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For the zombie version of Garden Ops, see Graveyard Ops.

Garden Ops is a mode in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, and Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. It is similar to base defense from classic first-person shooter games.

In Garden Warfare and Garden Warfare 2, one to four players plant and defend a garden for ten waves. If the garden is successfully defended, the players would then have to run to and stay in a landing zone for a limited amount of time in order to win.

In Garden Warfare, Foot Soldiers will debut on wave 2, Engineers on wave 4, Scientists on wave 6 and All-Stars on wave 8.

In Garden Warfare 2, Foot Soldiers will debut on wave 2, Captain Deadbeards on wave 3, Engineers on wave 4, Scientists on wave 6, Super Brainz' on wave 7, All-Stars on wave 8 and Imps on wave 9.

Game description

Plant a garden and protect it from the Zombies until Crazy Dave returns.


Garden Ops consists of one to four players working as a team to defeat ten waves of zombies while defending their Garden. In the beginning of the mode, the team chooses their plants. After that, the team can choose one of three spots to plant their Garden. There will be a chance that an Enchanted Garden can be planted, giving money when successfully defended. Once the Garden is planted and after the timer goes to 0:00, the game starts. Plant Pots can be found near the Garden, allowing players to plant Spawnable Plants for defensive support. After each wave, players have ten seconds for a break, to heal or to plant Plant Pots. Every so often, special waves will occur. On the fifth and tenth waves, boss waves occur. Super waves only occur on the tenth wave (excluding Tombstone waves).

After the garden is defended, players must get to the landing zone to escape.


Garden Warfare:

Garden Warfare 2:

Battle for Neighborville:

Non-boss zombies exclusive to this mode (Garden Warfare only)

Special waves

Special waves appear randomly between the ten waves, except Waves 5 and 10 and 11. Each wave has special zombies that appear in these waves. When special waves appear, a unique "Special Wave" plays until the wave ends.

Types of special waves


Garden Warfare only

  • Marathon: Consists only of Flag Zombies.
  • Safety First: Consists of Conehead Zombies and most variants of the Engineer. Engineers have roadcones with STOP signs on them as their hats.
  • Sci-Fi Action Theater: Consists of Browncoat Zombies and Foot Soldiers that have been customized with the Zomboss tech set and Astronauts with the science channel hat and Baseball Stars with the zombie mascot hat.
  • The Dino King: Consists of Cricket Stars and one Paleontologist with doubled health, called The Dino King.
  • The Elder King: Consists of Scientists and Foot Soldiers that are customized to look like old men and one Golf Star with tripled health, called The Elder King.
  • The Garbage King: Consists of Dr. Toxics and one Sanitation Expert with doubled health, called The Garbage King.
  • The Pyre Prince: Consists of Foot Soldiers and one Centurion with tripled health, called The Pyre Prince.
  • They Hunger: Consists of zombies with food-themed customization.
  • Toilet Troubles: Consists of Plumbers, Outhouse Zombies, and Newspaper Zombies.
  • Weed Whackers: Consists of only Landscapers (Camo Rangers and Archaeologists in Garden Warfare 2).

Garden Warfare 2 only

  • Close Quarters: Consists only of zombies with close range attacks, such as Screen Door Zombies and Coffin Zombies.
  • Robo Assault: Consists of only Robo-Zombies.
  • Titan Assault: Consists only of Imps, as well as a few Z-Mechs.
  • Saucy Saucers: Consists of Imps and Future Imps.
  • Champions: Various customized Zombie Champions will appear. On high difficulties there can also be Zombie Variants backing them up.
  • High Voltage: Consists of various Browncoats backed up by Electricians and Physicists
  • Pirate invasion: Consists only of pirates and pirate zombie variants

Bonus objectives

On the third and eighth waves, there is an objective that must be completed. The players will earn 125 coins if they complete it. The higher the difficulty, the more coins they will earn when completing these objectives. Sometimes, these objectives will appear along with a special wave.

