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George Fan standing beside a Plants vs. Zombies poster

George Fan is the main designer of Plants vs. Zombies and the creator of the Plants vs. Zombies series.

Not much personal information is known about him.


Before joining PopCap Games

Prior to joining PopCap Games, Fan had a prototype for a Java game about a fish tank where aliens attack it. It ended up turning into Insaniquarium. Although Fan got job offers from both PopCap and Blizzard Entertainment back in 2002, he ultimately chose Blizzard and worked there for around two and a half years. He later left since he felt he could not keep up with the other programmers, and found it difficult to work with a large team. He preferred to work independently, and did not join a single studio for a year[1].

Joining PopCap Games and developing Plants vs. Zombies

Fan joined PopCap in 2004. He wrote the lyrics of "Zombies on Your Lawn" and voiced the zombies, while Laura Shigihara sang and composed its tune.

Fan did not help develop Plants vs. Zombies 2 and had only affected the game on a conceptual level.

Fan was laid off by PopCap Games in September 2012 in a studio shutdown.

Post-PopCap Games

Fan later reunited part of the original Plants vs. Zombies team, forming a new indie game studio named All Yes Good and became the creator of Octogeddon[2].