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Gargantuars and their world-themed variants in Plants vs. Zombies 2 have the highest health out of all non-boss zombies in the game, making them difficult to handle.

In addition to their high health, these zombies attack plants by crushing them rather than eating them, attacking plants typically immune to zombie attacks such as Spikeweed and destroy most of them in a single hit, the only exceptions being Spikerock and Primal Wall-nut being able to handle 3 smashes, and plants with armor-related Plant Food letting them handle one extra smash.

They also have several unique immunities to certain plants:

Once a Gargantuar has lost more than half of his health he will throw his Imp, who lands several squares ahead, usually throwing the Imp only when they are at least three columns from the house. For Aristocrat Gargantuar, he will throw his Imp at the eighth column.



Hair Metal Gargantuar

Sound Description
Guitar Shred
Guitar Smash

Almanac entry


SPEED: Hungry

Gargantuar really is kind of a big deal.

Damage: crushes plants with pole
Special: throws Imp when damaged

Gargantuar is the embodiment of power, made real. He is a juggernaut of hunger, from which there is no escape. He is fear unleashed. Well, he's fear slightly leashed.

Vase Gargantuar

SPEED: Stiff

Phenomenally sized zombie stuffed into a tiny unliving space.

Damage: crushes plants with pole
Special: throws Imp when damaged

The ceramic confines of the Vase Gargantuar's home has done nothing to his endless hunger, his immense power, or his vast destructive potential. However, his footspeed could be better.

Mummified Gargantuar

SPEED: Hungry

Massive zombie from a royal line of mummies.

Damage: crushes plants with sarcophagus
Special: launches Imp Mummy when damaged

True Fact #1: The pyramids were built in an attempt to make Mummified Gargantuar seem small. It didn't work. True Fact #2: The Sphinx isn't missing its nose... that is the face of... Gargantuar.

Chinese version

    Earth shattering, Pharaoh summoned the ancient Gargantuar, have these guys built the pyramids?
    In Chinese: 天崩地裂 , 法老召唤的远古巨人 , 难道金字塔就是这帮家伙建造的 ?

Gargantuar Pirate

SPEED: Hungry

Enormous zombie who redefines the shark attack.

Damage: crushes plants with shark
Special: fires off Pirate Imp when damaged

Gargantuar Pirate likes short walks off the plank, moonlit raiding parties, and the smell of cannon fire. A true romantic.

Chinese version

    In Chinese: 惊涛骇浪也阻挡不了这巨人 。 它来自无底的深渊 , 力大无穷 , 也喜欢金枪鱼寿司 。

Wild West Gargantuar

SPEED: Hungry

Humongous zombie with brand awareness.

Damage: crushes plants with brand
Special: launches Bull Rider when damaged

Likes candy.

Sloth Gargantuar

SPEED: Hungry

Massive sloth skinned zombie with a case of the imps. Carries and throws three imps instead of just one.

Damage: crushes plants with icicle
Special: fire off Yeti Imps when damaged

Somewhere along the line, Sloth Gargantuar contracted a bad case of Yeti Imps. He used soap, medicinal powders, and a salve made from sloth slobber in an attempt to get rid of them ... to no avail. But the truth is, he's grown used to their presence. The darn things are itchy. They're always squabbling. They nag him endlessly. But at this point, he'd probably miss them if they ever cleared up.

Porter Gargantuar

SPEED: Hungry

Terrifying behemoth of exploratory fury.

Damage: crushes plants with torch
Special: throws Lost City Imp when damaged

Porter Gargantuar dreams of the discovery that will make him powerful and influential. Maybe then the Imps will be the one carrying him around. It's always nice to have a dream.

Dark Ages Gargantuar

SPEED: Hungry

Immense zombie who brings the hammer down.

Damage: crushes plants with hammer
Special: launches Imp Monk when damaged

When Dark Ages Gargantuar wants to find pantaloons that fit him, he has to shop at the "Enormous & Towering" store. He hates it though. It's embarrassing. He just wants to shop for clothes where all the other zombies shop.

Hair Metal Gargantuar

SPEED: Hungry

Dominating leviathan of power-rocking mayhem.

Damage: crushes plants with guitar
Damage: bashes sonic blast when metal music plays
Special: launches Impunk when damaged

Hair Metal Gargantuar only knows one chord, but you'd better believe he'll play it all night and then some.

Deep Sea Gargantuar

SPEED: Hungry

Titanic zombie who isn't shellfish with his might.

Damage: crushes plants with driftwood
Special: launches Imp Mermaid when damaged

This big guy loves the water. When he's deep down in it, he feels light as a feather. He feels like he's flying. Most importantly, during those precious moments, he feels as if the weight of Imp Mermaid Zombie has been lifted from his shoulders.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version) (China only)

    Foreman Gargantuar
    TOUGHNESS: Great
    SPEED: Hungry
    Crushes plants and launches Imps.