Types of bonus objectives

  • Break the Vases: Players need to destroy all the vases in groups of three with around 21 health for each vase, in a limited amount of time. Dependent on the number of players.
  • Destroy All Tombstones: Destroy all Tombstones in a limited amount of time.
  • Hack the Triangulabobers (Garden Warfare 1 only): Players must hack the Triangulabobers, zombie transmission machines, in a limited amount of time or else an airstrike will be launched at the garden.
  • Hunt the Chieftains (Garden Warfare 1 only): Vanquish all three Chieftains before time runs out.
  • No Garden Damage: Get a perfect wave (the garden must not take any damage).
  • No Knockouts: Don't get KO'd.
  • No Player Damage: No players are allowed to receive any damage. During this wave there will be no zombies that can shoot far.
  • Protect the Wee Gardens (Garden Warfare 1 only): Players need to protect one to five small gardens without letting the zombies destroy any of them. The number of gardens is dependent on the amount of players.
  • Speed Run: Finish the wave within 1 minute 50 seconds.
  • Stop the Zombomb: Stop the Zombomb before he reaches the garden and does heavy damage.
  • Vanquish that Yeti: Players need to defeat a Treasure Yeti in a limited amount of time.
  • Protect the Squash (Garden Warfare 2 only): A Squash must be defended until the wave is complete.
  • Hunt the Champions (Garden Warfare 2 only): Three Captain Cannon Champions must be vanquished before time runs out.
  • Retrieve the Chickens (Garden Warfare 2 only): Players must bring Crazy Dave's purple chickens back to the garden.
  • Rescue the Champion (Garden Warfare 2 only): The Zombies have kidnapped a Plant Champion, so the players must find and hunt down a Sky Trooper, whom of which holds the map to then find the Champion, who is in a locker somewhere on the map. The champion will then assist them for the rest of the match unless a team retry is used.
  • Checkpoint Race (Garden Warfare 2 only): The plants must pass through all the checkpoints which will appear around the perimeter of the map. All checkpoints need to be passed through to complete the objective.
  • Stop the HUGE wave! (Garden Warfare 2 only): The plants must survive the huge wave of zombies that will appear, about twice the size of a regular wave.

Boss waves

On the fifth and tenth waves, Dr. Zomboss will deploy the Zomboss Slots. A slot machine will start rolling at the top center part of the screen to determine what the team must fight during that wave. Panels include:

  • House Gargantuar (Garden Warfare 2 only)
  • Mech Gargantuar (Garden Warfare 2 only)
  • Zen Sensei (Garden Warfare 2 only)
  • Strong Zombies
  • Golden Coin with Crazy Dave's face (250 coins)
  • Money Bag (500 coins)
  • Diamond (1000 coins)

Getting three of a kind in the slot machine will activate a super wave. In the case of boss superwaves, a special montage of that boss zombie is shown and a special theme is played for the entire wave (only in Garden Warfare 1 and Battle For Neighborvile). Getting three diamonds/money bags/golden coins slots can get a Jackpot with extra money and Dr. Zomboss will reroll the slot machine. Rolling three golden coins will reward you with 2500 coins, three money bags will reward you with 5000 coins and three diamonds will reward you with 10000 coins, after which the slot machine is re-rolled as well.

Revives, Retries, and Losing the Garden

If a plant is down and unable to revive in time, the plant can use a self-revive to revive the player with 50% of its health. Self-revives can only be obtained through Sticker Packs and each player can only use it up to three times in one game. If a player is down and has no more Self-Revives and no-one revives them, they are out of battle and have to spectate the other players until the wave ends. If the Garden is destroyed or all plants have been KO'd, one of the players can use a Team Retry to reset the wave. The team can only use this three times. Should three Team Retries get used and the Garden is destroyed once again, the game ends with the zombies taking over the Garden.

If the zombies successfully destroy the garden or all players have been KO'd, a message saying "YOUR GARDEN WAS DESTROYED" or "YOUR TEAM HAS BEEN KNOCKED OUT", respectively, appears, the garden explodes, and a graveyard (similar in appearance to a Tombstone) begins slowly rising out of the ground where the garden was, providing all player a window of time to use a Team Retry consumable, followed by "GAME OVER" appearing on the screen if no player uses a Team Retry of if too many Team Retries have been used.

Get to the Landing Zone

After the players survive for ten waves, they need to go to the Landing Zone. The zombies will constantly be spawning and attacking the players in this period. Tombstones will also rise. To win, players must be in the landing zone when the timer hits 0:00 and Crazy Dave's flying RV shows up. "THE PLANTS FAILED TO ESCAPE" will appear on the screen if none of the plants are in the zone when the timer expires or all plants are vanquished. "YOU MISSED YOUR FLIGHT" will appear if some or all of your teammates escaped but you did not. "YOU ESCAPED SUCCESSFULLY" will appear if you successfully escaped but not all of your teammates did. Or "ALL PLANTS ESCAPED" will appear if you and all of your teammates escaped. Also, a random Zombie Boss will spawn late in the wave, while in Garden Warfare 2 if the match is set on crazy difficulty the Zombie Boss spawns immediately. The boss can pose a threat to players while heading to the landing zone and an extreme threat if the boss is in the zone itself.

Endgame results

After the players complete Garden Ops, beat it by successfully completing the ten waves and getting to the landing zone or having the garden destroyed, each player will be given a sum of coins. In addition, stickers with numbers on them will appear on the rear of Crazy Dave's RV on the endgame results screen. If a player completes a Garden Ops match, but joined in the middle of the match, it will only show the waves that that player had a chance of participating in.

If the players completed/failed the objectives on Waves 3 and 8, there will be check marks or cross marks on them, respectively. There is a bonus wave called Wave 11 (possibly the bonus wave after Crazy Dave arrives) and it will appear as a trophy sticker with a number 11 on it. If the players failed during the match, only stickers of the waves that the players successfully beat will be displayed. In GW2, it will simply show how many waves the players beat in the top center of the screen and coins will be awarded. Additional coins will be given if the round was completed solo or with just one other player.

