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Gene Error is a zombie introduced in the zombies' side of the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Story Mode. His appearance is very identical to Engineer. He is seen as a trainee due to making faulty Teleporters as seen on finding the Secret Door Finder, and building an army to confront the Hypno-flower Queen. Gene Error appears in two zombie quests. The first is the second quest "No Boloney, No Problem!" where he attempts to send the player though a teleporter to the plant base, only to send them to the zombie base; rose's castle; the park, surrounded by torchwoods and finally space. The teleporter then stops working, so Gene Error just fires the player out of the cannon to get to the plant base.

The second quest Gene Error features in is "Zomboss Needs You!" Where he is helping you teleport the zombies you recruit to fight hipno to the zombie base. However, once again the teleporters malfunction, and all the zombies you recruited are exploded.


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