For the Gardening Gloves in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, see Gardening Gloves.

The Gardening Glove is a Zen Garden item that can be purchased from Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies for $1000. It allows Zen Garden plants to be moved or organized.

With it, plants can be sorted in anyway, placed in close proximity to minimize how far Stinky the Snail has to travel, and organized to allow quick watering (in particular, the Golden Watering Can can only simultaneously water plants that are near one another).

Plants can also be moved using the Wheel Barrow by placing them in the Wheel Barrow and then dropping them off in the same garden, but in a different location. The Wheel Barrow is cheaper than the Gardening Glove, but requires two uses to move a plant and thus, is less efficient.

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The Gardening Glove in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures

In Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, Gardening Gloves could have been used to move plants to a more strategic position, or return plants back to the RV by clicking on the plant and then clicking on the pot it came from. However, each use took one Gardening Glove away, so plant positioning still had to have been wisely done.

They were generated at Crazy Dave's Car one every four hours if it is Level 1, two every seven hours if it is Level 2, and three every ten hours if it is Level 3.

If Gardening Gloves were being used to return plants to the RV, VIP Plants could be used every level. However, they had to be returned to the vehicle before the level ends.

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