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Garlic (大蒜; pinvin:dàsuàn) was a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Online. Any zombie that bites him gets diverted into a different lane.


For more information about this character, see Garlic.

Garlic was the second plant obtained in the Plants vs. Zombies Online exclusive world, East Sea Dragon Palace. Like in the first game, any zombie that bit Garlic would be stunned momentarily and then move to any of the adjacent lanes above or below him.

Unlike the first game however, Garlic had significantly less health and could only be planted in the East Sea Dragon Palace. Garlic took 250 damage per shot, and its appearance changed at 100 and 200 damage per shot before being swallowed at 250 damage per shot.

Almanac Entry




技能: 无
消耗阳光: 75
伤害: 无
冷却时间: 十分长

    In English: Garlic

    Has an awfully unpleasant smell.
    Zombies avoid this plant.

    Tower defense:
    After a zombie bites Garlic, the zombie gets diverted to another path.

    Skills: None
    Sun cost: 75

    Damage: None
    Recharge: Very slow


Plant Food effect

Immobilized all zombies on screen for 10 seconds, similar to Iceberg Lettuce's Plant Food effect.


One can use Garlic to divert any zombies away from any valuable Oxygen Algae and other such important plants.



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