For a similar looking zombie in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, see Blitzer.

Giga-Football Zombie is a Football Zombie wearing black and grey football gear which is available in the online version's Survival Mode and Vasebreaker only. The Giga-Football Zombie has the exact health of a Gargantuar and Magnet-shroom cannot remove his helmet, though otherwise he's the same as a football zombie. Unlike normal Football Zombies, the Giga-Football Zombie has spikes on its shoulder plate.


The Giga-Football Zombie absorbs 3000 damage and its appearance changes upon absorbing 940, 1880, 2800 damage (by this point, the black football helmet is destroyed) before dying at 3000 damage taken. It does not lose its arm until it dies.


You should do what you might do to kill a Gargantuar to kill it. However, you will have to act faster to kill it, since the Giga-Football Zombie moves faster than a Gargantuar, although the Giga-Football Zombie is not as destructive as a Gargantuar. It is harder to kill it than a Gargantuar since most of the powerful plants do not appear in that version, and that it has fast speed. In Survival: Endless, it is even harder to kill them because you can only choose four plants against it. A good choice against them would be the Chomper as they kill them in one bite unlike other instant kills. Wall-nuts would be okay, but they would probably be eaten by the time the Giga-Football Zombie dies, so if you want to use them, you should be sure to plant them close to the right of the screen. Using a Squash on them will deal high damage, though it cannot kill them at full health.



See Football Zombie for more trivia.
  • It is one of five zombies that can absorb more than one instant-kill before dying, with the others being Gargantuar, Giga-gargantuar, Tall-nut Zombie, and Dr. Zomboss.
  • It takes up five Wall-nuts or two Explode-o-nuts before dying in Wall-nut Bowling.
  • It does not lose its arms before it dies, unlike its original counterpart.
  • It is one of three zombies to have face paint, the others being Football Zombie and Gatling Pea Zombie.
  • It is the third strongest zombie in the game, only seconded by Giga-gargantuar and Dr. Zomboss.
  • When moving the mouse over the Giga-Football Zombie, (on the seed selection part of the level) it says Football Zombie.
    • This is likely because the normal Football Zombie does not appear in the online version.
  • When hit by a Squash, it does not degrade as it is supposed to.
  • It is seen with its official name "Giga-Football Zombie" in the Plants vs. Zombies: Official Guide to Protecting Your Brains book.
  • In the seed selection screen, it is mistakenly animated with its final degrade mouth gear behind its non-degraded one.
  • Despite having the health of a Gargantuar, it can be killed instantly by using a Chomper (when not eating).

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