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Gatling Pea is an upgrade plant in Plants vs. Zombies. It is available for purchase from Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies for $5000 after beating Level 3-4, and is one of the first upgrade plants available in the game, along with the Twin Sunflower. It upgrades from the Repeater and as such, must be planted on top of a Repeater. Each pea he fires deals 20 damage per shot, but he fires twice as fast as a Repeater and four times as fast as a Peashooter, resulting in four peas shot per round of fire.

Suburban Almanac entry

Gatling Pea
Gatling Peas shoot four peas at a time.
Damage: normal (for each pea)

Firing Speed: 4x
Must be planted on repeaters

Gatling Pea's parents were concerned
when he announced his intention to join
the military. "But honey, it's so
dangerous!" they said in unison. Gatling
Pea refused to budge. "Life is dangerous,"
he replied, eyes glinting with steely
Cost: 250 Recharge: very slow


Gatling Pea shoots four peas at a time. Although the two alternatives, two Repeaters (400 sun) or a Repeater and a Torchwood (375 sun), are cheaper than the Gatling Pea, the Gatling Pea saves space. Of course, it is also possible to use two Gatling Peas and a Torchwood, which is even more space-efficient, but will cost more. Gatling Peas are also very powerful in Survival: Day. Using a Torchwood doubles a pea's damage and provides minor splash damage, so placing a Torchwood in front of two Gatling Peas, in theory, is equal to 16 Peashooters with splash damage, making him a very strong plant. In fact, without Torchwood, he is the most limited upgrade in terms of area of attack (if one of the most concentrated), due to the fact that unlike Cattail, he can only shoot a straight line, and unlike Spikerock and Gloom-shroom, he can only kill one zombie at a time, again, without the Torchwood (also, he is more expensive than any of the plants above). In Survival: Endless, however, there may be so many zombies that even a Torchwood in front of four Gatling Peas is not enough to kill a wave of zombies quickly enough, especially when zombies with shields (including Zombonis) or Giga-gargantuars are present. Winter Melons may be a better choice for this. A good strategy, otherwise, could be two columns of Twin Sunflowers, three of Gatling Peas, Torchwood, Tall-nuts, then Spikerocks, and leave a blank column. This may be costly, but it is a good idea if you want to save space and keep good defense in some situations, such as Marigold farming.

An alternative strategy could be to upgrade Repeater later on in the game, instead concentrating on getting Torchwoods in each lane, and then upgrading to provide extra firepower.

Air Raid

In the DS exclusive mini-game known as Air Raid, Dr. Zomboss is on its Zombot flying in the air, and you have to destroy it using a Gatling Pea riding on an Flower Pot airplane. Try to upgrade your Gatling Pea as much as possible (like getting a Pumpkin), and try to dodge Dr. Zomboss's attacks.

Related achievements

Don't Pea in the Pool.png
Don't Pea in the Pool
Complete a Daytime Pool level without using Peashooters of any kind.
Collect all 49 plants.
Book Learner.png



  • His appearance just like a Repeater, just with facepaint, a gatling gun, and an army helmet.
  • He and Twin Sunflower are the only upgrades that cost $5000.
  • This is the only upgrade plant that is used as a zombie in ZomBotany, more specifically ZomBotany 2.

A Gatling Pea Zombie, the Gatling Pea's ZomBotany equivalent

  • He is the slowest recharging peashooting plant due to the fact that he is an upgrade plant.
  • If the player looks closely, his gatling gun moves a little bit to its left, then back to the positioning of where it originally was.
  • Sometimes, a newly planted Gatling Pea shoots three peas before shooting four peas.
    • This is also happens to the Repeater and Cattail, as they will sometimes shoot one projectile before two.
  • He, Imitater, and Cattail are the only plants with headwear, specifically a helmet, beret, and bonnet.
  • His face paint, gatling gun, and helmet suggest that he is from the "Plant Army," which is relevant to the Suburban Almanac entry.
  • In Air Raid, Gatling Pea can be upgraded to a Threepeater, which shoots four peas in three directions, for a total of 12 peas.
  • He, Plantern, Magnet-shroom, Gold Magnet, Cob Cannon, Cattail, and Imitater are the only plants that have non-plant accessories on them.
  • While playing Air Raid, if the player's Threepeater without Pumpkin gets hit, it will revert to a Gatling Pea.
  • He leans a bit closer to the zombies with every pea it fires, then it will rear back to get ready to fire again.
  • He, Fume-shroom and Repeater are currently the only plants that are both an upgrade plant and an upgradeable plant.

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