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Giddy Park

Giddy Park is a region between Dave Manor and Zomboss HQ in Plants vs. Zombies Battle for Neighborville, serving as a hub location similar to Backyard Battleground from Garden Warfare 2.

From Giddy Park, once can access Dave Manor (only as a plant) and Zomboss HQ (only as a zombie) via launch pads.


Come on down to Giddy Park! We got rides, booths, and water features/bathrooms! Located between Dave Manor and that zombie HQ-we-shall-not-name, Giddy Park is a place to go nuts with your friends without a care in the Neighborville.


Activities are events that occur at random intervals on Giddy Park. There are currently four activities: treasure chest, bounty, riding amusement rides for coins, and trolley target shooting. Activities show up at random intervals between 5-15 minutes after completion. On Private Play, they always follow the same cycle, so it is possible to know which activity will come after the current activity. The cycle is:

  1. Treasure chest
  2. Bounty
  3. Riding amusement rides
  4. Trolley target shooting

During the Luck O' the Zombie festival, there used to be an activity known as the Gnome Gnight fight. This was removed as of the Springening festival.

Treasure chest

This activity requires the players to find a hidden treasure chest in the park. If none of the players can find the chest within 90 seconds, the game will highlight the location of the chest. The contents of the chest is randomized and has the following stats:

  • For public Giddy Park lobbies:
    • 55% chance to receive low amount of coins
    • 30% chance to receive moderate amount of coins
    • 14% chance to receive high amount of coins
    • 1% chance to receive low amount of prize bulbs
    • 0% chance to receive moderate amount of prize bulbs
    • 0% chance to receive high amount of prize bulbs
  • For private Giddy Park lobbies:
    • 55% chance to receive low amount of coins
    • 30% chance to receive moderate amount of coins
    • 15% chance to receive high amount of coins
    • 0% chance to receive low amount of prize bulbs
    • 0% chance to receive moderate amount of prize bulbs
    • 0% chance to receive high amount of prize bulbs


This activity begins with the player having to kill either a player from the opposing team or an AI enemy that will spawn when the activity starts. Those who manage to score a kill will then need to accept the bounty offer within a 3-minute time limit. Afterwards, they need to defend themselves while the other players or AI enemies attack you and score 20 kills within 7 minutes to escape their bounty. If the bounty target manages to kill 20 enemies, the bounty event ends and 5,000 coins will be awarded to the bounty player. However, if the other players manage to kill the bounty target, they will receive the coins instead.

Riding amusement rides for coins

This activity involves riding the "Cheerful-Go-Circles" merry-go-round, "Wilbur's Wonder Wheel" Ferris wheel, "Lookie-Loo Lookout," "Folley Trolley," or gondola to get coins. If no players are inside the amusement ride within three minutes, the activity will end.

Trolley target shooting

This activity requires the player to activate the Folley Trolley and shoot the golden targets while on it.

Gnome Gnight

I think I've seen that cloud before.
The content in this section is archived. What it describes is not available anymore..

This was an activity introduced in the Luck O' the Zombie festival which requires the players to reach an area that is highlighted in green. Upon approaching it, an invisible gnome will spawn and the players will need to find it either by sound cues and shoot the gnome or by firing homing weapons immediately after a dirt effect spawns nearby. This will reveal the invisible gnome. After it is defeated, a Gnome Gnight will spawn and the players will have to defeat it to complete the activity. Those who attacked it will be awarded 3 prize bulbs upon completion.


There was a bug with this activity in which the prize bulbs awarded after completing this activity will bypass the normal 50 prize bulb limit. A good way to farm for prize bulbs in this manner is to play privately and reset Giddy Park after completion and wait until another Gnome Gnight activity starts. If anything other than Gnome Gnight starts up instead, reset Giddy Park until you get it. This strategy can give you 50 prize bulbs in around 6 hours, which can be useful if you already have 50 prize bulbs and want to increase it further.

Gnome puzzle

Gnome puzzle is a mini-game in Giddy Park. To begin, the player needs to activate six stones scattered across the park area by performing a gesture while standing on them. Then, proceed to the gnome door above the Phuture Zone arcade and react with "Gnomes." The door will open and the player can approach the blue ring to teleport to the hidden area.

There is a chest near the spawn point where you can collect a victory slab when you open it. Proceed further into this area and there will be three chests with the one in the center being locked and a rotating puzzle that can be solved in order to unlock the chest. The following sequence should be used to complete the puzzle: shovel, fence, flamingo, flower pot, glove, rake, and boot. This puzzle is randomized on every Giddy Park load, so there is no static solution to complete it. Upon completion, the player can open the middle chest and collect the Gnomish Spot-Shroom costume for the Night Cap.


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