    Damage: uses a giant wrench to crush plants in front of it
    Special: launches Industrial Imp Zombie when damaged

    Foreman Gargantuar is the head of a small company. He always ensures that the quality of the products produced by the company won't be bad. Although he is harsh on workers, and has a very violent temper, he always likes to smoke cigars and it does not hinder him. He's just a good person.

    Aristocrat Gargantuar
    TOUGHNESS: Great
    SPEED: Hungry
    Always steals Sculptor Imp Zombie's statues.

    Damage: crushes plants with a statue
    Special: throws Sculptor Imp Zombie when damaged

    Aristocrat Gargantuar is the noblest zombie of the aristocracy, yet he can't find his statue. There's no way to "borrow" one. "How can a thief be called an aristocrat, borrowing, borrowing!!"

    Shogun Gargantuar
    TOUGHNESS: Great
    SPEED: Hungry
    The kendama he's holding weighs about 1000 jun.

    Damage: crushes plants with kendama
    Special: throws Ninjimp when damaged

    Shogun Gargantuar is the leader of the Samurai Zombies in this area, when Zomboss is not arround, he would be in charge of leading the zombies to search for brains. The kendama he's holding is a toy he's been playing with back when he was still a kid, as he grew up, he switched it for a bigger one.

    Combat Gargantuar
    TOUGHNESS: Great
    SPEED: Hungry
    Troop Capacity: TroopCapicity.png 8

    Training Cost: PvPStarCoin.png 110
    Training Time: 30 minutes

    Due to the fact that Gargantuar ate too much, he was very inferior in the army, training his arms till the very end to the point that throwing imps was the best exercise.

    Plague Pharmacy effect: Throws three Combat Imps forward.


The Gargantuar absorbs different amounts of damage per shot depending on the variant, typically around 3,600 damage per shot. He and his variants do not have any degrades. All Gargantuars except Sloth Gargantuar, Jurassic Gargantuar, and Aristocrat Gargantuar will throw or launch their Imp when they absorb 1800 damage per shot. Sloth Gargantuar will throw 1 of his 3 Yeti Imps when he absorbs 1440, 2160, and 2880 damage per shot. Jurassic Gargantuar throws his Imp when he absorbs 2700 damage per shot. Aristocrat and Shogun Gargantuars will throw their Sculptor Imp Zombie/Ninjimp when they absorb 1 damage per shot.



Vase Gargantuar

Mummified Gargantuar

Gargantuar Pirate

Wild West Gargantuar

Dark Ages Gargantuar

Deep Sea Gargantuar

Sloth Gargantuar

Porter Gargantuar

Hair Metal Gargantuar

Foreman Gargantuar  (China only)

Aristocrat Gargantuar  (China only)

Shogun Gargantuar  (China only)



Gargantuar returns in the second game and now is far more threatening to the player due to his faster speed, more health, and he has variants that theme to the world you are in. Worse than that, some of his variants have special but deadly abilities to deal massive damage to your plants. Bring any instant-kill plant to make them weaker, especially Primal Potato Mine because of its increased damage. However, hypnotized zombies (besides a full health hypnotized Gargantuar) can't kill it, since Gargantuar will just crush them, unlike the first game.

There is a higher amount of stalling plants in Plants vs. Zombies 2 compared to Plants vs. Zombies, which can lower the threat of Gargantuars slightly due to being able to slow their pace down, which includes freezing, slowing, stunning, knockback, and sometimes combining multiple of these effects.

A level 3 or higher Squash can instantly kill a Gargantuar, as it can smash thrice. Two squashes will kill it; also, it will not throw its imp as it will be busy smashing the Squash. Remember to plant it right under the Gargantuar.

A Primal Wall-nut will stall a Gargantuar indefinitely, as it refreshes before the Gargantuar smashes it (it takes 3 smashes to destroy one).

Another way to stall a Gargantuar indefinitely is to use Turkey-pult. As the time taken to complete the smashing animation is longer than the time taken to fling a turkey at the Gargantuar, it will result in the Gargantuar smashing repeatedly and not moving forward, eventually dying from the barrage of turkeys.

Endless Zone

Winter Melon does solid damage and slows down Gargantuars. Pea Pod with Torchwood does incredible damage, especially with two maxed out Pea Pods and Plant Food boosted Torchwood. Squash with Jalapeno also can deal with him, and the Jalapeno can take out the Imp too. Remember that Power Toss does not work against him, and starting the 2.2 update, the ability to push Gargantuars into the water with the Power Toss in Pirate Seas has been removed, though you can toss Gargantuar into the air using the Power Toss and blow them away with a Blover. Placing a Coconut Cannon adjacent to him, blasting him, and shoveling him can also make a perfect delay against them especially if they are all in numbers. This tactic is good in higher levels of Endless Zone. Plants with high splash damage output, such as Dusk Lobber, Winter Melon, and Bowling Bulb (lv 3+) will effectively deal with large groups of them at higher levels.

