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The following are game modes in Plants vs. Zombies 3:

  • Devour Tower - The main story mode of the game. The entirety of this takes place in a haunted tower consisting of 33 floors. Skeleton keys are required to play a level, which recharge over time; similar to Penny Fuel in PVZ2.
  • Zombie Breakout - This is playable in the 11 unlockable town areas, with 3 levels available per invasion. These can be played every 8 hours and do not require skeleton keys.
  • Arena - Similar to PVZ2's Arena mode, with the main difference being that it does not have Last Stand's pre-planting aspect.
  • Brainiac Battle - A boss battle that changes weekly, rewarding the player with a Massive Piñata upon completion. They require 35 brainiac tokens to be challenged.
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