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Dresses for the Job He Wants

Ghost Zombie's splash screen

Ghost Zombie is an Immorticia minion zombie in Plants vs. Zombies 3. He acts like a Browncoat Zombie, except when destroyed he summons a Flying version of himself, similarly to how Zom-Blobs spawn Zom-Blots.


Haunting ZombieH.png

Ghost Zombie is based on the Haunting Zombie from Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. His ability to summon a flying version of himself when destroyed is akin to the Haunting Zombies' ability to make the zombie player gain a Haunting Ghost when destroyed. His chilling ability is a reference to how chill can also mean to horrify or frighten someone.

Almanac entry

Ghost Zombie
Chilling Damage Icon.pngChilling
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When defeated, his ghost form flies forward for revenge. Spectral!
Attack Damage
Attack Speed
1 s
Walking Speed
Flying Speed

Effective Plants:
Cabbage-Pult PvZ3 seed packet.png Flak Seed PvZ3 seed packet.png Lightning Reed PvZ3 seed packet.png

Mega Ghost Zombie
Chilling Damage Icon.pngChilling
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This massive pile of laundry spawns multiple flying, ghostly zombies when defeated.
Attack Damage
Attack Speed
1.30 s
Walking Speed

Effective Plants:
Flak Seed PvZ3 seed packet.png Kernel-Pult PvZ3 seed packet.png Melon-Pult PvZ3 seed packet.png


This zombie initially acts like a Browncoat Zombie, albeit with the Chilling Damage Icon.pngChilling damage type; however, this zombie summons a flying zombie when it gets destroyed, so be sure to use Air-Guard plants against it. Flak Seed is an excellent choice against this zombie; not only is it an Air-Guard plant, but its Electric Damage Icon.pngElectric damage type is strong against the Ghost Zombie's Chilling Damage Icon.pngChilling damage type. Lightning Reed can also work, being both an Air-Guard plant and an Electric Damage Icon.pngElectric type, but because it does much less damage it is recommended to only use Lightning Reed if there is an overwhelmingly large number of Ghost Zombies on the screen.


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