Piñata Party

Regular Gargantuars (and their world variations) in Piñata Party are very dangerous in conveyor belt and Locked and Loaded levels, because their troublesome move is when they throw their Imps. A Laser Bean will deal heavy damage when fed with Plant Food in some parties. In the St. Patrick's Day event, these and Leprechaun Imps are very dangerous, because they can crowd weaker zombies and can almost reach your house. Use Plant Food on your Torchwoods and Repeaters to deal more damage at your disposal. You can also use Plant Food on your Spikeweeds to prevent them from crushing your plants. However, only plant them on the last lane. Only use Power-Ups when you have enough money and when these zombies are flashing red in case of emergency. In one of the Locked and Loaded levels, use Plant Food on one of your Lightning Reeds so that its thunder cloud can deal more damage to Gargantuars. This is a good idea to avoid risking money on Power-Ups.

These zombies in Gargantuar Week are very dangerous because their troublesome deed is when they travel via whirlwind and throw their Imps almost close to your house. You must use a Cherry Bomb to deal damage quickly in case of emergency. You can also use Iceberg Lettuce, but you must be fast by using Plant Food, so one of the zombies does not get frozen.

Overall, the player must know what each plant they have been given is capable of and be able to strategize on the spot what to do due to this lack of control.


In Boss Vase, a Gargantuar is spawned by destroying the purple vase. First, avoid breaking it, as this zombie will be very troublesome to your defenses. If combined with a Buckethead Zombie on the same lane, these zombies will easily wreck your defenses. Place two Potato Mines on the lane where the purple vase is; however, avoid breaking it too early as the Gargantuar will crush your plants with its weapon. Use Plant Food on your Repeaters twice to kill him quickly without letting it throw his Imp towards your lanes.

In Vasebreaker Endless, plant five Split Pea on the tenth and sixth squares on the same lane where the purple vase is, so that they will deal more damage to the Gargantuar. However, you must plant at least one Potato Mine or Bonk Choy so that his Imp when thrown will also get destroyed in order to deal more damage to the Gargantuar. Without one of these, the Gargantuar's chance of reaching your house will be increased and it will be very difficult to bear.

Once you have completed ten waves, an additional Gargantuar Vase will appear. Plant at least two/three Split Peas (and one Repeater), one Bonk Choy, and one Potato Mine to destroy the Gargantuar. However, use a Cherry Bomb once you saved up your sun on higher levels if the Gargantuars are glowing red for emergency.

Zomboss Fights

In Zomboss fights, Gargantuars can be quite dangerous when spawned in, especially when the plants given on the conveyor can struggle against them. A risky way of dealing with these zombies is by stalling them and letting the Zombot use their lane clearing move, as this will destroy the Gargantuar. However, this will also destroy any plants in the lane, which makes the strategy unfavorable.

Due to the common amount of Plant Food in these fights, it is much safer to instead prioritize using Plant Food when a Gargantuar appears in a lane. An example of this can be using Plant Food on a Bonk Choy directly in front of a Mummified Gargantuar, dealing damage to them as well as being uncrushable during the effect.

Ancient Egypt

Two Potato Mines can kill a Gargantuar. Gargantuars can also be frozen by Iceberg Lettuce to allow time for plants to do more damage to them. Both of these tips are important to beating Day 8, with another thing to remember being that Plant Food will instantly arm a Potato Mine, meaning no stalling is required.

Mummified Gargantuars and Pharaoh Zombies are considered dangerous and very troublesome because of their high health. Therefore, it is recommended to have at least an instant kill Cherry Bomb and/or a heavy hitting plant such as Melon-pult when fighting.

Pirate Seas

In Day 8's conveyor belt level, Snapdragon with Plant Food can cause massive damage like an instant kill, meaning that two uses of Plant Food on a Snapdragon can kill the Gargantuar. Kernel-pult is also able to stun them with their butter while Spikeweed can deal damage while distracting the Gargantuar.

Like many zombies in Pirate Seas, Pirate Gargantuar is susceptible to Spring Bean and Blover, any level of threat a Gargantuar has can simply be bounced into the water by a Spring Bean if they haven't crossed a plank and the Imp they throw can be blown away by Blover.

Wild West

For Day 8, similar to other Gargantuar battles, the best strategy is to save Plant Food to use on them, in this case, on Pea Pod, as their peas deal heavy damage. Lightning Reeds can hit them out of their lane as well, as long as they are in the lane above or below, meaning they don't have to be susceptible to a Gargantuar's attack.

Depending on where the Gargantuar is, due to how its crushing AI behaves, the player can also infinitely stall out a Wild West Gargantuar by putting a plant on a minecart ahead of it, moving it out of the way while the Gargantuar attempts to crush it, and then move it back ahead after the animation finishes.

