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Gauntlets are a type of currency found in Plants vs. Zombies 2. They are used to start a Arena match.

Gauntlets can be bought from the store or won from Arena. Additionally, up to four can be obtained each day by tapping on the "FREE GAUNTLETS" sign to watch advertisements. Each advertisement gives one Gauntlet.

Gauntlets can easily be obtained in huge amounts from the store. 4 Gauntlets cost 20 gems, 16 Gauntlets cost 75 gems, and 36 Gauntlets cost 150 gems. More gems are saved when buying more at a time.


The word "gauntlet" historically means "an armored glove, as worn by a medieval knight". This relates to the fact that Gauntlets appear to be zombie hands in knight armor, perhaps supposed to be that of Knight Zombies, despite the fact that Knight Zombies only wear armor on their heads and shoulders.




  • Since Power Lily's Garden Party Tournament, the Gauntlet reward pattern from reward streaks has been lowered to 1-1-2, from 1-2-2.
  • During the first three days Strawburst's All-Out Tournament, the number of advertisements available to watch for Gauntlets each day was increased from two to four.
  • A gauntlet has a bone attached to it, suggesting that it has been ripped off from a Knight Zombie's hand.
  • There is a common glitch with the Gauntlets that makes its icon/image (placeholder icon) at the top of Arena turn into a pink X.
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