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Gargantuar Zombie was a zombie in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. It was introduced in Zombitorium Manor Level 1. He was the last zombie the player encountered, and the strongest zombie in the game.



It is based on Gargantuar in Plants vs. Zombies with the same appearance.


After 1000 damage (or one instant kill), Gargantuar Zombie would throw the Imp. After 3000 damage, Gargantuar Zombie would be defeated. The only degrade was at 1000 when his Imp is thrown; no bandages appeared on the Gargantuar Zombie, unlike the Gargantuar from Plants vs. Zombies.



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  • Though he still had his pole, in the "Choose Your Seeds" screen on Road Trip levels, he appeared without his pole.
  • When a Gargantuar Zombie was defeated with the Imp still riding, the Imp will fall out of the trash can and onto the ground.
    • This was similar to the Gargantuar variants in Plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • Sometimes, he would not throw his Imp.
    • This is because the location of where the Gargantuar Zombie was throwing, this was where the Imp's location would also be. This being so, when the Gargantuar Zombie threw the Imp, the Imp would take damage, sometimes killing it, and not taking the flag.
  • In Brainball, there was no known way to prevent any attack from Gargantuar Zombies because of his Imp throw landing very close to a target building. The player could easily use a wave of Barrel Zombies if the Imp did not reach the player's target.
  • He threw his Imp when the player has taken away a third of its health, unlike the first game when the Gargantuar throws his Imp when half of his health has been destroyed.
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