Wild West Gargantuars and Zombie Bulls can be considered some of the most threatening of the Wild West zombies, especially in Big Bad Butte, as they have high amounts of health and can throw another zombie into the player's defenses. It is best to bring either a blowing plant or a plant that can attack from behind such as Split Pea to handle the Imp, while having a heavy hitting plant to deal damage to the Gargantuar itself.

Another dangerous combination is with Chicken Wrangler Zombie, whose swarm of chickens can easily take a hit meant for a Gargantuar and wreck another havoc on a lane's defense that a Gargantuar can sneak right through. Due to a Gargantuar's size, Chicken Wrangler Zombie (or many other zombies for that matter), can end up "hiding" behind them in the seed selection as well, leaving a player unprepared for them.

Far Future

See Gargantuar Prime.

Dark Ages

A Fume-shroom when upgraded with Plant Food will deal more damage on the Gargantuar. However, avoid using Plant Food too early or the Gargantuar will take too long to kill. Once you damaged a Gargantuar when he is close to a Fume-shroom, he will throw the Imp. You must destroy its Imp to avoid losing your Fume-shrooms and Wall-nuts; in addition, you must be fast before the Gargantuar crushes your Fume-shrooms and Wall-nuts before the Imp Monk Zombie eats your plants by putting Plant Food on it. That will kill both zombies: Imp Monk Zombie and Dark Ages Gargantuar.

These and Wizard Zombies are very dangerous in Arthur's Challenge, due to both of them being able to mess with defenses. You should have some sort of instant kill and a stunning plant such as Iceberg Lettuce at your disposal to prevent these negative effects from happening. These and Zombie Kings (along with Knight Zombies) are also dangerous in Arthur's Challenge because their troublesome deeds are when the Zombie King turns all regular Zombies into Knight Zombies and Knight Zombies take too much damage to destroy. You must have enough good defenses to prevent this from happening.

Another problem a player in the Dark Ages has to deal with is Jester Zombies, which limit how many heavy hitters they can use against a Gargantuar. What would normally be the ideal candidates such as Citron and Winter Melon are ineffective against them and are instead deflected back. The player can either hope to stun these Jesters or rely on splash damage to defeat them without having anything deflected, or instead have to adapt a new strategy with plants that can't be deflected, such as Snapdragon, Fume-shroom, or Laser Bean, though one must also remember no sun falls naturally in the Dark Ages.

Big Wave Beach

In his first appearance, use the orange Bowling Bulbs to deal higher damage. However, do not use these bulbs too early. It is best to combine the exploding and orange bulb against the Gargantuar. When he throws his Imp, use the blue bulbs to prevent it from entering your house.

In Day 16, a Chomper (when upgraded with Plant Food) will deal 200 DPS to a Gargantuar. Use a Tangle Kelp to deal massive damage against him. You can also use Plant Food against the Tangle Kelp to drag more zombies and deal massive damage. Beware, there is a chance that he may not damage the Gargantuar. When using Bowling Bulbs, use Plant Food to deal massive damage against the Gargantuar to defeat him.

In Day 18, use Plant Food on Guacodiles to deal good damage to the Deep Sea Gargantuar. Beware with Octo Zombies, as they can catch Guacodiles with their octopi without making him rush.

In Day 24, reserve some orange and explosive bulbs for when the Gargantuar appears.

In Day 31, a group of six to seven Homing Thistles is sufficient to defeat Deep Sea Gargantuar. Use Tangle Kelp to damage him.

On other days, use strong plants as Winter Melon and Banana Launcher to defeat Gargantuars easily. Use Tangle Kelp and Cherry Bomb for massive damage. It's recommended using Magnifying Grass to kill the Imps that are thrown by the Gargantuars.

Deep Sea Gargantuars and Fisherman Zombies are a dangerous combo, especially in Tiki Torch-er. Fisherman Zombie can pull the plants rightward, letting Deep Sea Gargantuars crush them faster. You should have instant plants like Cherry Bombs, Jalapenos, etc. to prevent this from happening. Guacodiles can also work as when the Fisherman Zombie pulls the plant, it will rush towards an entire lane, dealing high damage to both of them.

Frostbite Caves

Sloth Gargantuars are harder to handle than regular ones because he has three Yeti Imps. If combined with Hunter Zombies, Blockhead Zombies, Troglobites or Weasel Hoarders, they can easily cause massive mayhem.

For Day 13 Chard Guard or Hurrikale to keep him from your defenses. For the Yeti Imps, use Bloomerang, Split Pea, or Hurrikale against them. Do this quickly, or the Yeti Imps will easily walk to the flowers and make you lose.

In Day 16, plant a Chard Guard close to a Gargantuar to prevent him from crushing your Repeaters and Pepper-pults. Use Plant Food at the Pepper-pult to deal massive damage so that his peppers can deal massive damage against almost every zombie on screen.

