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Gas Can Zombie was a zombie in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. He was introduced in level 1 of The Sand Dooms. When this zombie was defeated, he exploded, knocking out every plant within a 3x3 radius, Shamrocks and Shamrockstars. The Snow Pea, Ice Queen Pea, and Chilly Pepper put out his cigar and gas can upon damaging him, which could prevent him from exploding. He would also ignore any plants on his track after being hit.


He was named after a jerrycan, or a gas can, a robust liquid container made from pressed steel. He was designed after a stereotypical gas station worker.



Gas Can Zombie wore a blue and white hat with a yellow chipped brim on his head. He had brown hair, a brown mustache, and a brown goatee. A lit cigar was seen in his mouth.

He wore a blue oil-stained shirt, with the left sleeve being ripped off and the right sleeve being rolled up past his elbow. A name tag could be seen on the front of the shirt. He also wore a blue oil-stained pair of pants. For footwear, he simply wore a pair of brown shoes.

In his right hand, he held a red gas can with one handle and a yellow outline of fire on the side. A hole could be seen on the gas can, where fuel can be poured into it.

Facebook description

He's here to help. Sure, his idea of help is insane, but that's what's airbrushed on the side of his van.




  • He was similar to Jack-in-the-Box Zombie in Plants vs. Zombies.
    • However, he exploded after he is defeated, but Jack-in-the-Box Zombie could explode at anytime.
      • Jack-in-the-Box Zombie's explosion could be removed by Magnet-shroom (PvZ) only, but Gas Can Zombie's explosion could be removed by ice plants.
  • His explosion was the only zombie attack that can instantly knock out a Shamrock and Shamrockstar.
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