Fung Fu is an ability for Night Cap in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. When activated, Night Cap starts striking nearby enemies constantly, dealing 6 damage (8 critical) at a fast rate of fire, and ends with a slam which deals 24 damage. Her movement speed is greatly reduced for the duration, however.


Its name is a portmanteau of "fungus," pertaining to what Night Cap is, and "kung fu," a type of martial art.


Repeatedly strike nearby enemies for massive damage.

Associated upgrades

Perk Mobility.png
Fleet Footed
Fung FuBfN.png
Move faster and gain ability to jump while Fung Fu is active.

Increases movement speed by 42.8571% and gain ability to jump while using Fung Fu.
Perk Knockback.png
Fung FuBfN.png
Enemies get knocked up into the air during Fung Fu.

Fung Fu knocks enemies 0.65m (2.13 ft) upward.



Using Fung Fu right after Shadow Sneak may allow you to catch zombies off guard, allowing for lots of suprise damage. Try to use Casting Shadows to slow enemy movement so they cannot escape you or trap enemies at corners. Since the damage has been nerfed so Fung Fu is more of a finishing attack, get in some hits with Spore Strike first, but without the enemy knowing where you are.


Certain abilities can be quite helpful for escaping Fung Fu. Foot Soldier can use Rocket Jump to try to escape the ability, All-Star can use Sprint Tackle to either escape or knock Night Cap away, Scientist can Warp out, Engineer can use Double Time to escape, Imp can use Gravity Grenade to keep Night Cap from moving, Super Brainz can use Hyper Jump Thump to get above the ability then punch back down, Captain Deadbeard can use Anchor's Away ability to escape or mitigate some damage with Barrel Blast, 80s Action Hero can use Dynamite Dodge to escape and leave behind an explosive or use Rocket Ride to get above the ability and rain down explosives onto her, Electric Slide can use Funky Bouncer, and Space Cadet can use Gravity Smash to get above the ability and crash down onto the Night Cap when it ends, or use Crater Maker when in a Space Station.

Other abilities can also be very useful for taking her down, such as the Disco Tornado as Night Cap wont be able to get out quickly.


  • According to the internal name of this ability, Fung Fu was initially going to be called "Sportal Kombat," but was later changed during development. This is an obvious pun of Mortal Kombat.
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