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For the Plants vs. Zombies 1 version of this zombie, see Gatling Pea Zombie
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Gatling Pea Zombie (机枪射手僵尸; pinyin jīqiāng shèshǒu jiāngshī) is a returning zombie/plant hybrid from the first game. He is encountered in Penny's Pursuit in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. Like Gatling Pea, he rapidly fires four peas at a time, towards the player's plants. The peas pass above ground plants such as Potato Mine and Celery Stalker.

Almanac entry

机枪射手僵尸 (Gatling Pea Zombie)

SPEED: Basic



ZVP MKⅡ的强大火力让他在任何时候,都能用最帅气的姿态迎接挑战,不管你承不承认,这玩意儿已经是他在群僵面前的标签了。以至于在公共场合,大家最先记起的不是他的名字,而是“那个带着奇怪头套的家伙”,这难免让他有点受伤。

    In English:

    The plant-headed zombie from the mysterious time and space, with its firepower devastating everything unprotected.

    Special: Has high firepower and pumps out streams of peas.
    Weakness: Cannot attack plants on lower elevations due to spinal issues.

    The powerful firepower of ZVP MKⅡ allows him to meet the challenge with the most handsome attitude at any time. Whether you admit it or not, this thing is already his label in front of the group. So that in public, the first thing everyone remembered was not his name, but "the guy with the strange headgear", which inevitably made him a little bit hurt.


You can use a similar strategy as you use to defeat this zombie from the first game. Since he cannot target any ground plants, Celery Stalker is a good opportunity to defeat this zombie. But don't use this plant once there was another ZomBotany zombie nearby, such as Snow Pea Zombie (since he can slow his process) or another Gatling Pea Zombie (since he can kill Celery Stalkers once they pop from the ground). This only happen once they were pop from the ground.


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  • Originally, Torchwood could have ignited his peas with adverse effects, and the projectiles would pass through the shields from the Penny Shield Perk and the Plant Food effects of Infi-nut and Moonflower. This was scrapped.

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