Gargoatuar is a new zombie boss in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It is a large and evil (according to Agent Rose) Stinky Goat boss that comes from the last destroyed rift created by the Wand of Sweet Spells in the last Agent Rose mission, "Well That Escalated Quickly." It is also encountered in Infinity Time mode after wave 20 if the player is playing as the Junkasaurus. The Gargoatuar has blue flames coming off it around the neck and head and, besides its size and flames, it is a normal non-Goatified Stinky Goat. Its attack is called the Super Stinky Goat Ram. Each charge from it deals 25 damage.


Its name is a portmanteau of the words "Gargantuar," referring to its size and "goat," referring to the type of animal it is.


  • Easy: 600
  • Normal: 800
  • Hard: 1000
  • CRAAAAZY: 1200


Like regular Stinky Goats, the Gargoatuar only can use melee attacks. This is because it is a bigger version of the Stinky Goat with an added ability. With this in mind, the best strategy for when you face this during the Agent Rose mission is to get onto a rooftop using Peashooter, Kernel Corn or Citron. Although the Gargoatuar has an added high jump ability, likely to help it get to high places that the player may hide, it rarely uses this ability and, when it does, almost never succeeds in landing in the elevated destination it was attempting to reach, so the player should not worry about this. In Infinity Time, this is one of the easier bosses for the player to eliminate, as its Super Stinky Goat Ram is hardly damaging to the Junkasaurus, and the high firepower of your robot can quickly take it down.



  • Despite being the boss version of the Stinky Goat, the Gargoatuar does not have any other abilities aside from its primary attack, Super Stinky Goat Ram.
    • Ironically, the Super Stinky Goat Ram actually deals the same damge of the default Stinky Goat Ram.
    • That is, unless the AI Goats are counted because their rams deal little damage compared to the ram executed by a goatified player.
  • It is unknown if and what zombie it is or where it come from the rift.
  • This is the only exclusive boss that is not a bigger/tougher version than a normal plant/zombie (like the Giant Plants/Zombies in infinity time).
    • This is also the only boss to have some sort of conversation with the player before fighting them.
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