In Day 27, Sloth Gargantuars are very dangerous because they can get to crush endangered Rotobagas, and Yeti Imps are released close to the endangered plants. Use Chard Guard to far away them from endangered plants. Use plants such as Spikerock, Magnifying Grass, or Hurrikale against his Yeti Imps. To defeat them, use strong or instant kill plants.

Lost City

Porter Gargantuars can oddly be considered easier than most of their other counterparts, not on fault of its own, but rather the world it is in. Due to the appearance of Gold Tiles, it is easier to get strong (though high costing) plants such as Coconut Cannon and Winter Melon out to attack them.

This doesn't mean these zombies aren't a problem however, as they still have the abilities of a typical Gargantuar. Along with this, Parasol Zombie and Excavator Zombie, especially when combined, can limit a player's plants more than a Jester Zombie can, though the player can try to run one of each type of plant to be able to deal with all three at once. However, this can easily mean a certain plant is accomplishing nothing as their projectile is blocked by Parasol or Excavator.

Excavator can also fling plants behind him, which can in turn lead to Porter Gargantuar crushing it. However, this can also lead to an easy way to handle Gargantuars, as Potato Mine or Primal Potato Mines shoveled by him will instantly arm when they land, meaning there is no need to stall a Gargantuar until they arm.

In Day 16, similar to the minecart trick in the Wild West, Lava Guava's lava tiles confuse the crushing AI, and will keep trying to crush the lava into it fades away, and thus buy some time to either build a better defense or just deal heavy damage.

In Day 22, Porter Gargantuar, like the rest of the zombies, provides absolutely no threat when a Trap Tile is properly timed, as their effects will instantly kill anything within its range.

Neon Mixtape Tour

Hair Metal Gargantuars are far more dangerous than normal Gargantuars, especially for his jam. During his metal jam, Hair Metal Gargantuars can throw shockwaves that can destroy your defenses easily. He is also very dangerous during punk jam since punk jam increases the speed of the zombies and makes Punk Zombies more dangerous. The rap jam enables the Breakdancer Zombie to kick any zombie in front of it, even a Gargantuar. If you don't use defensive plants, be careful as he will occasionally smash his guitar at an invisible target, just to create a shock-wave.

Use strong plants (like Strawburst, Winter Melon, or Banana Launcher or its premium counterpart Missile Toe) to damage them before Hair Metal Gargantuar begin to throw shockwaves to destroy the lawn. Do not use defensive plants or underground plants as Spikeweed, Cactus or Celery Stalker during its jam as even their shockwaves can destroy them (hiding or not), though Primal Wall-nut can handle a few attacks. Use Iceberg Lettuce (or Iceberg Lettuce´s Plant Food) or Stunion to stop them. A good way to deal a fast amount of damage to the Gargantuar is by stunning it and then placing a Celery Stalker directly behind him to rack up damage. Their sonic attacks set off any Guacodiles that get hit by him, making them not only a buffer but a decent counterattack as well.

In Day 16, Hair Metal Gargantuars are the biggest threat because metal jam plays twice. Use Stallia to reduce his speed and other zombies, especially during punk and metal jam. Use Kernel-pult to damage Gargantuars and its butter for paralyze. A good tactic is when Gargantuars is paralyzed, plant a Celery Stalker behind to give massive damage. Some Phat Beets are also useful to damage while this paralyzed. Use Plant Food on Phat Beet or Kernel-pult to control the hordes of zombies. If things get out of control, use Thyme Warp to prevent more damage to your defenses, though this will fully heal the Gargantuar.

In Greatest Hits, Hair Metal Gargantuars are also the biggest threat as they can appear as the first or second zombie, as long as his jam plays on. If you see a Gargantuar on the Choose your seed packet screen and you are on a low level, e.g. below level 20, it is recommended to go to the Zen Garden or retire then come back, because it will change the zombies present in that level. For later levels, two columns of Infi-nuts is highly recommended, due to their regeneration, which helps them withstand an unlimited amount of shockwaves.

Jurassic Marsh

See Jurassic Gargantuar.

Kongfu World (China only)

See Gargantuar Bronze.

Sky City (China only)

See Flying Gargantuar.

Steam Ages (China only)

Use plants that you'd normally use on defeating most Gargantuar variants.

  • In Day 9, use Shrinking Violets to stall it (note that it can't shrink a Gargantuar at level 1).
  • In Day 12, two Snapdragons fed with Plant Food should be able to take it out.
  • In days 15 and 21, plan a strong defense that should be sufficient in defeating the Foreman Gargantuar and others such as Furnace Zombie and Coal Miner Zombie (in Day 21).
  • In Day 23, if a Foreman Gargantuar is somehow in the same lane as Coal Miner Zombie, plant a "fodder" plant such as Puff-shroom for Coal Miner Zombie to let go of its wheelbarrow.

