Giddy Park is a region beteween Dave Manor and Zomboss HQ in Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville.  It it a great place for many things, like shooting targets, killing enemies, and even discovering secrets!  It is located beteween Dave Manor and Zomboss HQ.


Giddy Park

The Gnome Puzzle

The first step to solving this secret gnome puzzle is to find a series of stone slabs on the ground in Giddy Park. Each slab will have a symbol on it, such as a shovel or boot. To activate the stone platforms, you must stand on top of the platform and perform a gesture by pressing down on the D-pad and scrolling over to the gestures tab. 

After you have activated all six stone slabs in Giddy Park, you can now head over to the mysterious gnome door to attempt to open it. The gnome door is found on the right side of the park if you’re coming from the plant spawn. The door is on the upper floor above the arcade.

The player has to say "Gnomes" to open it.  Then a blue circle will appear. The player should walk into the circle and they will be teleported to an area.

Inside the area, the player will find three chests; two unlocked, one locked.  The unlocked chests will give the player 30,000 coins per chest.

The locked and unlocked chests

The third chest contains a Night Cap Costume and can be unlocked by solving a puzzle in the following sequence: shovel, fence, flamingo, flowerpot, glove, rake, and boot.

Than the puzzle will be solved and you can open the chest.

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Secret Location in Giddy Park - Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville-0

Secret Location in Giddy Park - Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville-0

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