave. This wave lasts until all of the Floaties leave.


The blue projectiles seem to be the easiest to avoid because of their slow movement, although they home in on players, so it would be a good idea to stay on the side with the sad face while attacking it. The best way to take down Gnome Floaties is by using the Epic Mega Blast or the Furball Frenzy as they do large amounts of damage in a short amount of time. During a Floatie Attack wave, all Floaties will be destroyed when time runs out. If you have enough Time Stability, you could leave the Floatie alone and instead focus on vanquishing the Gnomes it spawns. Keep in mind that at the end of each quadrant, Time Stability is fully restored.

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