Renaissance Age (China only)

Aristocrat Gargantuar in non-conveyor belt levels will be more threatening than it should be, as when the level turn into night, no suns falling from the sky (currently it's bugged), so you must collect the sun much faster than in the other worlds before it changes into nighttime. The best way to obtain more suns is by using sun-producing plants more often, specifically if you plant Twin Sunflower on the board, since they can drop two suns at once and all of the suns that you collected both from the sky and from Twin Sunflowers will prepare you to set more defenses. But depending on what type of levels sets in, you might be careful with what you must plant or not.

  • In Day 8, try to plant a Wall-nut to distract him, and then use Plant Food on Bonk Choy to directly damage him.
  • In Day 13, Melon-pults and Hot Dates are super important to use against him, but you might be careful with Perfume Zombie as well. So Aloe can heal all plants around him and removing poison effects being dropped by Perfume Zombie's perfume bottle, which can keep Melon-pults survive at will, defeating Aristocrat Gargantuars more often.
  • In Days 18 and 24, you must pick carefully what plants you should encounter to defend yourself not only from Gargantuars, but Perfume Zombies, Ballerina Zombies and Leaper Zombies as well. Hurrikale was a good defense for this level, since she can push back Leaper Zombies off from the screen, slowing down Ballerina Zombies' speed, as well with Perfume Zombies and Aristocrat Gargantuars. Aloe might be useful as well to counteract Perfume Zombie's perfume effect, but Dartichoke also useful against her along with Leaper Zombie as well. Shrinking Violet might be important to use for Aristocrat Gargantuar, as she can shrink down Sculptor Imp Zombie into the oblivion. Specifically in Day 24, Oil Olive was super important to stall Ballerina Zombies for a temporary time.
  • In Day 21, you only protect one single Aloe on the board. It was a very good defense against Perfume Zombie, but really not good against Aristocrat Gargantuar itself. Try to plant Hot Date to distract Aristocrat Gargantuar directly and instantly damage him to half-health.
  • In Day 23, the level was super easy because it's a Last Stand level, but still, you must choose the right plant to defend yourself. Again, use Oil Olive to stall Ballerina Zombies and Aloe for counter Perfume Zombie's perfume effect. Aristocrat Gargantuar meanwhile, must use Primal Wall-nut to stall him three times.

Heian Age (China only)

Shogun Gargantuar only appear in two levels, Day 9 and 12, which is a good sign. But both of those levels are Special Delivery levels, so there are no Splitting Stephania to defend yourself from Ninjimp.

  • In Day 9, Iceberg Lettuce was served in this level, so use it on Shogun Gargantuar to freeze him in time. If there are Ninjimp in any lanes, try to counteract them with Hot Date. Finally, add many Kunai Tupistras between two or three lanes.
  • In Day 12, Water Lotus and Windbreak Dendrobium were super important to use. Water Lotus can counter Firework Zombie only, but Windbreak Dendrobium not only can defend your plants from Divine wind surprise attack, but also can stall Shogun Gargantuar directly.

Penny's Pursuit

In Penny's Pursuit, all Gargantuars will have various toughness if you choose the level's difficulty wisely. Try to avoid choosing Spicy to Hot difficulty, since the Gargantuars' health will increased to high, which makes the level much harder than the Mild counterpart.

See Gladiator Gargantuar and Gargimp Legal.

Other variations

Gargantuar Prime

Gargantuar Prime2.png
Main article: Gargantuar Prime

Gargantuar Prime is the fourth variation of the Gargantuar in Plants vs. Zombies 2. However, this variation is not an organic being but rather a mechanized walker outfitted with laser systems and Bug Bot deployment systems and has a slow speed. This variation only exists in Far Future, Modern Day and Piñata Parties and is a formidable enemy when in numbers. The only similarity it bears is to crush plants and to launch Imps for last resort purposes. However, Gargantuar Prime can crush the same tile twice, making the stalling strategy by using cheap and fast-recharging plants useless against it and incinerates plants with lasers shot from its eyes.

Jurassic Gargantuar

Jurassic Gargantuar2.png
Main article: Jurassic Gargantuar

Jurassic Gargantuar is a Gargantuar variant appearing in Jurassic Marsh. Compared to normal Gargantuars, Jurassic Gargantuar is significantly tougher, capable of absorbing up to 5400 damage per shot worth of damage before dying, which makes him become one of the two Gargantuar variants with highest health in Plants vs. Zombies 2. On the other hand, Jurassic Gargantuar moves much more slowly, giving the plants more time to attack before it can reach them.