Update history

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One DLC

  • Super Boss Waves are now more likely to appear.

Related achievements

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Garden Crazy PSN.png
Garden Crazy
Complete a Garden Ops Match on Crazy Difficulty
Garden Hardcore PSN.png
Garden Hardcore
Complete a Garden Ops Match on Hard Difficulty
Garden Normal PSN.png
Garden Normal
Complete a Garden Ops Match on Normal Difficulty
Boogie Your Brains Out PSN.png
Boogie Your Brains Out
Vanquish a Disco Zombie in Garden Ops Mode
Gargantuan Task PSN.png
Gargantuan Task
Vanquish a Gargantuar in Garden Ops Mode
Brain Freeze PSN.png
Brain Freeze
Vanquish a Yeti in Garden Ops Mode
Super Boss PSN.png
Super Boss
Defeat a Super Boss Wave in Garden Ops
Cousins PSN.png
Plant 5 plant pots in one game of Garden Ops or Gardens & Graveyards
Treasure Hunt
Vanquish a Treasure Yeti in Garden Ops Mode
Treasure Chest
Collect 7 Diamonds from the Treasure Yeti
Graveyard Shift
Defeat a Super Vampire Wave
Vanquish a Baron von Bats in Garden Ops Mode

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Insanity PSN.png
Complete an Ops on CRRRRRAAAZY Difficulty
Catching Waves PSN.png
Catching Waves
Complete 100 Waves in Ops
Not the Boss of Me PSN.png
Not the Boss of Me
Defeat 3 Super Boss Waves in Ops

In other languages

Language Name Description
United States of America English Garden Ops
Traditional Chinese 花園作戰
France French Jardin Ops
Germany German Gartenkommando
Italy Italian Operazioni giardino
Japan Japanese ガーデンオプス
Poland Polish Operacje ogrodowe
Brazil Brazilian Portuguese Operação Jardim
Spain Spanish Operaciones de jardín



  • This is the only mode in the game where the players cannot play as the zombies.
    • Interestingly, if the player views the scoreboard, the zombie section of the scoreboard will also appear but it is obviously empty.
  • Only one Bonus (or Enchanted, in Garden Warfare 2) garden out of three gardens can be planted; for each wave you complete with an Enchanted Garden, the garden produces coins.
    • Enchanted gardens cost one star to plant in GW2.
  • Ambush is the only special wave when it does not say "Special Wave - " next to the name of the wave.
  • In Hard and CRAAAAAZY modes, the zombie heroes will be replaced with randomized variants in the later waves. The Zombies Heroes also appear earlier on CRAAAAAZY, with the Foot Soldiers spawning on Wave 1.
  • The maximum number of players in Garden Ops is four, which is the least of all the game modes.
  • The part where players need to get to the landing zone is the only part of this game mode whereas players cannot use Team Retries.

Specific to Garden Warfare

  • This is the only game mode that can be played solo. (The player can enter multiplayer modes alone but is very rare and other players must join in order for you to play them with the other players.)
  • In the back window of Crazy Dave's RV on the result screen, two real-world plush toys of Peashooter and Sunflower by Worldmax Toys are visible.
    • The images of the plush toys used are transparent versions of real stock-images of them, as they were used on Plants vs. Zombies Store.
    • Despite being shown as about the same size in Crazy Dave's RV, the Peashooter plush is actually 12 inches (30 centimeters), while the Sunflower plush is 5 inches (12.7 centimeters).
    • This also applies to the credits screen.
  • The boss waves are one of the few instances in the game in which Dr. Zomboss makes an announcement for the Plants team rather than the zombies team.

Specific to Garden Warfare 2

  • The garden has noticeably more health than before.
  • The higher the difficulty for Garden Ops the more common an Enchanted garden/tombstone will be.
  • The timer to get into the landing zone is shorter, at 1:15 seconds.
  • The chances of getting a Super Boss Wave is extremely higher in Garden Warfare 2.

Specific to Battle for Neighborville

  • Many things have changed in Garden Ops:
    • The wave count has been decreased to only 5 waves, instead of 10 waves
    • The Landing Zone feature has been removed so after 5 waves, the match will be over.
    • The Garden has been renamed to the Gardenator, and has more health than before.
    • The boss slots can now give you up to 5 bosses.
    • Elite bosses have been introduced, with their mechanics being similar to the Boss Hunts in Garden Warfare 2.
    • Self-Revives have been removed, so you can respawn as many times as you want.
    • The wave count has been increased by 25 seconds.
    • You can no longer pick your gardens. The garden will be placed in the middle of the map now.
    • The mode can no longer be played alone or with friends only as it is only accessible through the multiplayer portal and can only be played online.
  • There is a glitch in this mode and Graveyard Ops, where an enemy will leave the map somehow, making the mode unwinnable, forcing you to quit.
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