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Super Giga

Giga Gargantuar

Giga Gargantuar is a boss zombie in the Garden Ops mode in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It is a more powerful form of the Gargantuar. Like the Gargantuar, the Giga Gargantuar is exceedingly troublesome when support classes aren't available and with a big amount of other zombies and zombie bosses. He is similar to the regular Gargantuar, but he wears a shredded black suit, black sunglasses, a heart tattoo engraved with "IMP," and has red eyes.

The Giga Gargantuar has a near identical attack of the Gargantuar. Like the Gargantuar, he will attempt to smash plants with his telephone pole if they are near him. However, the Giga Gargantuar has some new moves and a health buff. He can use his telephone pole to fire an electricity laser which deals high damage if the player has not taken cover. He is also now able to shoot three explosive Imps, rather than one making it extremely more lethal than before. However, he doesn't have the charge attack the Gargantuar has. Like the Gargantuar, they cannot be swallowed or frozen, but they are vulnerable to the Chompers' Goop.

Super Giga Gargantuar Wave Cutscene

When the slots land on three Giga Gargantuars, an animation will show with the Giga Imp appearing out of the ground. Suddenly, the Giga Gargantuar unearths himself, "smashing" the Giga Imp and then roaring loudly. Then he grabs his telephone pole from the ground and shoots a stream of lighting while Giga Imp tries to avoid it then does a happy dance near the Giga Gargantuar. The cutscene ends and the boss fight begins. During a Super Giga Gargantuar Wave, Electricians will appear often.


  • Lightning Ray: Shoots a ray of lightning that follows the plant as the Giga Gargantuar moves.
  • Pole Smash: Smashes a nearby plant with its electrified pole.
  • Giga Imp Launch: Launches three Giga Imps from a medium distance.



  • His original appearance in the Zomboss Slots was a red Gargantuar.
  • The Giga Gargantuar wears shades to hide his red eyes.
    • In Garden Warfare 2, however, his eyes are no longer red, and his sunglasses are broken.
  • He appears to be a former rock-star according to his theme.
  • The facial hair appears to be drawn with marker.

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