Gladiator Gargantuar

Gladiator Gargantuar2.png

Main article: Gladiator Gargantuar

Gladiator Gargantuar is a Gargantuar variant encountered in Penny's Pursuit. He absorbs 5400 damage per shot and moves slightly faster than most Gargantuars. In addition to that, he throws a Roman Imp at half health, which drops a net on a plant upon landing, disabling said plant for 10 seconds.

Gargimp Legal

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Gargimp Legal is a Gargantuar variant encountered in Penny's Pursuit. Gargimp Legal is quite different when compared to other Gargantuars, usually only appearing when thrown by an Head Office Impgantuar, only absorbing 1100 DPS, and being susceptible to shrinking plants such as Shrinking Violet. However, Gargimp Legal is still able to crush plants, just needing to attack most wall plants multiple times rather than just once.

Easter Gargantuar (April Fools Version)


Easter Gargantuars that appeared on April 1st, 2016's Piñata Party acted differently from normal Gargantuars. They took significantly less damage per shot and threw other Easter Gargantuars, as opposed to Imps.

Gargantuar Bronzes (China only)

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Gargantuar Bronzes are the Gargantuars variants appearing in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. They are first encountered in Kongfu World. These are Han Bronze, Knight Bronze, and Qigong Bronze. Each Gargantuar functions differently.

Flying Gargantuar (China only)

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Flying Gargantuar is the Gargantuar variant in Sky City in the Chinese version of the game. It will throw the Imps to the first column, unlike normal Gargantuars. It does not attack ground plants but can throw Imps to eat plants backwards and any aerial plant that touches it will be crushed. Once it reaches the base, it will attack the home ship until it is destroyed.

Balance changes

Update 5.8.1


  • Health increased from 3600 DPS to 4600 DPS

Wild West Grgantuar

  • Health increased from 3600 DPS to 3800 DPS

Dark Ages Gargantuar

  • Health increased from 3600 DPS to 4200 DPS

Deep Sea Gargantuar

  • Health increased from 3600 DPS to 4400 DPS

Sloth Gargantuar

  • Health increased from 3600 DPS to 3800 DPS

Porter Gargantuar

  • Health increased from 3600 DPS to 4000 DPS

Hair Metal Gargantuar

  • Health increased from 3600 DPS to 4200 DPS

Update 6.0.1


  • Health decreased from 4600 DPS to 3600 DPS

Wild West Grgantuar

  • Health decreased from 3800 DPS to 3600 DPS

Dark Ages Gargantuar

  • Health decreased from 4200 DPS to 3600 DPS

Deep Sea Gargantuar

  • Health decreased from 4400 DPS to 3600 DPS

Sloth Gargantuar

  • Health decreased from 3800 DPS to 3600 DPS

Porter Gargantuar

  • Health decreased from 4000 DPS to 3600 DPS

Hair Metal Gargantuar

  • Health decreased from 4200 DPS to 3600 DPS

Related achievements

King Nut2.png
King Nut
Unleash the Egypt Gargantuar
Yarr, Matey2.png
Yarr, Matey
Unleash the Pirate Gargantuar
Unleash the Wild West Gargantuar
Hammer Time2.png
Hammer Time
Unleash the Dark Ages Gargantuar
Big Kahunka2.png
Big Kahunka
Unleash the Deep Sea Gargantuar
Barrage a Trois2.png
Barrage a Trois
Defeat the Sloth Gargantuars to collect their World Key
Porter Thwarter2.png
Porter Thwarter
Unleash the Lost City Gargantuar
Volume to Sixteen2.png
Volume to Sixteen
Defeat the Heavy Metal Gargantuar
Great Gargling Gargantuars2.png


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  • Even though Gargantuars do not eat, the eating sound is still played if he successfully invades the house.
  • The Porter Gargantuar, Jurassic Gargantuar, Foreman Gargantuar, Aristocrat Gargantuar, and the Shogun Gargantuar are the only Gargantuars in Plants vs. Zombies 2 that have facial hair.
  • If the player kills any Gargantuar mid smashing animation, its arm will glitch out for a split second.
  • If the player incinerates any Gargantuar mid smashing animation, a glitch will occur where the plant that was being smashed will be smashed anyway.
  • If the player manages to freeze or butter the Mummified Gargantuar just as its sarcophagus hits the ground, a regular Mummy Zombie can be seen inside. This is odd as normally there are Pharaoh Zombies inside the sarcophagus.
  • A Pirate Zombie's hand can be seen sticking out of Gargantuar Pirate's shark. As the shark hits the ground, the shark's teeth appear to clamp down on the hand.
  • Unlike the first game, Gargantuars lose their head upon death.
  • Unlike the first game, Gargantuar now has a dying animation with an Imp (the Imp falls out of holder onto his back), although it still shows an Imp with his burnt animation even if the imp is already thrown.
  • A loud crumbling sound can be heard when a Gargantuar is incinerated.
  • When any variant of Gargantuar gets incinerated, they all use the normal Gargantuar incineration animation. Therefore, when Sloth Gargantuar was burnt, he will have only a single imp on his back despite carrying 3.
  • Zapping a Gargantuar reveals that he has an entire dinosaur skeleton (likely a Velociraptor's) instead of rib bones.
  • The Gargantuar crushes plants stronger than Barrel Roller Zombie and Pianist Zombie, as he can destroy most defensive plants in one hit, while Barrel Roller Zombie and Pianist Zombie take longer to crush a defensive plant.
  • When the Gargantuar is past the third column from the left and throws his Imp, the Imp will fly backwards to the third column. This is most likely to prevent cheap losses as the Gargantuar could easily throw the imp onto the final column.
  • All Gargantuar variants (with the exception of Gargantuar Prime) make the same vocalizations, but Vase Gargantuar makes unique noises when released from his vase.
  • Hypnotized Gargantuars can throw their hypnotized Imps, but he still lands to the third column from the left. This means that the Imp will actually be thrown backwards.

