All the gnomes in the trailer

Gnomes are the basic enemy units that appear in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 in the gamemode Infinity Time, as well as the Trials of Gnomus. They appear as stereotypical garden gnomes and come in 5 colors, red, green, blue, yellow and multi-colored. Gnomes drop Time Shards when defeated in Infinity Time that restore up to 50 health upon being collected.


The standard Gnome has a total of 135 health.


  • Mallet Gnome - attack the player by rushing up to them and hitting them with their hammers. They deal 20 damage. They can also throw explosive apples as a ranged attack.
  • Shieldy Gnomes - Carries a garden-themed shield that blocks incoming attacks while taking damage itself. Once the shield is destroyed, they become normal Gnomes
  • Shooty Gnomes - Carry a ray gun attached to a backpack and attack by shooting a burst of three blaster bolts that travel in a steep parabolic arc, culminating at the player's current location. The Shots deal 10 damage each.
  • Explody Gnomes - Move slightly faster than other Gnomes, attacks by running up to the player and detonating the bomb they carry. The explosion deals 50 damage at point blank range and the damage decreases over range.
  • Giga Gnomes - A bigger, tougher and more harmful variant of the Standard Gnome. It is a Boss and is slower but has stronger attacks, dealing 300 damage for melee hit and around 160-180 for its ranged beam attack. The Giga Gnome drops Time Shards that restore up to 200 health when defeated, unlike other Gnomes.



  • The Standard Gnome appears the most in Infinity Time out of any Gnome (excluding waves 2, 4, and Nemesis Waves).
  • The Gnomes have very stiff movement. They move forward by sliding and jumping and jump in order to successfully hit lower angles due to their apparent inability to bend down (or bend at all).
  • The Shooty Gnomes that spawn in the Trials of Gnomus main area reward 50 XP for having "Vanquished Gnome Hero", similar to the XP given for vanquishing Plant and Zombie Heroes (AI versions of the playable classes). This message is seen no where else in game.
  • The Gnomes are the only enemies who are not effected by health increases on higher difficulties. This is because in the Brothers Gnomus Boss Hunt, increasing the difficulty will just increase the damage and leave unaltered their health values. Only the Brothers Gnomus entities are affected in both health and damage
  • Chomper can't eat the Gnomes, though they will run away from Burrow and they can be Gooped.
  • When Stuffy Flower vanquishes Gnomes, the healing sundrops won't appear.
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