    The hypnotized Imp trails behind the hypnotized Gargantuar.

  • Gargantuars absorb three smashes from a hypnotized Gargantuar. The Jurassic Gargantuar can absorb four smashes.
  • If one looks closely, the barrel from the back of the Dark Ages variant changes its color.
  • The plants Gargantuar smashed will no longer have a squished sprite. Instead, they will instantly disappear.
  • If a Gargantuar dies before its Imp is thrown, the Imp will land on the ground, disappearing, even though he is not harmed.
  • Gargantuar Pirate, and Wild West Gargantuar are the only Gargantuars that appear in Gargantuar levels, Boss levels, Endless Zones, and Piñata Parties only.
  • Gargantuars will crush the evil potions that appear in Dark Alchemy, even when not hypnotized. This is probably because a boosted Gargantuar would be too strong.
    • This also indicates that the potions are technically considered as plants.
  • There was going to be an Easter Piñata Party, in which the Easter Gargantuar would have appeared. However, it was canceled, so the Easter Gargantuar never made an appearance until the Springening parties.
  • The unhypnotized Gargantuar can smash Grave Buster, but the consumed tombstone will still remain and not be smashed.
  • Just like a Hypnotized Zombie, a hypnotized gargantuar will smash tombstones.
  • Despite the Almanac entry stating he has "Hungry" speed, the Vase Gargantuar moves at "Stiff" speed.
  • Gargantuar Pirate is the only Gargantuar that does not throw his Imp directly.
  • The Sloth Gargantuar wears the skin of a Megatherium, an extinct giant ground sloth.
  • Hypnotized Gargantuars cannot be burned by Explorer Zombies.
  • When killed, the foreheads of Sloth Gargantuars and Jurassic Gargantuars are removed.
    • A similar thing happens to a Deep Sea Gargantutar when killed: the forehead remains but the eyes go over the brows.
  • The Porter Gargantuar had a visible flame in his torch in Lost City Part 1 trailer, but in game the torch is not lit. This was also true for its Almanac icon before the 3.9 update.
    • Strangely, chilling or freezing him would earn the player the No Smoking achievement.
    • Also for some reason, the toenails on his left foot are not there. However, they are there in his artwork.
  • Turquoise Skull Zombie's laser can instantly kill a hypnotized Gargantuar, even if he has full health. This is likely because this was designed to be an instant-kill beam.
    • However, the same beam is sometimes unable to one-shot a full-health Tall-nut or Primal Wall-Nut.
  • In the Chinese version, he has no audio.
  • Hair Metal Gargantuar's namesake is a reference to Glam metal, the original name for Hair Metal genre. The genre combines the genre of punk rock and pop music.
  • Hair Metal Gargantuar and Gargantuar Prime are the only Gargantuars who can destroy plants from a distance.
  • A hypnotized Hair Metal Gargantuar, during the metal jam, will launch glitched shockwaves that travel backward and will not damage plants.
  • Vase Gargantuar's almanac entry explains his lower speed compared to other Gargantuars.
  • Unlike every other zombie, Gargantuars will target Shrinking Violet.
  • If the player watches very closely when they kill a Wild West Gargantuar, his head in his dying animation will have the same earring the Pirate Gargantuar has, even though he never does in his idle animation, or when he is on the lawn in game, this might be an animation glitch or oversight.
  • Wild West Gargantuar has one of the shortest almanac entries, with only 2 words ("Likes candy").
  • If the Hair Metal Gargantuar appears outside of the Neon Mixtape Tour world, either in Modern Day, Pinata Party or Arena, he will continue to use his ability despite his jam not playing.

Specific to Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version) (China only)

  • The Foreman Gargantuar has the same throwing animation as the Pirate Gargantuar.

Specific to Plants vs. Zombies Online (China only) (Archived content)

  • The only Gargantuars that appeared were the Gargantuar Pirate and the Gargantuar Prime.

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